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Confessions With a Wise Guy

By Jackson

By JacksonPublished about a year ago 17 min read

Confessions With a Wise Guy


What appears to be a large urban street appears in your direct eyeline, there are many cars of different shapes, size, price, some new, some old, there are a huge amount of pedestrians mixing and mingling all with there different lives, though they are different doesn't mean that their lives are not close to each, because in fact they are extremely intertwining.


Night: The same street comes back into your vision but this time darkness has fell both literally and figuratively, not as many people, cars, or life in general, but the cars and people out look different, they look as they are in harsh times, they look sketchy, or like they have nothing left lose.


Roll Opening Credits...Credits end



You are once again looking across a street and there is a little café named Mario’s, you see a dark, young, slender man with a great head of hair looking like he is doing a lot of great things with his life, he looks like a regular working guy with, a dark green jacket on, and a dirty white tee under it with black work pants and worn, brown work boots. You now see him enter the café and walk into the Café.


Int. Day

The interior of Mario’s is classy and rustic, almost looking like a bakery from the 30’s or 40’s. You see the same man ordering something for the cashier, you then see him pay and go take a seat facing out the window. Then you hear the door ring and another man walk in but you barely notice him as he fades out of frame quickly. Then you see a waitress bring the first man his coffee and leave. You are now looking out of the window alongside the man, looking at the city's daytime beauty.

JOHN (Narrating)


New York, 1995, it was truly a time to be alive, everything wasn't as so fuckin’ hectic as it is now, but i digress because there is a lot of shit that goes on here that one naturally sees but doesn't look, like the amount of crime that takes place in these very streets but only at a certain time, yet sometimes that's not always true.


Int. Day

you are looking out of the window and you see a man get hit by a car running a red light, you shift your eyes once more and see a normal man elegantly pickpocket a woman's wallet and phone while passing her, and you finally realize day doesn't come without night.



You see this city is so fucked up as the next, maybe even more, but who knows right.


You are still in Mario’s but you are back at the register looking at the man that walked into the store moments earlier, He is a large, board, old, and classy gentlemen, wearing a casual suit with an fancy overcoat, and greasy slicked back hair, he goes and takes a seat next to John at the window.



How ya doin.



Good, you?


I'm alright, could be better as always...Sal btw

Sal puts his hand out for John to shake. John shakes Sal’s hand.


Nice to meet you, I’m John


Ya like stories John?



I..I.I guess, depends on what you mean by that.

Sal - I mean do you like stories about the mob

John - yeah I would say I do, I like news stuff about Gotti

Sal (slightly emotional)- good cause to be honest with you john, i got somethings I need to tell you and cause ya know I'm dying and I've done some bad things in my life but I just need to talk to somebody is all, so before you leave just hear me out for a few minutes.

John (empathetic) - ok sure

Sal - alright so I guess ill start


Ext. Day (very bright, and humid)

You see what looks like a young Sal and another gentlemen walking in the back of a squad patrol in a Japanese jungle, they appear to be talking but you cant hear them, you only hear Sal narrating, then after a while of talking you see Sal get shot in the side of the neck, and the other guy is with jumps to toward his shivering body and he puts pressure with his hands on Sal's neck.


Int. Day

You see Sal in an army 40’s army hospital with a large bandage wrapped around his head and neck, there is a purple star next to him on his pillow he turns to look at it then he looks back at the ceiling.


Ext. Night

You see Sal and the other guy that saved his life walking down an alley toward another sharply dressed, Italian looking man, you see them talking but still can't hear them you hear Sal narrating then after a few moments you hear the Italian man talk.


from when I first became an associate of the mob, it was 1942 or 1943 and I just went into the marines, and I served from 1943-1944 when I got shot in stomach twice but anyway while I was there I was friends with this guy Joey Antonelli we called him Joey Ants cause he never stopped moving he was a….always antsy, anyway me and him were tight as a glove and one day me and him got to talkin and he was telling me about how he knew this guy back home in Brooklyn that could get us good work when we got out of the service, and I always liked money, so I told lets do it, so we get out and when we get home we immediately meet with this guy named Carlo DeLuca or something and right away I could tell this wouldn't be normal work but I was still interested cause I never really like doing regular blue collar jobs, it wasn't my style, never has been, so any way we getting to talking and Carlo says…

Ext. Night

Carlo shakes both John and Joey’s hand and takes a puff of his cigarette.



Hey how you doin joey... this your man Sal?



Yeah I'm him, nice to meet you Carlo.


