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Coma Dreams

by Michael Mayr 5 months ago in Horror · updated 5 months ago
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What I saw Beyond

It is blackest night and I am in dark water. But this water, it is not water, it is something else - a viscid, clinging liquid. It is one moment cold, the next warm. I start to sink but there is an island next to me and I grip it’s shore. Island is a generous term, more of a sandbar really. But I am thankful for it nonetheless.

I stop to catch my breath, and I look around. “Where am I?” I mumble out loud...of course there is no answer. The sky is jet black and overcast. There is no moon, there are no stars. In time my vision adjusts, across the ‘water’ I see a pier on the opposite shore. Do I dare swim to it?

That is when I sky is not barren and empty as I originally thought. I can barely describe it. An interlocking eclipse? It is massive and it dominates the sky. How come I could not see it before? A black moon with a pulsating white corona of cold fire around it... I know I am not supposed to stare into it. I cannot help myself. The sight of it overwhelms me, I fall to my knees ...this is more than an eclipse...for it speaks to me!

Do you see me? It asks its voice roaring like a raging wind yet silent at the same time. Its corona pulsates with each word.

I stare open-mouthed still on my knees. Because that is when I see them. The eyes. The “eclipse” is two interlocking ebony rings that burn with a stark white fire and “it” is studded with burning eyes!

Do you see me? The Eclipse asks again.

“Yes...yes...I see you.” I replied.

Do you know me? The Eclipse asks me.

“Are...are you God?” I ask.

The eclipse does not answer me. I feel my heart race in fear. My body is frozen in its absolute dread.

“Am I dead?” I ask, afraid of the answer.

You will pass from this place. The Eclipse tells me.


My next memory, I am sitting in a darkened theatre. The only lights are the aisle lights. I am not alone. “Hello?” I see shadowy people. I see them shift at the sound of my words, but they do not answer. “Hello? Is everything ok?” I ask again. And again no one answers me. I decided to get up. As I pass by the people I cannot recall their faces. I look directly at multiple figures, but I cannot recall a single detail. I feel I need to leave this place.

I continue to walk, I don’t know for how long. I finally reached another room. In this room are old people. Really nice folks. I cannot remember them clearly. An old black couple and some white folks. They acknowledge me with smiles and nods as they carry on a conversation - well a debate really. About immortality - both spiritual and physical. And the nature of divinity. I stop and I listen for a time. Finally one of them turns to me and says: “Son. You need to continue on. Up the hall. You do not want to be late.” I smile and thank them, they all smile and wave as I keep walking.

The hallway changes, it has become beautiful marble walls and tiled floors. I see expensive doors, made of glossy black wood. I come to a pedestal in a corner, I stop to admire a crystal vase. It is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. It floats above the pedestal and it does not hold flowers, but light. A glowing globule of light in a beautiful crystal vase. Again, I say to myself: this is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Unearthly, ethereal. I suddenly feel embarrassed as I have wasted so much time looking at the vase and the “flower of light”. So I continued up the hallway and eventually I arrived.

She waits for me. A blessed lady. She is beautiful. In a way the most beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes on. Not sexually. No, not all. It is not lust that she fills my heart with. But gladness. She is old. At least seventy. Dark brown skin, close-cropped white hair - not grey mind you, but albino white, slim to the point of thinness and eyes of a golden-hazel that almost glow. But it is her smile, her smile is radiant. When she smiles, my fears are gone. When she smiles, I smile. No, when she smiles, I laugh.

The Blessed Lady pats the seat next to her. “Come child, sit with me.” She says with her rich, wonderful voice. “We have much to discuss”.

Of course I do. I look at her and say: “You. You are an angel. Aren't you?” The question sounds foolish to my own ears. “And the glowing rings of Eyes? The Eclipse. It was an angel too?”

The Blessed Lady...the Angel. Her answer is just another smile. I start to giggle. She reaches out with both hands and takes my hands. What we have to discuss - it fills my mind, my soul, the very me. “In time you will understand. In time you will see, once your eyes are truly open. But for now it will be locked in you. And you must go now.” I do not want to leave. But I know that I must.

I expect to return back to my home, back to my life...back to myself.


