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Circus: Hells Kitchen Chapter 2

Hells Kitchen Chapter 2 Crack the Whip

By Christopher ShaversPublished 3 months ago 11 min read

Crack the Whip

The wave of bats reformed into K sliding towards the scene. A scene he hasn’t allowed himself to forget even to this very day. K dropped to his knees, crying for the first time in his existence. Crying at the site of the big top on fire. Burning a dark blue and yellow flame. Burning under a dark sky that only smiled in K’s pale face.

“No…” K stared at the roaring fire. Moments later a figure could be seen walking out of the fire towards K. K stood up as he began to regain hope. His hope however sank as the figure was clearly someone else. It was the armored woman. K stood before the armored female with rage in his eyes. The female clapped her hands together. As she pulled her hands apart, the armor on her arms began to float towards her palms to form two short swords. K began to take on more bat-like features. They slowly began to walk towards each other before gradually increasing in speed.

The woman finally spoke, "Save.. Me!"

K responded in a cold tone, "There's no such thing as salvation.”

The armored woman swung. K grabbed her arm and threw her onto her back. His hands became claws. As one dug into her arm, K brought down the other to her face. She stabbed him in the chest repeatedly as he applied more and more pressure to her head. All he could feel is her helmet getting smaller in his grip. He wasn’t going to stop until he saw her body no longer moving. That was until he saw a red blur land on her. Vain, in his armor, jumped up and drove his knee into her chest. K looked up at Vain, “Vain?...” Thorn and Onyx ran past them. Thorn slid and called out to Blue for assistance. The small gourds on her hips burst open and towards Onyx. Onyx opened her umbrella as her eyes glowed a deep blue that almost seemed purple. “Mama commands you! Grow!” As Blue hit her umbrella, she lifted it up as if tossing him into the air. Thorn jumped off Onyx’s umbrella and rolled into the fire. Thorn punched the ground and began to inhale the flames. Blue began to grow as he descended. The fire was out in seconds. The smoke clouds thickened and condensed into a very dark version of Blue on his hands and knees. Vain took his knee out of the armored woman and calmed down K enough for him to revert to his human appearance.

Vain used his silk to patch up and capture the armored female. K took a deep breath and walked over toward Onyx. “Can you sense anything in the remains?” Onyx’s eyes returned to normal, “Yes, I’m sensing three souls but four bodies.” Vain dragged the armored woman over and regrouped with the other knights. Onyx walked the others to what was once the center of the big top. In an untouched circle, was the body of Jr holding Amira. Beside them was a scorched pile. Onyx’s eyes began to water, “Avery… my sweet boy…” She walked over and got on her knees beside him. There she noticed that he was hovering over something. Her tears flowed and formed sapphire orbs as they left her face. She saw an unconscious and slightly burnt Zahiera under the dead body of Avery still in a protective position. Thorn covered her mouth and turned away at the site. She ran into Vain’s arms. K walked forward and kneeled beside Onyx, “I understand that you see yourself as a mother figure for the personal fears that make up the Blue Barracks. But please, do not mourn his death. Celebrate his life. He died doing what he loved. Protecting those important to him.”

“How can you tell?”

“A mother can always tell when her child’s smile is genuine. Is his not genuine?”

Onyx looked at Avery’s charred smiling face and began to cry harder.

The sun was setting behind Raven Castle. The Queen and the King began to make their way to the front door. Both in funeral attire. The Queen stopped at the door as her overwhelming sadness began to show. She clutched her hands into tight fists, shaking. The King took a deep breath before turning to her.

“Nythyus, I know that it is hard but we need to stay strong. At least for another hour. When we get back into our room you can let it all out. I promise. Right now, Onyx needs us. The Knights need us. Zahiera, Jr, and Amira need us. The Barracks need us. Our nightmares need us.” he walked over to her and held both her hands up to his chest. “They need us. I need you. They need their King for guidance. Their Queen is so much more important. You give them…”

“Strength…” she finished as she sighed, “I know Raven… It’s just that..”

“Nythyus look at me.” he lifted her face as his skull regenerated human features. “You do not need to be perfect. You do not need to be invincible. You just need to remember what we stand for. What you stand for. And what it’ll mean to them to see that we can grieve and still overcome pain. Help them see that. Help me do that.”

“Okay.” she nodded.

They both stood at the door, his face became a skull again. Holding hands, they took a deep breath before going through the doors. Before them stood Vain and Thorn in their respective armors. The King and Queen walked down the steps and were greeted with silence and deep bows. Behind Vain, bowed animal-like nightmares. Behind Thorn, bowed nightmares made of the elements. The King and Queen walked past them and walked along a procession of nightmares standing along the sides of the pathway. On one side were very easily recognizable nightmares all sporting a blue diamond somewhere on their clothes. On the other side were nightmares of all kinds sporting black diamonds somewhere on their body. At the very end, were nightmares wearing black or blue diamonds standing behind K or Onyx. Both in their respective armors, K and Onyx were facing the tombstone with Avery’s top hat on it. The King and Queen walked up and were given flowers by Lapis. They proceeded to the grave where they were joined by Onyx.

The King stepped forward and put a blue spider lily on the grave, “For your service to the throne as our butler, your service to my late son as his advisor, your service as the captain to the Blue Barracks, and your choice to stand beside princess Zahiera you have proven to be a great asset to this kingdom, this land, and the cause you stood for. You will be missed.” The King stepped back.