Likewise, so look here's what I got. There's a poker game that's happening on Wednesday, gonna be at least 15 people so you're gonna want at least 3 guy, personally I would use 4 and if you douchebags are greedy enough pop the 4th guy when the jobs done just make sure you don't work with anybody connected, we want this to look random, alright go see Frank he got some things you might, need, you'll have the location and other details dropped at your apartment tomorrow morning.



Other details?

Carlo just looks at Sal with a face that says “What's with the fuckin questions douchebag”, but Carlo says nothing and takes a another puff of his cigarette and goes back inside the bar through the door next to him.



John are you fuckin serious right now?


What? I thought you would be interested in this kind of thing.



You thought I would be interested in this kind of thing? What are fuckin nuts, I'm not gonna rob people playing poker and I'm definitely not gonna rob a bunch of FUCKING MOBSTERS, you are crazy, look I'm going home ill call you later.


(Very serious)

Look, Sal just think about it ok cause guys like me and you weren't meant for stacking boxes, right, you always said you would never be a working stiff and now you are being given the chance not to be so just think before you say no.

Sal turns and begins to walk out of the ally to go home.


You are back in Mario's café with John and Sal.


(slightly Ashamed)

Ya know at first I did really want to do the robbery but Joe was right, I wanted the money, I wanted to be proud of something, but instead I would do that for the next 2 year, being a little fucking errand boy for this asshole coke head Carlo, but I guess I earned what I was working for around that time, because they brought me into the family on Nov. 28th 1948, I remember every detail and I remember feeling proud at the time but once I gave my soul to them I would never get it back.


Sal enters a very 50’s style diner that is empty except for a booth in the back with two old men wearing fancy suits, Sal heads toward their table and sits down on the opposite side of them.


(concerned and worried)


GINO (Left)


Calm down kid, you didn't do anything wrong, Paulie just wants to talk to you.

Sal’s expressions immediately change to relived and he takes a large exhale of relief.



This is about your man Joey, he fucked up this time, you don't beat the shit out of another made guy without consequences, you of all people should know this.

Sal nods his head


(calmly and sarcastically)

You are gonna do us a favor so that way we can fix the situation before it gets out of hand. Your man joey has got to go, I don't care how as long as all of the air in his lungs is gone, I don't give a fuck how you do it, you are just going to do it, you don't need to respond just nod your head and get the fuck out.

Sal nods his head again but with a look of concern and sadness. As Sal gets up from the booth Gino hands him an envelope of money and Sal takes the envelope.


Int. Night

You see Sal enter an apartment building and walk up a single flight of stairs, turn to his left and knock on a door. Joey opens the door and Sal enters his apartment, Sal takes a seat on the couch in the living room the enter apartment including the couch looks run down and crumby, it looks like joey has been living in filth and squalor for the past few years and Sal is disgusted. You see joey head into the kitchen over by the cappuccino maker.



You want some coffee?

Sal takes a look around the apartment and looks like he is just trying to see if someone else is there, Sal finishes he not so through scan of the apartment, he goes over toward joey he looks like he is reaching to pull up his pants but he really pulls out a small, shiny .38 revolver.




As Joey turns around to look at Sal, Sal shoots him right under his left eye, joey abruptly falls into the counter behind him and blood goes all over the wall behind him, joey hits the floor and you see Sal start to shed a tear as he shoots joey in the head again.


You are back in the coffee shop with joey and Sal



Deep down I knew I had to do it, he

fucked up and that's all there is

to it…



Jesus that's some heavy shit man


Well that would be the first of

Many my friend... a few years

Later, i think around 53 or 54,

Somewhere around there I had

Already killed about 14 people,

But the next one that really stuck

With me was this woman that just

Happened to be in the wrong place

At the wrong time, it was just a

Stroke of bad luck.


You see Carlo and Sal and another small, husky Italian man (Tony) in what appears to be a jewelry store and they are breaking open a bunch of display cases taking out the jewelry and putting it into medium sized black satchels.


(fidgety, excited)

You two fucks know the bosses are

Gonna want their cut right?



Fuck them, they didn't do any of the leg work on this job, we did the planning, we got the supplies, we did the job, not them, all they do Is sit on their fat fuckin’ asses and collect a paycheck.



Whew, you better watch who you say

That around.



What are you gonna rat me out or

Something, maybe you need to be

Clipped, rat.


(Jokingly, serious)

Shut the fuck up before I smack the


You hear what sounds like a person trying to unlock a door, Sal quickly and silently moves over toward the door that is about to be opened, a woman opens the door and walks through and as soon as Sal sees her he hits her over the head with a hammer, she falls to the floor knocked out cold.


