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Christmas Night, Diamond delight

by SJ Covey 10 months ago in Fantasy / Short Story
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Reach for the stars

Christmas Night, Diamond delight
Photo by MohammadHosein Mohebbi on Unsplash

Every Christmas Eve, enthusiastic to pull out her exquisite handmade organza nets. Rosa, as the last sky-diamond harvester, needed to capture the diamonds used to power Santa's sleigh. These sky-diamonds are found only in the inky sky of her world.

On occasion Rosa would lie on the ground in the dead of night, the individual blades of soft grass with their texture of fine rice noodles tickling her neck and arms. To stare up into the darkness and imagine being able to fly to the diamonds is one of her favourite ways to while away the hours.

By Diego PH on Unsplash

This year found her way behind on her quota, her infinite ladders were not quite long enough. Or perhaps the gems were further away, potentially due to the lack of Christmas spirit these days. There was nothing she could do about the Christmas spirit, she could however get the best haul ever and by doing so play her part in re-capturing the magic of Christmas.

The elven gardener was captivated as Rosa climbed ever higher. Standing on her tiptoes, she continued to be a hair's breadth away from the rocks.

By Phil Hearing on Unsplash

"Everything alright Rosa?" He called to her a smile stretching from one pointy ear to the other.

Embarrassed, she blushed because he had witnessed her failed attempts.

"Hi Leon," she waved.

"My elven magic infused into the seeds made my plants grow tall and strong. If you set your ladders at the top of my Night Blooming Jasmine you would gain extra height and reach. Let me hold the ladders for you." Suggested Leon.

By Aditya Shetty on Unsplash

"Oh thank-you, but how can I get up the vine with my equipment?" The harvester wondered.

"Easy, I would pass them to you," taking her hand and skipping towards the base of the vines

Running over Rosa raced up the vines. Leon passed her the ladders. "It's Christmas Eve, if I don't capture one more the sleigh won't be able to fly." Shouted Rosa to the elf.

By Kenrick Mills on Unsplash

Leon, followed her up, grasped the ladders to allow her to dash up them. On her tiptoes she reached and stretched, her net approached the largest diamond ever seen. There was a sickening crunching noise as Leon's Jasmine broke under their weight.

More concerned about saving Christmas than herself, Rosa tumbled to the ground. Luckily Leon had thought fast and was there to catch her, she was shaking with fear at her near miss.

"Sorry about your vines, Although an excellent idea perhaps we might improve on the plan? As I fell, my vision filled with a sturdy oak tree." She said brushing bits of the broken vine out of her red curls.

By Jennifer Burk on Unsplash

"Don't worry, would you accept my help to save Christmas?" Asked Leon, picking a piece she missed from a stray curl and tossing it away.

Her plan was to recreate the last attempt using the tree. They used Leon's vines to tie the ladders to the tree and skipped up the ladder together. At the top Rosa climbed onto Leon's shoulders and effortlessly scooped the gargantuan diamond into her beautiful net.

The size of the stone was too much for the delicate net, it started to rip. The pair looked at each other with horror filling their features. Scooping it into their arms, taking the weight they ran as fast as they could down the ladders.

"We did it." They cheered as they danced off to deliver the jewels to Father Christmas where he lived hidden from the eyes of the everyday world.

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