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by Gabriella Parker 2 months ago in Fantasy · updated 2 months ago
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How many lives will we live?

Nobody can hear a scream in the vacuum of space, or so they say. That was my last thought as I plummeted through the dark depths of the universe to a fate unknown to me. I could feel myself burning up, the light years ripping through me with a speed and force that would destroy my physical form in seconds. My time had come; the end was near.

Over a billion years as a brilliant star in the universe, to this tiny lump of particles that had fallen off, like shedding skin, from the massive beautiful living orb I had once been. I had seen so much happen in the universe. Chaos gave way to organized matter, and worlds had formed with living creatures upon them, and they functioned in their small spheres of existence. Some of these creatures, mostly humans, took notice of the stars, and I could see them studying us, praying to us, and creating stories about us that were far more exciting than the lives we lead. I longed to be with them, be one of them, live among them, they seemed so sure of themselves, and they did so much in their short lifespan.

However, I was left in the sky far above them, resigned to only watching the goings on around me rather than living it. It is a rare phenomenon for stars to die. We live for millions to billions of years in our universe to the point where our lives feel endless. But sooner or later, we are snuffed out. I have seen other stars like me die before, but somehow they always seemed ready to go. They would complain to me about an endless existence that stretched on and on in a dark void; they talked about how cold it had become and that they had no more light and heat to give. Those stars had been ready to fall apart, to collapse in on themselves, like an exhale, letting the darkness take over what had once been their dominion.

I was different. I was afraid of the endless night. How could I possibly succumb to an unfathomable future where my consciousness would live on without any physical form, left to wander a pitch-black realm with no hope of light or life? I couldn’t bear it; I had fought death and decay with everything I had, but it won out in the end. I was helpless as parts of me escaped, the gas being let out, slowly at first, and then more rapidly- I lost everything. I could feel other stars watching me. Some gazed at me with pity, others in awe, and some with hidden joy at the new space I had created for them.

Now I finally understood why the other stars that had died complained of the cold. It wasn’t from the coldness of their heat giving out but from the indifference of others. To be left alone, friendless, and frightened without comfort or reassurance felt worse than death itself, and I wished for a simple sign of compassion to carry me through this journey.

Now I am here, hurtling through space, hoping that someone could hear me. In one last desperate plea, I turn to the creator. No one knows for sure who, what, or where the creator is but all stars, planets, and galaxies understand that we were placed in the universe by someone and that someone breathed life into us. Who was I to defy the creator? To go against the laws of nature and refuse to release myself to the unknown, I have no power, no unique ability that made me worth saving. Why should I resist? Yet I could not give up my will to live! Somehow I must try to find a way to keep going. I whisper into the dark,

“Creator, save me!” as the last particle of me burns away, and it all goes dark.


About the author

Gabriella Parker

I write to free myself from reality. I dive into a world of imagination, passion, and creativity with words that set my soul on fire and free my mind of pain and sorrow. Creating beauty is both my therapy and escape.

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