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Crystals of Silveria Remastered

Episode 4: The Shrouding Storm

By Orion J. ZedPublished 7 months ago 19 min read

Scene 1: Amethyst’s Quarters: Stormshroud Academy: Night

Amethyst trances in her room. A knock sounds, and Amethyst opens her eyes.

Amethyst: Please enter.

The door opens, revealing Alek. Amethyst gasps.

Amethyst: Alekzander!

Alek: Pardon the intrusion. Were you trancing?

Amethyst: Indeed, though it was far from restful.

Alek: Understandable, given the circumstance.

Amethyst looks at Alek as he enters the room.

Amethyst: Explain what happened, if you please.

Alek: Well, the guards charged me with mindless vandalism, threw me in the slammer…

Amethyst: Yes?

Alek: …and then Kendall and Zed paid my bail.

Amethyst: Oh, that is good news. But surely you mustn’t have caused the destruction. It isn’t in your nature.

Alek: You are correct. However…

Amethyst: Yes?

Alek: Several eyewitnesses reported seeing me conjure an illusory beast. Zed and Kendall have both claimed to encounter such a creature in the hallway beneath the main stairs.

Amethyst: Then we must find the true culprit.

Alek: Amethyst… I’ve… I've been dismissed from the academy.

Amethyst: But… you are innocent!

Alek: Indeed. That is why it is up to you, along with Kendall and Zed, to find the true culprit.

The door bursts open.

Kendall: You can count on us!

Alek: Kendall?! How long have the two of you been standing there?!

Kendall: Not long, Magister! Ready to be a detective, Zed?

Zed: Yeah! We’ll be just like Clayton!

Kendall: Who?

Zed shrugs.

Zed: I dunno. It just popped into my head.

Kendall: I see

Alek: I'm counting on you. Together, you'll be able to find out who did this.

Amethyst: We will not let you down.

Zed’s thoughts: Really? Clayton? I need to manage my quirkiness a little…


Opening Credits


Scene 2: Lush Paradise: Late Morning

Brocc sits in a deckchair on a tropical beach, sipping a fruity green beverage from the half-coconut in his hand.

Brocc: Ah! This is the life... who’da thunk that I, Brocc Verdann Farshot, would propel to superstardom as the greatest singer in the worlds? I have my own private hotel on Citrine Star Island, for crying out loud!

The picture zooms to a view of a ridiculously huge hotel in the background, with a green neon sign that reads “Brocc Hotel."

Brocc: Where’s that hot towel I ordered?

Voice: Hot towel for you, sir?

Brocc turns to Mak, who is dressed in nothing but underwear, cufflinks and a bowtie, with a towel draped over his arm.

Brocc: Thank you, butle-WHOA! For the love of Midiora, put some clothes on or something!

A huge wave splashes over Brocc.

Brocc: GAH! I’m soaked! This outfit cost me 500 gold! It’s ruined!


Water splashes onto Brocc again, rousing him from slumber.

Voice: Are you alright? You’re babbling about citrus stars and hot owls…

Brocc: Ungh… 500 gold

Voice: Oh, thank goodness! I thought you’d never awaken!

Brocc opens his eyes and sees a tall, beautiful young human female standing over him.

Brocc (charismatic): Well, I’m feeling much better, thanks to your helpful assistance.

Girl: Oh, that is good news. Please, come back to my place and I’ll give you a good breakfast.

Brocc (charismatic): Oh, rescue and breakfast? You’re really being too generous. We should… let our emotions blossom first. But if you insist…

Girl: Oh, I do insist. My new husband is a fantastic chef.

Brocc (charismatic): Well, that is rather… uh… d-did you say “husband?"

The girl smiles.

Girl: Oh, yes. I’m sure he’d be happy to cook a meal for a poor, hungry boy such as yourself.

A blank expression quickly emerges on Brocc’s face.

Brocc: Uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-

Girl: Are… you okay, young'un?

Brocc: Fine! Just fine! I… just remembered I have business to take care of!