(Nervous, concerned)

Shit, shit, shit!!! What the fuck

are we supposed to do with her.



Will you calm the hell down, she

didn't see what we were doing, we are fine, ill take her out to the

woods or something and let her go

no need for her to die


(Nervous, concerned)

Fuck that, pop her bury her, and

let it be down with, I'm sure

nobody will miss a fuckin cashier.


No, nobody need to die, she

shouldn't be a flight risk, ill

float her a few bills and I'm sure

All will be forgiven.



No, Tony is right, pop her and

be done with it, why risk the

exposure and the fuckin’ headache



Jesus Christ, ok sure, ill get rid

Of her, here take my shit

Sal hands tony his bag of jewels, Sal then picks up the woman and leaves out the door she came in.


You are now outside the jewel store and you see are car parked right in front of the building, it's an absolute shit-box of a car, Sal then reaches into the woman's pockets and finds car keys, he tries the keys on the car, and they work, so he puts the women in the passenger seat, and runs around to the driver side, he starts the car and begins to head down the road.


You are now out in the middle of nowhere and you see the car with the woman still knocked out in the passenger seat, then you pan slowly toward the other direction, you now see Sal digging a hole in the ground, obviously a grave.


(Sad, empathetic)

I felt bad you know, she didn't

deserve to die, she was young and

had a lot of life left to live and

I didn't feel as if I should be the

one to deny her that, she deserved

better, and that's what she got, a

second chance, those are very rare

these days.


You are back in the coffee shop with John and Sal



Wait so you didn't kill her?


Hell no, it wasn't right, I don't

care That I took an oath, I made an

executive decision, which i still

believe was the right thing to do

criminal or not, I have heart, and

I'm not gonna let some fat, sweaty

fuckin’ greaseball on his first job

tell me what to do, it's just not

happening, so anyway yeah I let her

go, but I dug the grave, and I was

digging, I just kept saying to

myself, “why, why her, why should

she have to face the consequences

of our fuck up”. It just didn't seem

fair, so I stopped digging and

waited for he to wake up, i gave

12 hundred dollars, and sent her on

her way, she was very grateful, but

I guess you ought to be when

someone was an ass hair away from

clipping you.


You are in a very dim meeting room, but it looks like a lot of time had passed because you see tony who is at the head of the table and Sal beside him and it looks like tony is talking to multiple people in the room but you cant hear him

SAL (Narrating)


Around 76, 78 is around the time I decided I

Was done with the life, and

It was mainly because tony ha

become the boss, and he wasn't

absolute fuckin’ idiot hot

head, that was incapable of

leading anyone, even himself,

he just made stupid decisions,

I was a capo by this time but

turned me into is fuckin

errand boy, so during one of

“Family” meetings he was

yelling at everyone because

feds were up our ass, but it

ultimately it was his fault

that they were, so I did what

I had to do.


You are in a car with Sal and Tony, Sal is driving with tony in the passenger seat and they are going down a long road.



Where are we headed today Sal



We just have few pickups to make; shouldn't take long

Carlo nods his head in compliance, then Sal makes a turn down an empty road, and you see a look of worry come over Carlo's face.


Int. SAL’S car

You see Sal come to a stop in an alley, then Carlo turns toward him, as Carlo turns, Sal pulls out a .45 and shoots Carlo in the head,





Sal, quickly reverses out of the alley, then he swerves and begins to head down the empty street.


Ext. empty woods Night

You see dirt being thrown on Carlo's lifeless body, then you pan toward Sal, and he looks exhausted.


So after I popped Carlo I had to get out of the city as soon as possible, so I buried his ass, bought a train ticket, and ended up in Boston, so I lived Boston for a few years and that's pretty much it.


Int. Day

You are back in the coffee shop with John and Sal.


Look I got to piss, so I'll be right back then you can continue

John gets up from his seat and walks to the bathroom


Int. Bathroom

John walks up to the mirror.



You can do this, you can do this.

John takes a deep breath, turns and exits the bathroom.


While walking back to the table, john pulls a small revolver out of his left jacket pocket, he walks right up behind Sal, and shoots Sal in the back of the head. People in the store scream, and then John exits the coffee shops and then he begins to walk down the street, then you slowly start to look up in the sky then back down at the city in all of its beauty.



Now you may be wondering, what was the fucking point of all that, and to you my answer is when you do a job, you do it right, and you never say a fuckin word to anyone about anything, its just that simple.


End credits roll...


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