However, I find myself on my hands and knees looking at the dry black earth. I shiver in the cold air and can see the fog of my breath. I look up from my kneeling position, and the sight I see, it takes that breath from me.

It is dawn, but unlike any dawning I have ever seen. Unlike any sunrise I have ever imagined. I gaze on twin mountains of a size and scale I can barely describe, and the blue sun rises in between them. Yes, I said the blue sun. For that is what I see. A blue sun rising between mountain peaks. I am so awestruck that I do not yet realize the most amazing thing. I am not on the ground. Not really. I am on an island. An island in the sky. A floating island above the world far below, and as I search the sky I see more islands. Some are small and others vast, these other floating Islands.

I see other things as well. I see we are much closer to the blue sun. I see that this world is not a world at all, but a moon. A moon that orbits a vast planet, a ringed planet. Like Saturn. But its colors are wrong. Blues and greens. How can any of this be? How can I breathe on a moon? How can this moon have an atmosphere? And the ringed world we circle - does it too have an atmosphere and life? If so, how? So close to the blue star. How am I able to withstand the blue light? This sunlight, not only can I withstand it, the light invigorates me. With every breath, every heartbeat, every instant...I am more than before. I blink and my eyes see...more than they did before. This place, it feels like I belong here, like this is my real home.

“What is this place?” I ask out loud “And why does it feel so familiar?”

A voice comes unbidden to my mind: Thule. The home sphere of your ancient fathers.

My heart is gripped by dread. I know this place! Memories that are not my own flood my mind. Memories of horror, rage and sorrow. There are things here. Here and in the world below, that came here and we had to flee.

I cannot be here! I must find a way to leave before they find me. I stop and try to think rationally - what are they? How do I know this place? Then my mind again fills with another’s memories - a cascade, avalanche of images, beautiful cities, runecrusted columns and temples. People, pale skinned and flaxen haired, the blue sun shining upon them and then....something...something dark and vast. I do not see it, but I feel it...a sour and alien evil. A hunger, a lust. I must leave this place before the darkness finds me!

Then my eyes are drawn to the world below. And I sense it, before I see it. The jet black pyramid. It rises from the world in a steady ascension. Our ancient enemy. The great hunger. If evil exists, it exists within this vast black pyramid. It is genocide. It is an atrocity. It is anti-life.

It fills the sky, ancient and horrible. It addresses me, its voice crackling thunder and sibilant whisper both at once.

Child of have returned. After all this time...a Child of Thule has returned. I wonder Child of Thule...from whence did you come? Where has your kind been hiding?

With horror I realise my mistake. It hungers, it lusts. It will follow me back, back to the thread of my mortal coil. Back home…

So I did the only thing that I could think of: I prayed. I prayed to the Blessed Lady, I prayed to the Eclipse of Burning Eyes, I prayed to GOD. I prayed for deliverance. Oh no, not deliverance for me, I am sure that I am doomed. But my loved ones, my friends, everyone in our world. Please, deliver them from the Black Pyramid...from the anti-life. Do not let this atrocity track me back to our good green earth.

...I awaken in a hospital bed. How long? How long have I been gone? How long have I been back? Am I really here? In this room? My mind is filled with the strangest things...crazy, crazy things...most? Most fade like mist in the morning sun. Others? Others have never left me...My logical mind tells me: these were just nightmares. Brought on by my nearness to death, the drugs used to keep me under...the ventilator. Just Coma Dreams...but there is that voice. That voice that stands out, and speaks up: but what if it wasn't? What if you touched something? Something real. Something ancient. Something evil…

It has been almost six years. And sometimes when I am alone, my mind wanders...when I look out the window at a cold winter sun, or when sleep eludes me, my thought turn to images of an Eclipse of Burning Eyes, or the Blessed Lady and the secrets she buried in my mind, secrets I still cannot recall, or a ringed-world called Thule which orbits a blue sun. But the thing I try to avoid thinking of, and of course fail, is the Black Pyramid. Because I am afraid that the voice that stands out, and speaks up is right. I touched something. I touched the Black Pyramid and something is following my trail here, even now. Something real. Something ancient. Something evil…something anti-life...something that just isnt coma dreams.


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