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Circus: Hells Kitchen Chapter 1

Hells Kitchen Chapter 1 Prayer

By Christopher ShaversPublished 3 months ago 7 min read


Amira wakes up in her bed rubbing her eyes. She yawned as she knocked on the coffin on the other side of the room. “Jr, it’s morning. Get up or mom’s gonna be mad.” The coffin slightly opened, “Fiiiiiiiine.” a skeleton sluggishly came out the coffin. Amira kissed the skull after it rolled away from the body. Jr began to take on his human form while stretching. Amira told him how excited she was to get to help him and Avery plan the acts for the upcoming Circus. Jr didn’t react much to her excitement outside of the occasional smile.

They eventually made it to breakfast. Where the King and Queen were getting pretty close by the counter. Jr and Amira stood in the doorway to the kitchen where they could see the Queen being sat on the counter by the King. She stared into his eyes, ‘This human form of yours is nice but I miss my husband’s actual face.” The King’s body burst into a light green flame. As it faded, only a skeleton wearing a robe of black feathers with his left eye glowing a light green that stared into her very soul with a cold and hungry glare. She chuckled, “There’s the man I love.” The King gave a low growl as he moved in closer for a kiss. Jr rolled his eyes. Amira giggled to herself holding Jr’s hand. The King slowly put his hand up the Queen’s skirt. Amira began to blush and hide her face. Jr cleared his throat. The King and Queen looked over and greeted them. They asked what took them so long to come to breakfast. The prince and princess only responded, ‘the bed was comfy.’ The four sat down and ate a very basic breakfast, talking about the dreams they had overnight, embarrassing the prince and princess with stories of their ideas of romance and fun, family trip ideas, and even talks of the prince and princess going into regular school with their cousins and clan members. Before long, the King noticed it was past 10 and reminded Jr that he had to hurry out if he didn’t want to get spotted easily. He asked him if he was going to take any of the nightmares with him. Jr said no. The Queen told him to take Avery with him in case they do get spotted and swarmed. Jr questioned why he should bring the butler. The Queen reminded him about the reports about how popular the Circus has become and how he might get surrounded and asked to take pictures and sign autographs. Jr grew pale at the idea that humans were approaching him to talk to him. He agreed to take Avery ‘for safety reasons’.

Once dressed and on their way out the door, Jr and Amira were greeted by the four knights standing by the door: Vain, the Red Knight; Thorn, the Silver Knight; Onyx, the Blue Knight; and K, the Black Knight. Vain kneeled as they approached. Onyx curtsied. Thorn put her fist to her chest. K bowed. They wished Jr and Amira safe travel. As the doors opened Avery was standing outside under an umbrella. Avery asks if they were ready but before they could answer, Amira is pulled back into the house. Looking back Avery and Jr saw Paris nuzzling Amira.

“My Princess. Nackta cahn.”

“It’s okay, Paris. I’ll be back home before dinner. I promise. You know Jr would never let anything happen to me.”

Paris whimpered for a while before letting her go. She kissed him on his forehead. Paris smiled as his tail wagged. Jr rolled his eyes, Avery shook his head. They walked into the Never Ending Forest. The knights and Paris watched with uneasy feelings. Vain put his hand on Paris’ shoulder, “They’ll come back. Only a few of us can be out in sunlight but only for a limited time before dying. This is our fate as nightmares. But they are special and powerful.” K continued Vain’s thought, “We watched them grow up into very skilled… people. You and I are the right hands of the prince and princess. If they are truly in danger we will be instantly summoned to their side. They have the butler with them, they’re in good hands. We must trust him. One failure doesn’t make a lifetime.”

Avery, Jr, and Amira walked into the forest. Amira commented on how she enjoys the birds in Nythyus very much. Avery joked about her getting one for her birthday. Jr reminded him that he should be focusing on getting them to Harbor City. They walked into the thick shadows of the forest and walked out into a clearing. In no time at all, they were walking up the big top. Avery announced their arrival only to stop a few steps away from the big top’s opening. He felt uneasy. Jr stared at Avery. That’s when it hit him. It was pretty quiet. A very unsettling sense of silence. Amira looked at the two of them and questioned why they hadn’t gone inside yet. Avery explained that Zahiera should have been there by now. Amira looked around and noticed that no one was around and not a thing seemed different from last year. Jr took a step forward before he could hear something flying through the air. He turned as his left eye began to glow.

Zahiera clumsily ran up behind them. She slid up before falling on her face. She got up apologizing for leaving. She explained that while waiting she got bored and started to clean but broke the broom, so she rushed into town to get a new one but was recognized and was asked to take photos and sign stuff. Jr annoyed only responded with, “Better you than me.” Amira and Zahiera talked about how cute each other looked as Jr walked into the big top. Avery smiled at the sight of Zahiera. He became a bit more relaxed.

The four sat in the big top going over what acts to do this year and what they would need. Zahiera’s ideas of adding color were ignored by Jr. Amira noticed that Avery seemed to be only half-focused. She asked him if he was okay. He smiled and told her that his age is just showing. Avery’s eyes flashed. He stood up abruptly. Jr slowly stood up. Zahiera and Amira looked at them confused. Jr put Amira behind him and told her not to move. His left eye turned light green. Avery smiled, “It is quite rude to visit people uninvited. If you don’t want to see my nasty side, show yourself.”

A woman in armor walks into the big top. Avery took one step forward and froze as he felt nothing go past him. “No…” he turned around to see a figure in rags with chairs, shackles, and bandages all over his body on the tightrope. The figure stared down. Jr, Zahiera, and Amira looked up only after noticing Avery looking up. All three questioned when and how he got up there. Avery stared at the figure, nervous. Zahiera looked at Avery, “Avery?... Who..” the figure opened its eyes wide. Its brown eyes were swallowed by the black within them. The black fogged up the brown until there was nothing left before spreading out into the entire eyeball. As it filled up a white diamond shape formed at the very center. The diamonds flashed yellow, blue, red, then grey. Avery’s eyes grew wide. Jr glared at the figure as he sensed the air getting dense and filling with something. By the time Jr recognized what it was, Avery’s shadow had stretched over him and Amira.

K opened his eyes in a panic. He got up from his coffin bed and rushed to the window. He saw that it was sunset. He clutched his chest and paced back and forth. He summoned his sword and stabbed it into the floor, “My unforgiving King, pass to me the Cloak of Moon, so I may be by my master’s side.” the sword shined, as a slight gleam cloaked K for a moment. K jumped out the window bursting into a large wave of bats.

Paris stood at the front door clawing at the floor. He stared at the sunlight as it got lower and lower, getting more and more impatient. Vain and Thorn ran past Paris. Paris grabbed Vain’s arm with an angry yet worried look as he stood on his hind legs. Vain looked at him and simply said, “We’ll bring her back. I promise.” Paris let him go with his head down. Vain followed after Thorn. Both had run up to the gazebo near the Never Ending Forest. Onyx was watering the flowers, as they approached Onyx asked them why they were in such a hurry. Thorn summoned on her armor as she answered, “The Circus has been attacked.”

The wave of bats reformed into K sliding towards the scene. A scene he hasn’t allowed himself to forget even to this very day. K dropped to his knees, crying for the first time in his existence. Crying at the site of the big top on fire. Burning a dark blue and yellow flame. Burning under a dark sky that only smiled in K’s pale face.

AdventureHorrorMysterySeriesShort StoryYoung Adult

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Christopher Shavers

Start writing...I am the Author of Circus by Christopher Shavers and the Author in Faceless Entertainment. I love to write and perform. Be it me bringing nightmares to life in stories or my journey through poetry. Enjoy the Show.

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