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Coney Island

by Freddy Zalta 5 months ago in Historical
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A Trip through time

A stroll along the boardwalk, a glimpse out towards the sea, aromas blowing in from the beach, stirs memories so close, yet just out of reach.

Walking in character, playing the role A psychological mess looking to become part of the side show.

I sit down on an empty bench and I close my eyes. I wake up to another time, in the same place. My clothing has been changed and the bench I was sitting on is harder than it was before. I stand and I look around. I almost fall as a dizzy spell hits me.

I walk, I check my pockets, I have money to spend, plus a key to a room at a place called, Kensington hotel.

I sense an aroma, hot and fresh. I look and see a lady pushing a cart. I walk closer and I see she is selling knishes. We make small talk, she has an eastern European accent and a warm motherly smile. My hand pulls out a nickel from my pocket, I give it to her and she gives me a hot wrapped knish. I burnt my lip on the first bite, waited for it to cool and then a taste. The flavor pungent, salt, potato and onion. (Too much onion for my taste) but sweet and really delicious.

Mrs Stahl

I walk along the avenue watching as "freaks" blend in amongst the “normal” crowd, trying to fit in unnoticed. Little people avoid walking too close to the entrance into Lilliputian Village, lest they be revealed as escapees from a world they used to hide in.

Ursa is holding Bonita’s hand, as the bells ring out from the fire department answering another false alarm. Baby Alpine weighing 615 pounds and Rob Roy (The Albino wonder) try to find a quiet spot to drink the whiskey they lifted off Captain Copp (human tattooed art gallery) as he stumbled out of the tattoo parlor on surf avenue, falling to the floor, flask full of whiskey in hand.

I walk along the boardwalk and I notice the parachute jump is open. I remember my father telling me that he went on this jump once and he was stuck up there for a while. They closed this back in the mid sixties and it still stands tall today.

As I walk around I am kind of in shock to notice there are several brothels that are actually advertising their services. I spoke with a man who was carrying a small sign and signaling to men walking alone.

"You are allowed to advertise for brothels?" I asked him.

"Yeah, what do you like, young, old, white, black, you tell me we can serve them up to you."

"I'm good, thanks." He kept talking but I ignored him and turned my attention to a very crowded area. "Sam Wagner's World Circus Side Show."

There were several girls promoting the headliners who would be appearing at the next show, coming up soon! "Professor Bernard, Magician Extraordinary, and his star act, Bonita and her Fighting Lions."

I turned around way too quickly and I began to feel faint. I was suddenly tired and the world began to spin... I leaned against something…

I wake up and I’m back facing the ocean on Coney Island Beach. I have my phone in my hand so I know it’s 2022. My memory of the dream is fading fast, like all dreams seem to do.

As I walked away from the beach, I sensed an aroma that seemed so familiar. I turned and looked but all around me were just people walking, riding or waiting on line to buy something. My tongue touches my lip and I feel a numb spot, as if I burned my lip on something. I see a lady walking and she smiles a motherly smile. She looks familiar as if I had just seen her moments ago and conversed. I bite my lip and my phone rings.


About the author

Freddy Zalta

Currently working with families to develop personal biographies to be handed down to future generations.

Also writing fiction and poetry.

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