Girl: Oh… we do have a toilet…

Brocc: That’s fine! Thank you for your help. Bye!

Brocc zips away.

Girl: What an unusual boy. Now how will I spread word-of-mouth about the restaurant? Oh well, I’ll just give the 500 gold to charity instead...

Scene 3: Stormshroud Academy: Late Morning

Kendall sniffs the air in the ruined hallway.

Kendall: It’s definitely illusory… though I can hardly work out how such a creature could manifest in a physical form.

Zed: Maybe a combination evocation-illusion spell?

Kendall looks at Zed.

Kendall: That is brilliant! How did you come up with it?

Zed: What?

Kendall: A fusion of evocation and illusion could theoretically result in an illusory monster capable of enacting such needless destruction.

Zed: Oh.

Kendall: And whilst it is true that Magister Stormshroud specialises in the School of Illusion, he has trouble performing evocations. Therefore, it narrows down to two possibilities: either Magister Stormshroud has been lying for years, and can in fact combine both schools into a single, powerful form of arcanum, or…

Laura runs to the two “detectives."

Laura: There you are! Zed, there's a matter of-


An elderly woman walks past.

Woman: Shh!

Kendall: My apologies, ma’am.

Zed: Isn’t that the librarian...?

Kendall: Indeed it is.

Zed: Huh. Now, you wanted something, Laura?

Laura: You must come with me, Zed. It's a matter of urgency.

Zed: It is?

Laura: Indeed. A bright light is emanating from your room.

Zed: A bright light? That could mean… MY EGG IS HATCHING!

The librarian walks past again.

Librarian: Shh!

Zed (soft voice): Sorry…

Laura: Wait... who’s watching the library?


The two bullies throw books at each other in the library.

Bully #1: Hey, Kel! Have a taste of My First Alchemy!

The bully throws a children’s book at Kel. Kel dodges and lifts another book.

Kel: Oh yeah, Ned? Why not try Cantrips for Beginners?

Kel throws the book. Ned casts magic missile, destroying it.

Ned: Haha! Take that, cantrips!


Ned and Kel sheepishly walk to Alek.

Ned: We’re sorry, Amejisto Stormshroud.

Kel: It won’t happen again.

Alek: You’re absolutely right about that! Now come with me.

Ned: But-

Alek’s eyes flash bright blue.

Alek: Obey.


Kendall: I’m sure it’s fine.

Laura: Zed, we must hurry.

Zed: Agreed!

Scene 4: Zed’s Dormitory: Stormshroud Academy: Late Morning

The egg is glowing brightly. Zed enters and runs over to it.

Zed: My egg!

Laura: What's happening?!

Zed: I have no idea!

Laura: Should we ask an archmage or magister to help?

Zed shakes his head.

Zed: Alek’s the only one who can, and he isn't here right now.

Zed’s irises begin to glow with cyan light. Zed slowly moves his hand toward the egg.

Laura: Z-Zed? What are you… what are you doing?

Zed doesn't respond. As his hand approaches the egg, his crystal starts to glow brightly. Laura watches as Zed’s hand touches the egg, causing a column of light to erupt from it. Zed pulls his hand away, and the shell shatters, sending lumps of silver scattering across the table. The light dissipates, revealing a tiny, silver nanodragon coiled on the table. The nanodragon lifts its head, opens its wings, and stands to face Zed.

Laura: This is astonishing! I’ve never witnessed such an event!

Nanodragon (telepathy): What name do you choose for me?

A voice whispers in Zed’s mind.

Voice: Argen…

Zed speaks the name of his choice, his voice echoed in an otherworldly tone.

Zed (distorted voice): "Argen!"

Zed’s irises and crystal return to normal. A puzzled look appears on Zed’s face.

Zed: What happened? I must’ve zoned out or something.

Laura: Your egg… it…

Zed: Oh… so my egg hatched? Sweet!

Argen: I am your familiar, Argen. We are now as one, Zed.

Zed: Hi, Argen!

Laura: Not once have I observed a nanodragon familiar's birth… until now.

