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Circus: Hells Kitchen Chapter 3

Hells Kitchen Chapter 3 Welcome To Life

By Christopher ShaversPublished 3 months ago 6 min read

Welcome To Life

Jr walked out of a salon with dyed black hair. He looked into a nearby puddle and slightly smirked at how much he looked like his father’s human form. He turns to ask K where they should look first. He looked around and didn’t see K. He walked back inside the salon to see the workers swooning over K. They complimented on how great the black hair dye looked on him and worked well with his crystal blue eyes. Jr glared at K, “We need to go.” K nodded and excused himself from the workers and slid by to walk out. The workers called out in unison with either a ‘call me’ or ‘come back soon’.

Annoyed, Jr questioned why K seemed to be so popular in the Living World. K joked about how his host has always been popular with females. Jr asked him why he never sees his host around anymore. K told him how his host has settled down and started a business. He continued by telling him how he got into a really bad fight with his host over a woman they both loved. Jr raised his eyebrow, “There’s someone else you would fight over?” K chuckled, “I will always fight for Chu and Lilith, for my barracks, and for the royal blood.”

“Excuse you? Why are we..”

K picked Jr up, holding him close to his body, lifting his chin, and staring into his eyes “I would kill for you, my prince.”

Jr stared into his eyes with a straight face then glared at him as his left eye gleamed, “You’ve been reading those yaoi manga again haven’t you?” Jr pinched K’s face.

K chuckled, “Black Butler is not yaoi. But yes.”

“You!” Jr looked around and noticed people watching them. “Okay, enough! People are staring.”

K kneeled holding Jr’s hand, “Yes, my Lord.”

Jr slightly blushed hearing women sigh, coo, and swooning. “I swear I am going to punish you for this.”

“My prince, you’re only making things worse.” K chuckled

Jr walked into a hotel room and stood in the center of the room. K walked in behind him, “Something wrong?”

“I’ve slept in holes that looked more presentable than this.”

“We’re only going to be here tonight. We are only a few hours away from our first safe house and the first lead.”

“So you did learn something while flirting with those humans.”

“Of course. News of the Circus and its multiple locations has been broadcasted and seen as a terrorist attack only to recently be deemed a stunt for promotion.”


“Yes. Yesterday morning a commercial was broadcasted about something called the ‘Grand Rideau’ will be taking place this Halloween.”

“... Ran by who?”

“The Nightingales.”

“I know where our next stop will be when night comes. Til then you are not allowed to leave this room unless I tell you so.”

“Yes, my Lord.”

Amira was sitting in the music room practicing her violin. She began to work on a new piece when she paused, feeling a concentrated form of fear coming towards the castle from the Never Ending Forest. Paris looked about the window, “My Princess, the prince seems to have returned.” She kept a straight face as she put down her violin. Amira walked to the front door with a straight face while putting up her hair. As Paris opened the door, she ran out to her brother and hugged him excitedly. He hugged her and spun once before putting her down.

“Brother, what brings you back so early?” she smiled cheerfully.

“I found out some information that I need to run by the King and Queen.”

“Must be really important.”

“Very. Are they still here?”

“Yes. but where’s my gift?”


“You usually bring me a gift when you travel. So where is?”

“Can’t it wait?”

“So you didn’t bring me anything.”

“No. I thought this was much more important.”

“True… Can I at least get a kiss?”

“Sure.” he said, trying to avoid direct eye contact.

Amira smiled as she leapt into his arms and kissed him. His eyes were wide before embracing her. He held her close. His grip tightened on her back. Her feet landed on the ground. Her hands held his cheeks. His hands went through her hair. Her white wings slowly coming out of her back slowly became black. He leaned more into her. The feathers from her wings scattered leaving behind only the bone frames. He opened his eyes and for a moment saw something that surprised him. Before he could react, he fell to the ground. Lifeless.

Amira glared at him in disgust. “Paris. Inform mother and father that I will be traveling to the Living World to retrieve my brother. And I will not be taking no for an answer.” she watched as the body rapidly decayed. “To think that someone actually thought they could impersonate my brother. Disgusting. They must have quite a bit of intel to actually be able to get here from the Living World. That imposter was a perfect look-alike, I’ll give them that. But they obviously do not know much about our inner relations with each other. So this was done by someone who knows of us but isn’t very close to any of us. They will pay for whatever they did to my brother.” Amira looked towards the Never Ending Forest. “Don’t worry brother. I’m coming.”

A couple came up the steps of the hotel, laughing. Until the shorter partner noticed that a room door was open down the hall. The couple made their way down to make sure that everything was okay. The taller partner called out before looking inside, “Hey? Is everything okay in h…?” the shorter partner screamed at the scene. Inside the room, they saw a burnt body hunched over in the corner by a knocked-over and slightly burned bed. The body twitched, the smaller partner fainted. The police came after a few hours. After the EMT confirmed very very faint breathing the body was taken to the ambulance. After noticing the body seemed to continue burning after taking it out of the room, the body was covered in a wet blanket.

While in the ambulance the EMT in the back commented on how the person was lucky to be alive. He was surprised that someone with such severe burns could breathe without passing out from the pain. The driver remarked about how the body looked like an unwrapped mummy. The EMT slowly started to freak out. His voice shaking, “Tttttttthat’s. Not. funnnny dude. You know that… I’m…” his voice grew weak as a light green mist began to come from him. He watched in helpless fear as the blanket-covered body slowly rose. The mist slowly made its way into the body as its hand reached up, pulling the blanket off. The EMT began to hyperventilate. The body spoke in a weak and airy voice, “Joey… your fear…” the EMT grew deathly pale as he saw the body in a state of reverse melting. “Will. Do.”

The ambulance swerved as screaming could be heard clearly by nearby cars. It drove through a park and crashed into a nearby river. People slowly approached the ambulance. An EMT came out of the ambulance dragging another. “The guy in there! He just rose and attacked us! Call the police! Get another ambulance! Don’t get any closer to it, he might jump out and attack you!” The EMT laid the man against a tree and asked about the nearest convenience store. He got directions and ran off. The police arrived and took statements. An officer inspected the man inside the ambulance and declared that he was dead. Another officer declared that the EMT against the tree was also dead.

AdventureHorrorMysterySeriesShort StoryYoung Adult

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Christopher Shavers

Start writing...I am the Author of Circus by Christopher Shavers and the Author in Faceless Entertainment. I love to write and perform. Be it me bringing nightmares to life in stories or my journey through poetry. Enjoy the Show.

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