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Count Your Hairs

How to calculate the number of hairs you have?

By Ameer BibiPublished 20 days ago 1 min read

Dr. Elizabeth and Dr. Thomas sat in their study, discussing an unusual question.

“Can we calculate how many hairs are on a person’s head?” Dr. Elizabeth asked.

Dr Thomas scratched his head, “Let’s estimate the average hair density per inch and multiply it by the scalp area.”

“But what about different hair thicknesses?” Dr. Elizabeth added, intrigued.

They dove into research, measuring hair strands and considering growth cycles. After weeks of calculations, they had an answer.

“About 100,000 hairs,” Dr. Elizabeth announced with a smile.

Nodding, Dr. Thomas was impressed. They delighted at science and discovery in their little study.


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Ameer Bibi

I love to read, write, and discuss life, health, fiction, and humour. If you write anything related to these topics, subscribe to me and share your story; I would love to read it and share my opinion. You can find me on Medium.

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  • Imran Zahid8 days ago

    Ufff I just imagine about calculation and I totally forget counting ... different approach, good short story.

  • Haha very funny but also interesting at the same time! Counting hairs is not an easy task for sure.

  • M.B Hesperia 19 days ago

    I want to calculate my hairs as if I can disconnect my head from neck for short time lol

  • Ainy Abraham19 days ago

    I love such short stories. It's interesting 🤔

  • Hahahahahahaha I'd go mental if I tried to calculate my hair. Loved your story!

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