Zed: I’m just upset that I missed it… and yet, I don’t really think I did.

Argen: Never mind. There are probably loads of things for us to see in future.

Zed: Yep.

Kendall races into the room.

Kendall: Laura! Zed! And… uh…?

Zed grins as he points to Argen.

Zed: This is Argen.

Argen: Hi!

Kendall: Greetings. Uh… oh! Yes! You must hurry!

Laura: For what reason?

Kendall: It’s Ned and Kel! They're… please, just come!

Zed: Ned and Kel?

Laura: The two individuals who insulted you in class yesterday.

Zed: Really? They insulted me?

Laura: They called you… well… “Cantripper”. I’m so sorry!

Zed's eyebrow raises.

Zed: That’s an insult? I just thought they were making a joke.

A quizzical look appears on Kendall and Laura’s faces. Kendall shakes it off.

Kendall: Look, please, just hurry!

Kendall’s wolf features become more prominent. He howls as he races through the door.

Laura: Wait for us!

Laura dashes through the door in pursuit of Kendall. Argen swoops up and perches on Zed’s right shoulder.

Zed: How were your first two minutes of life?

Argen: Awesome! It’s like an adventure or something!

Zed: Then get used to it, buddy.

Argen: Sweet!

Zed and Argen race from the room, leaving the door wide open behind them. The figure from before sneaks into the room from the opposite direction. She has bright pink hair tied into ponytails, bluish eyes, and somewhat revealing pink shugenja attire. She looks around the room, picks up a piece of eggshell, and examines it closely, then slips it into a pouch at her waist.

Girl: Perfect.

The girl retreats from the room into the hallway.


Commercial: Parker’s Polearms is the best place in town to buy your equipment! We have swords, axes, lances, bows… any weapon an adventurer could ever want! We also have the largest selection of armour outside of Silveria City, so why shop anywhere else? Parker’s Polearms, located two doors down from The Budding Alchemist.


Scene 5: Headmaster’s Office: Stormshroud Academy: Early Afternoon

The Headmaster sits in his chair, reading a heavy book. The doors suddenly burst open, revealing Ned and Kel.

Headmaster: What in the world are you two doing?!

Ned and Kel’s eyes flash blue. The two students approach the Headmaster and grab his shoulders.

Headmaster: Unhand me at once!

Alek’s Voice: Oh, I think we can arrange that...

Alek enters the office and approaches the desk.

Headmaster: Alekzander! I thought I dismissed you!

Alek: Oh, you did, and I’m wallowing in my own self-pity at The Arbour Beast tavern.

Headmaster: What nonsense are you babbling?

Alek: Nonsense?

Headmaster: Indeed! How can you be in a tavern when you are clearly standing right here?

Alek: You honestly fail to recognise me?

The Headmaster’s eyes widen.

Headmaster: No! No, it cannot be! It simply cannot be!

Alek: And yet, it is. Now, we shall begin…


Zed, Laura and Kendall race to the Headmaster's office. They hear a cry and burst inside. Alek has his arm outstretched, his hand glowing with blue energy and aimed at the Headmaster, suspended in mid-air and wailing in terror. Ned and Kel stand nearby, their faces devoid of expression. Kendall snarls at Alek.

Kendall: Magister? What are you doing?!

Alek loses concentration, dropping the Headmaster. Time seems to slow as Laura throws a feather into the air.

Laura: “Pyxel, spirit of the Fae, answer my request: Feather Fall!”

Time seems to restore as Laura aims her wand at the Headmaster, who gently descends to the ground.

Headmaster: Oh, dear me!

Alek faces Kendall.

Alek: Ah, Kendall, Kendall, Kendall… whatever am I to do with you?

Kendall: It was you! You caused all this!

Alek: Of course I did!

Laura: But… why?

Alek: Must there be a reason?

Everyone stares at Alek.

Alek: Oh, fine... I’ll explain. I simply wanted to rule the academy.

Headmaster: You’ll pay for this, L-

Alek glares at the Headmaster.