The Queen stepped forward and put a very deep blue dandelion on the grave, “Avery Nightingale. You were a very caring creature. You managed to, not only, be able to clean up around the castle and tend to the children but you also managed to be able to teach other nightmares valuable life skills to be able to function in our society. You mean a lot to our family, your family, your friends. You will be greatly missed.” The Queen stepped back.

Onyx stepped forward and gently placed a blue rose on the grave, “My beloved Avery. You were such a wonderful son. You always put your best foot forward and worked harder than most creatures I know. Isaac would have loved to meet you… Well, I guess you’ll get to meet him now… He likes dogs and playing… But be careful he’s afraid of spiders and allergic to ginger…” Onyx began to cry, Lapis put her hand on her shoulder. Onyx looked back and saw all the members of the Blue Barracks crying. Onyx smiled, wiped her eyes and continued, “You leave behind our King, our Queen, our princess, our prince, your goddaughter, a girlfriend, and a family. You will be remembered.” Onyx stepped back.

Zahiera was wrapped in her blanket on the floor leaning against her bedroom door, staring at the only bookcase in her room. Her eyes not breaking gaze from it. She was waiting. Waiting for the bookcase to slide open and hear a familiar voice to tell her that it’s time for tea. She watched the bookcase closely. Her head lowered and what little hope in her eyes faded as she could hear the funeral bells from Memory Hill chiming. As the sound rang in her ears, Zahiera curled into a ball. As she hit the floor, she gave out a deafening cry.

Paris covered the ears of the sleeping Amira as he heard the bells. He watched over her with his tail as her pillow. Paris smiled as she smiled. The door cracked open, a tall male shrouded in a black cloak with only his left eye visible by its illuminated light green glow. Paris looked over at the male, “She. Is. Sleep. Can. Go.” the male nodded and closed the door.

Moonrise came and all was quiet. Jr walked into the throne room. With the four knights behind him, Jr called out to the King. “Father!”

Fear mist gathered around the King’s throne and formed into the King standing before it. “Son.”

“I need to find out who did this to us.”

“I know.”

“I’m not going to let you stop me.”

“I don’t plan to.”

“I’m leaving now.”

“Not without guards. We can’t afford to make any stupid mistakes. You’ll be going with a team. You’ll only travel at night so you can travel with the entire team. You are not to take direct action. Just gather information to report to me. So we can take appropriate action as a kingdom. Do. Not. Let your emotions swallow your judgment. We figure who did this together.”

“So you can punish him yourself, right?”

“No. So we can handle this without starting another war. Do not mistake my calmness for anything but calmness. If I hear anything about you going rogue, I’ll drag you back myself. Do you understand boy?”

“Like I was born with the knowledge.”

“If you need a safe house while in the Living World, remember that each barracks has a direct portal on that plane. You must take at least two nightmares with you at all times. You can choose the two but you must report in information every time you find something out.”

“You’re going to spy on me regardless so why bother giving me these outlines?”

“To make sure we are on the same page.” The King walked up to Jr and put his hand on his shoulder. “Son. Emotions can be used to motivate one to push through a situation but emotions can also blind one from the things around them. Don’t make the same mistake as your aunt.”

Jr looked down, “I understand. My apologies Father.”

“Remember, we Ravens strive to be better than those before us.”

“Right. I also want to take a few things with me.”

“To keep in touch with your sister?”


“Take whatever you need. Each of the knights and their second in command have maps of Nythus, the Living World, The Darkness, and the Spirit realm. Have at least one of them as one of your two guards.”

“Understood.” Jr walked out of the throne room past the knights.

The King opened his eyes after hearing the front door closing. Stepping down from his throne he began to turn into his true form. He began to make his way towards the bedroom. Stopping in front of the door, he kept his head down. He continued walking toward the black door with symbols on it at the end of the hallway. He walked through the door and down the steps hidden behind it. The sounds of muffled screams could be heard faintly. The King walked closer and closer to the screams. The screams stopped and turned into deep panting as he entered the room they were coming from. The King walked into the Queen washing blood off her hands. “She just keeps saying ‘Save me’.” The King looked over at the armored woman chained up by her joints and suspended over a pit with spikes along the side. Her fingers and toes, broken. Helmet smashed in. Bruises along the legs. Cuts along the arms. Bruises on top of burns on her torso. “I’m surprised you can be gentle given everything that has happened so far. But since physical torture isn’t getting us anywhere,” A light green flame erupted from his left socket with a black sparkle within it. The sleeves on his cloak retreated into his right eye socket. The armored woman began to whimper as she could hear a gurgled metallic clicking coming from his right eye socket. A crunching sound soon followed. Seconds later, something began to move within the right eye socket. Something was crawling around in there. And by the look of the four red eyes that glared from the socket, it was upset. A black armored millipede with yellow accented purple legs crawled out of the King’s right eye socket. It angrily marched out the socket, around his skull, into the cloak, and rapidly sped out along the arm. It charged out at the armored woman. The King grabbed it before it could get to her face. “Let’s take a more psychological torture approach.” The millipede opened its mouth to reveal that its head was simply two heads with no bottom jaws attached by the jaws. It hissed, spraying a liquid into the eyes of the armored woman. The armored woman screamed out in agony. The millipede wrapped around the King’s left hand and sat in his palm. “Don’t worry, the poison only numbs your physical emotions. Emotions that need a physical body to be felt such as pain from cuts, burns, and the like. But it enhances mental and spiritual emotions. Such as anxiety, paranoia, and fear.” The King began to get closer. The Queen glared as her eyes began to eclipse entirely black. The armored woman began to cry. The King and Queen both locked eyes with her, “You will know trauma.”

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