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Castle Clovers

4 leaves for luck

By Shelby Hagood Published 4 months ago 3 min read

I rang up the latest crystal purchase, a vase with shamrocks, the customer took the bag after I wrapped it up to make sure it didn’t break and told me, “Thanks Rowan!”

I smiled at them and waved them goodbye so I could close the store. It was the last sale of the night for the Irish Crystal Store in the city of Belfast. It was home of one of the many lovely castles that tourists like to visit in Ireland. There is a old tale here that if you find a trail of four leaf clovers at one of the castles, then something lucky will happen to you, so all of the tourists come hoping to come across the green trail believing it leads to golden leprecaun beer.

I decide to picnic by the castle with a peanut butter sandwich and salad in hand. I find a spot to lay out my blanket, admiring the land. I look over at all of the flowers and shamrocks. A four leaf clover catches my eye and I pluck it while chuckling. I then suddenly see a whole trail of them. I stand up and walk the line of green all the way to an Irish pub I don't recognize. I wonder if it is new and take a step inside. The man at the bar looks like a jacked leprechaun.

A girl at the bar who was beautiful with red hair is next to him at the bar and slaps a beer on the table for me.

“It is your lucky day, sir,” a more normal looking leprechaun came in from the back and pointed to the girl. "This is me daughter that you shall be courting," he spoke like I was to already know that was the purpose as I took a sip of the beer. It was the best beer I had ever had, like liquid gold, and I suddenly knew I was drinking magical beer. "So you really are a leprechaun?" I asked him.

"I am there, laddy. My daughter Molly needs a man. I saw you working at that crystal store looking all lonely and such."

"My name is Rowan," I thought it polite to introduce myself even though I had the feeling he already knew my name if he had been following me, "Well if you are a leprechaun where is that pot of beer at the end of the rainbow? Is that my dowry?"

"You will get a gold pot when you marry in, but just remember who your real friends are before people you know get their hands on it," he replied and Molly took my hand as we walked outside by the end of the rainbow.

"Leprechauns are the only ones who can be at the end of the rainbow, no one else has access," she pointed to the pot.

"That makes sense, the rest of us keep trying to find it," I walk over and look into the pot and there was all of the golden beer! I laughed to myself thinking about how the gold pub beer 🍻 could make a pretty penny.

I went back and told Molly’s father, but he didn’t like the idea of profiting off of what is only available for Leprechauns. “Yet I can offer some to my friends?” I asked.

“Only leprechaun friends,” he shook his head at the idea of those not in the group having a taste.

“The supply doesn’t run out though so who cares?” I half asked. “If people ask about how it is made, we can say a secret ingredient.”

“Exposing the leprechaun community is not a good idea. Some snoop is going to follow ye to find out and we don’t want that,” he warned.

“You are all magical though, so you should be able to do something to stop the snoops. Let’s make some gold coins to sell with the power to stop people from wondering about the beer.”

“That is a lovely idea,” Molly supported me.

“Fine, you get it to work and the Golden Pub will be open for business to everyone,” he agreed and I went to research Leprechaun magic so I could craft a coin to be sold as home décor that has a magical power to stop people from trying to find the beer. After the coin production, now people believe that leprechauns have gold coin pots instead of beer pots. I had them looking for the wrong kind of gold. With that, the pub was able to open up and gold beer was served at our wedding. Molly and I ended up having a son together when the time came. We will now be looking out at the castle to see if there is someone for our son we could make see the clovers and come into the golden beer fortune.


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