Alek: “Silence!”

The Headmaster loses the ability to speak.

Alek: Now, where were we? Ah, yes. I’ve been coveting the top spot for a very long time. Longer than anybody can imagine. Longer than any of you have been alive.

Kendall: But Zed and I are only a few years younger than you.

Alek: Then I’ve been coveting it since I was a baby!

Alek looks at Laura.

Alek: You are fading away, and soon you’ll be less than a passing memory!

Laura: What?!

Kendall: Hey, leave my sister alone!

Alek: You defy your Master, puppy?

Kendall: I don’t care who you are! No-one insults my family nor I!

Alek: And yet here I am.

Alek looks at Zed.

Alek: Oh

Alek examines Zed with obvious intrigue.

Alek: Yes… I sense much potential in you. You, who are not what you claim to be. You swing to and fro… going from here to there… flowing as the fastest stream, unique as a crystalline snowflake, and deeper than the saltiest ocean. You have the potential to do great things. As my apprentice, I can make that happen. What say you, Zed?

Zed: Uh… but I already have an instructor.

Alek: So be it. As for the rest of you…

Alek holds his hand in the air, enveloping Kendall and Laura in a blue light. Their eyes flash, and their expressions disappear.

Alek: You will now serve my purpose. Now, catch the cantripper for me, won’t you?

Thralls: Catch the cantripper

Zed: What?!

The enthralled mages slowly walk toward Zed.

Thralls (repeated): Catch the cantripper… catch the cantripper

Zed pulls his wand from his pocket.

Zed: “Sleep!”

Alek: “Dispel!”

Zed’s spell fizzles out.

Zed: Forget this!

Zed races from the room in the direction of Amethyst’s quarters, with Alek and the thralls in pursuit. Laura suddenly snaps out of Alek’s control.

Laura: Wait… why didn't the spell work on me?

Laura’s eyes flash with white light.

Laura: Oh! I must warn Magister Stormshroud!

Laura leaves the room in the opposite direction.

Scene 6: Temple of Marilina: Early Afternoon

Brocc stumbles into the temple.

Brocc: I… think I… lost… those… dogs…

Priestess: Oh, welcome to the Temple of Marilina. May I offer you our services?

Brocc: Oh… I don’t… I don’t think… you can… help… I… I’m not… what you… think I-

Priestess: Oh, nonsense! The Temple of Marilina welcomes all. Now, come.

Emily: Oh, Brocc! Whatever happened to you?

Brocc: Bad song… thugs… dogs… drakes… five… hundred… gold…

Emily: I will take him off your hands, if you please.

Priestess: Of course, sister. By all means.

Emily and the priestess bow to each other. The priestess calmly walks away as Emily looks at Brocc with a gentle smile.

Emily: Now, let’s get you healed, and you can tell me about your escapades.

Bryn pokes his head around the corner.

Bryn: Uh… Ems?

Emily: Yes, Bryn?

Bryn: The big guy wants to see you.

Emily: Okay, I will be there shortly.

Bryn: No prob.

Bryn disappears behind the corner.

Emily: I will have to hear your tale later, Brocc.

Emily bows and walks away.

Brocc: But… you didn’t… heal me yet…

Priest: Oh, my word! You poor young thing! Please, come with me at once!

Brocc: I’m… not young… I’m… an… I-

Priest: Now, now, don’t be shy. I will tend to your wounds.

The priest ushers Brocc from his spot.

Brocc: But… but…

Scene 7: The Arbour Beast Tavern: Mid Afternoon

Alek sits in a chair in the tavern, a mug of water in his hand. He overhears a conversation between two men at a nearby table.

Man #1: Did you hear? Stormshroud Academy’s been ransacked by an evil saucier!

Man #2: Oh well, it was bound to happen sometime.

Alek groans.

Man #1: Apparently, he had a bronze dragon with him. I’m surprised it didn’t just destroy the school!

Man #2: No, no, no… it was a bronze nanodragon! It was tiny enough to perch on his left shoulder.

