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Circus: Hells Kitchen Chapter 4

Hells Kitchen Chapter 4 The Sun and The Son

By Christopher ShaversPublished 2 years ago 6 min read

The Sun and The Son

A man woke up chained to a metal chair beaten and bloody. He groaned in pain as he looked around. He was under a beam of sunlight in a very spacious concrete room. He could vaguely make out a metal table that appeared to have something laying on it. He squinted to see that there was a much farther metal door with an antique vinyl player by it.

"Ah. You're awake. I thought you were dead."

The man looked around startled. He turned his neck so swiftly that he felt a sharp crippling crack accompanied by his neck going limp and tears for a moment.

"Ooo, that sound like it hurt. Did it hurt? I'm sure that it hurt."

"Who are you? Where am I?"

"Those are very good questions but the wrong ones to ask right now. Don't you wanna know where I am? Why you're here, Bryan? Whether or not you're going to live, Bryan?"

Bryan went pale, "How do you know me?..."

"I know everyone, Bryan. I will say that I'm very disappointed to see that Monica still wets the bed. It's been two years since she saw her monster Mr. BigMouth."

"Mark? Is that you? This is not funny!"

The voice turned into the familiar voice of Mark's, "Aw, ya got me man." Bryan's chair was grabbed by the back and turned around with the sound of footsteps staying behind the chair. "You got me alright." Bryan saw another body under a ray of sunlight. It was the headless body of a pale shirtless man with two holes in the chest cavities and a large curve cut in the abdomen. Organs spilled out of the stomach and onto the floor. It was like a twisted jack-o-lantern with a very familiar face inside the mouth. "Yeah man, you got me killed."

Bryan throws up, calling out for god and begging to be saved. A man in an all-white suit that had a sun insignia on the back and pocket with blonde hair, a very attractive frame, flawless light skin, and hypnotic blue eyes walked up to him. Bryan’s friend Mark’s voice became a very clear and crisp voice, “For God’s sake stop bothering him with the problems you created but expect him to bail you out of because you want things to go your way. Trust me when I say he has turned a blind eye to those who call out to him a very very long time ago. And for fuck’s sake stop making a mess of my floor. I just had it cleaned.”

“You’re Mr.White! Please have mercy on me!”

“So you know why you are here then? Good. So let me make this clear to you since you did not hear me the first time we talked. Do. Not. Try to screw me over. I will find out. I will not like it. I will collect collateral equal to what you have taken from me.”

“It was an investment, I swear! I was gonna tell you bout it and you’d see how great I am in judging finances.”

“Finances you took behind my back and paid Mark to remain silent about. Bryan, you are a very great businessman. You sold a man back his business after buying it from under him through his wife that you were sleeping with at the time. Only to solidify your stance in that business by getting his daughter pregnant. You are great at what you do. But you are a terrible judge of character.”

“My men would never backstab me!”

“Stop yelling would you? I am literally right in front of you. Your men fear you. And trust me, I absolutely love fear. It’s almost necessary. But you know what’s better? Loyalty. They are not loyal to you. My team on the other hand will do whatever it takes to get the job done. We have the same goal. So we share loyalty. It didn’t take long to find out what you were doing. But I digress. Wow, you managed to get me to vent. I apologize. To keep things short, Big Daddy found out from Danni that you paid Mark to stay quiet about you moving my product to your club. You took my product. So I took yours. You took money from me. I took your source of money. Mark was on his last chance.”

“Wait… what did you take?”


Bryan thought about it for a moment before his eyes widened in realization, “You son of a…”

The door to the door slowly crept open and Bryan felt a chill up his spine. Mr. White looked past Bryan with just a slight shift in his eyes. Bryan was paralyzed by fear and could only make out the sound of static in his ears. Mr. White put his hand on Bryan’s shoulder, “I have to deal with something. I am going to leave you to Penny while I deal with a business matter.” Bryan looked confused as Mr. White walked past him. He turned his head to follow Mr.White demanding that Mr. White explain himself. The door closed. Bryan turned his head to see a red balloon in front of him. Bryan went pale as he heard a raspy voice, “Hello. Bryan.” Bryan let out a scream that was easily missed through the dense door.

Mr. White walked out of a warehouse adjusting his glove and into a limo awaiting him. A man in a black suit opened the door and greeted him. Mr. White sat in the limo, looking at a man in a suit and shades sitting on the other side.

“Mr. White sir.”

“Andy McDonald, I’m guessing my shipment came in?”

“It did sir but Big Daddy told me to bring something to your attention.”

“What may that be exactly?”

“Uh… This sir.” Andy showed Mr. White something on a tablet. Andy got visibly very uncomfortable.

“Is this an accurate picture Andy?”

“Yyyyyes, Mr. White sir.” Andy’s voice shook and his body trembled.

“What’s wrong Andy?”

“Nnnnothing sir…. Are you okay?”

Mr. White’s face was making an expression that Andy had never seen before and it was almost twisted enough to make Andy vomit. For the first time in knowing Mr. White, this was Andy’s first time seeing him smile. His smile was foreign even to his own body. It was almost cartoonish in the physics it threatened. It was almost as if he was trying to hold it in but was having a hard time containing himself with one side as high as his earlobe and the other side as high as his eyelashes. In a voice that almost seemed like it wasn’t his own, “Haven’t you seen someone happy before?”

A little girl with brown skin and dark brown hair and brown eyes walking with a brown poodle was at a park. The poodle sniffed around and began to wag its tail as the little girl kicked her feet eating Japanese candy. The dog ran off barking. The little girl saw and chased the dog, “Wait up! Come on, I can’t run that fast, wait up!” The poodle knocked down a young boy with short blonde hair. The poodle licked the boy who giggled uncontrollably. She pulled him off, “I’m so sorry. He’s very excitable…” she looked into the boy’s eyes. Her eyes flashed green for a moment. She stared in shock looking at the boy playing with the poodle. “Is it really you?” The boy looked at her confused. She tackled him crying, “Jr! It’s you! I’ve been looking all over for you! It’s me, Amira… you’re sister… don’t you remember me?”

The boy stared at her with a very confused look and spoke with a cockney accent, “I’m sorry. Do I know you, Love?”

“Jr… It’s me… What happened to you? Why are you talking so funny?”

“Sorry to disappoint you, Love, but I’ve never met you before.”

AdventureHorrorMysterySeriesShort StoryYoung Adult

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Christopher Shavers

Start writing...I am the Author of Circus by Christopher Shavers and the Author in Faceless Entertainment. I love to write and perform. Be it me bringing nightmares to life in stories or my journey through poetry. Enjoy the Show.

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