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Confessions From The Recession

by Marc OBrien 4 months ago in Humor

"Rock The Format"

Confessions From The Recession

Season 1 Episode 7

“Rock The Format”

Many years passed where Chapman called the radio industry home and he watched music transition many times welcoming all style types. But it was the last couple of decades where his residency on the city’s dial was filled with energetic enthusiasm as they played twenty-four-hour classics from the rebellious era. Unlike the other older station sharing the same call letters and owned by the investors who suddenly overnight decided the racket sound was finished.

“Can you send PL and Jay in?” Chapman spoke into the intercom and a blonde hair model who was studying medicine at the University waltzed into the office.

“They are just signing off since it is time to you know get to work,” she quipped going back to the textbook weighing more than she did at last check.

“You rang sir,” PL stomped into the small office.

“What did you want?” Jay continued.

“Sit down boys,” Chapman offered two seats, “we have been playing this kids' stuff for many years and the higher ups want our name to be synonymous with what is on the mature network.”

“You mean the songs from your age?” PL sporting a British invasion message on his tee shirt inquired, “one hundred and two,”

“Yes, PL,” Chapman answered, “the songs from my age one hundred and two,” there was a pause, “and seven months.”

Jay intervened, “we are only a few years younger than you, Chapman,” there was another silent moment, “PL and I are ninety-five,”

“And five twenty-eight-to-thirty-one-day cycles,” PL plugged.

“Yes, I know all that guys and I am sorry to inform you the changes are immediate,”

“You have no heart,” PL was stunned, hurt and angry.

“I have heart,” Chapman responded watching his two morning show hosts walk out the door.

When the sun rose on the horizon bringing another new day PL met Jay inside the park at the zoo and there taking his AM siesta was the I Man.

“I Man is that you?” PL asked.

“It’s PL and Jay from the biz,” Jay announced.

“Aren’t you supposed to be on the air?”

“Station went in another direction,” PL reported.

“Oh, that happened to me,” the I Man stood up, “and I told them I knew my ABC’s, but they wanted to go in another direction, so I learned country western and here I am.”

“At the zoo?” Jay clarified.

“Yup,” the I Man let them know,” here is some marketing strategy, go inside the zoo and visit Mr. Walrus, he may have some ad,” I Man took a breath, “vice.”

Tugging on the same British invasion fashion statement he wore the day before PL and Jay proceeded into the zoo and soon the pair was standing near Mr. Walrus.

“Mr. Walrus, our place of business went in another direction,” Jay informed the wise one, “what can we do?”

“Relax, gentlemen, start another station, promote commercial free air play, have a greatest song countdown, and most importantly show respect to the public,”

“Anything else?” Jay nudged.

“Oh yeah, during evening time there should be a blonde Miss handling the records up until midnight.”

Listening intently both PL and Jay heeded the knowledge and later that day found themselves enjoying Buckman’s Friday happy hour when Chapman’s secretary appeared carrying her academic responsibilities.

“Well,” PL alerted.

“If it is not Miss Kelly,” Jay followed up.

“What happened?”

“Like I did not see it coming,” she spoke up, “but they wanted a more sophisticated secretary, one who dealt with the aging process already.”

PL stood up brewski in hand, “look our new,” Jay shook his head affirmatively, “our new station wants a nighttime on air person, you want the gig?”

After agreeing they all sat down to celebrate and soon enough the island filled with skyscrapers had a new home for rock and roll.


About the author

Marc OBrien

Barry University graduate Marc O'Brien has returned to Florida after a 17 year author residency in Las Vegas. He will continue using fiction as a way to distribute information. Books include "The Final Fence: Sophomores In The Saddle"

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