Alek: A bronze nanodragon… on his left shoulder…? No… it can’t be!

Man #1: Funny to think, innit? A dragon on a human’s shoulder?

The man notices Alek's familiar perched on his right shoulder.

Man #1: Oh, just like his!

Laura bursts into the tavern and looks around. She spots Alek and runs toward him.

Man #1: Wait… is that a student from that school?!

Laura races to Alek.

Laura: Magister Stormshroud! Zed is being attacked by an impostor of you!

Alek: How did you-

Laura: No time to explain! We must go now!

Alek drinks the last of his water, stands, and faces both men.

Alek: Sorry, I’d love to chat, but I have a school to save. Must dash!

Alek and Laura swiftly leave as the two men look at each other.

Man #2: Far as I’m concerned, the education system today’s beyond saving. All this newfangled learning and all that.

Man #1: Agreed.

The two men grunt and nod as they each take a mouthful.

Scene 8: Amethyst’s Quarters: Stormshroud Academy: Mid Afternoon

Amethyst studies her spellbook in an armchair. A frantic knock sounds through the door.

Amethyst: Oh, please enter!

The door swings open as Zed enters. He closes and locks it behind him.

Amethyst: Oh, Zed! Whatever is the matter?

Zed: Alek’s gone berserk! He’s turned the others into thralls! And now he’s coming after me! And he was saying weird stuff about me, too, like I have potential to do… something, and-

Amethyst: Be calm, Zed!

Zed calms and takes several deep breaths.

Amethyst: Now... please calmly explain what has happened.

Zed: Well-

The door bursts open, revealing Kendall, Ned and Kel.

Thralls (continuous): Catch the cantripper

The thralls approach Zed, who cautiously steps away.

Alek’s Voice: That’s enough. Well done! You caught the cantripper!

Alek enters the room.

Alek: Have you considered my offer, Zed?

Amethyst: Who are you?!

Alek: Why, it’s me, Amethyst. Your beloved friend Alek.

Amethyst: You are not Alekzander! You are an impostor!

Alek: Of course I am! Remember all the adventures we shared?

Amethyst: I know my friend, and he would never perform such an atrocious act!

“Alek” slowly shifts to a stern emotion.

“Alek”: So... you’ve figured it out, have you?

Amethyst: Who are you?

“Alek” begins pacing back and forth.

“Alek”: You know that many things have an opposite, two sides to every coin, if you will.

Amethyst: Of course. It is one of the guiding principles of the spellcaster.

“Alek” looks at Amethyst as he continues to pace.

“Alek”: Well, I am Alek’s opposite. His “evil twin”, if you wish to use that awful cliché.

Amethyst: I had no idea Alekzander had a brother.

“Alek”: Well, now you do. Aren’t you lucky, dear Amethyst?

“Alek” pauses his pacing and carefully examines Amethyst.

“Alek”: Ah, it seems Alek is not the only one to have kept a secret. I sense you are hiding a very big secret, Amethyst… if that is your real name!

Amethyst: Of course it is my real name!

“Alek”: Then tell us, what are you hiding?

Amethyst: I have nothing to divulge to you.

“Alek”: So you are hiding something, then? Go on, tell me. I won’t tell anybody, I swear.

Alek’s voice: Leave her alone, brother!

A smile spreads across the impostor’s face.

Impostor: Ah… at last you have graced us with your presence!

The impostor spins to face Alek and Laura.

Impostor: Alekzander. Always a pleasure to see your face.

Alek: Hello, Lillian.

Lillian (childish tone): Shut up! Don’t tell them my real name!

Lillian looks at Laura.

Lillian: The spell didn’t work on you…?!

Laura: I guess you’re not as powerful as you thought!

Lillian: This coming from the prissy little adopted daughter of Jules Goldenclaugh?

Laura’s eyes glow with white light.

Laura: You leave my father out of this!

Lillian: Oh dear, whatever am I to do? The wimpy witch of Silvertooth Town is going to beautify me with her pixie magic!

