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A couple explore learned machines.

By Skyler SaundersPublished 4 months ago 1 min read
Photo by Ryunosuke Kikuno on Unsplash

When the efficiency of the machines astounded the people of Delaware, it started off normally. All the humans had to do was to figure out how the machines worked with them.

“This goddamn thing!” Larson Browning exclaimed.

“It’s a machine,” Gilda Hoover pointed out.

“I know that! It’s still a hunk of mess.”

“And you’re a hunk of flesh, Luddy,” she shot back. “Just tap the screen and voice what you want from the private library. It’s all free to us. Donors and members cover the charges and the company is backed by the Wilmington Stock Exchange (WiSE).”

“Alright, then.”


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