Alek: Leave her alone, Lillian!

Lillian: Oh, I will! She’ll soon be long gone anyway! Don’t think I don’t know what she is becoming, Alek!

Zed’s thoughts: Metalin… why is that familiar…?

Alek crosses his arms.

Alek: Why did you do it, brother?

Lillian: Isn’t it obvious? You always got the royal treatment! You were offered a position as Illusion Magister, a title I should have received! YOU STOLE MY POSITION IN THE ACADEMY!

Alek: You could have been Magister of Evocation.

Lillian: Of course I could have, if evocation was my strong suit! But like you, illusion is my strongest school. We both wanted that position. After all, we’re the same in that regard, aren’t we… brother?

Alek sighs.

Alek: We were once indistinguishable, you and I, our skills in illusion so alike that we often pretended to be each other. But we have long since become individuals so plainly distinct that it’s easy to tell us apart.

Lillian: Nonetheless, I will conquer this school, and there’s not a thing you or those meddling kids can do about it!

Alek sighs as he holds his palm toward Lillian.

Lillian: What are you doing?

Alek: Forgive me, brother…

Alek’s hand and eyes glow, and Lillian snaps into a trance, with the enthralled students snapped from their state.

Kendall: Nngh… what happened...?

Alek: My brother attempted to conquer the school by making you his thralls. I placed him in a trance until he is apprehended by the authorities.

The Headmaster scuttles into the room.

Headmaster: Amethyst! I-

The Headmaster looks at everybody.

Headmaster: Oh. So…

Alek: Indeed, it is all over.

Headmaster: Very well, then.

Zed looks at Laura, who looks back at him.

Zed’s thoughts: I hope Laura will be okay…

Laura’s thoughts: I just know Zed will be fine...

Scene 9: En Route to the Eastern Gate: Silveria City: Early Morning

The party heads through the city, on their way to the next adventure.

Mak: So this… Lillian guy is Alek’s evil twin brother?

Amethyst: Indeed.

Bryn: Hahahaha! “Lillian!”

Amethyst: He also attempted to sway Zed to his cause.

Thobrun: It didn’t tempt ye, lad?

Zed: Of course not. No way I'd serve a creep like him!

Amethyst: Fortunately, he is safely locked inside a magic-proofed cell. There is no way he can escape.


A guard sleeps outside a cell. A tiny bronze nanodragon sneaks over to the keys at his waist and carefully snatches them, before slipping through the bars. It drops the keys into Lillian’s hand.

Lillian: Thank you, incompetent guard, for this wonderful gift.

A cruel smile spreads across Lillian’s face.


Thobrun: That’s a relief. So I’ve been meaning to ask ye, lad. What’s with the wee dragon on yer shoulder?

Zed: Oh, you mean Argen?

Argen: I’m Zed’s familiar. Nice to meet you all.

Bryn: He has your accent. That’s… weird.

Amethyst: Actually, it is quite common for intelligent familiars to assume aspects of their companion's traits, such as my owl friend's purple irises.

Bryn: You mean that streak of green fur on the cat’s back isn’t fungus?

Brocc: HEY! Tabby has a luscious coat! Her fur is an extension of my OWN… uh… hair.

Bryn: Keep telling yourself that, Brocc.

Everyone laughs.

Zed’s thoughts: Laura Goldenclaugh… there’s something about her…

Scene 10: Unknown Location: Unknown Time of Day

The pink-haired girl approaches her Mistress' throne. She holds out her hand, revealing the eggshell piece.

Girl: Mistress, I have brought you a gift.

Mistress: You have done well, Kara. Now, you and Trenton may prepare for your journey.

Kara bows her head.

Kara: It is my honour to serve you, Mistress.


Closing Credits



About the Creator

Orion J. Zed

You’ve heard of the Many Worlds Theory? Well, Orion J. Zed has imagined hundreds of worlds in his creative endeavours, many of which are documented in some form.

He rarely refers to himself in the third person other than “About Me” sections.

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