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Helen's First Friend

By Lucinda CookPublished about a year ago 1 min read
Happy To Have You (Image by Lenka Forteina from Pixabay)

"What on earth is she doing with that rope?" I say to myself, glued to the window, watching my over-excited six year-old playing with her first real playmate.

Helen went to school by radio, along with her thirteen dolls.

Today, a farmer had come to see Jack, and brought his wee son.

"You stand up against this tree!" says Helen. "Now, hold this end of the rope!"

Adam complies.

Round and round the tree goes Helen with the rope.

"What are you doing?" asks Adam, finally.

"I don't want you to go, EVER!: I'm going to captivate you!" Helen declares.


About the Creator

Lucinda Cook

Schooled on four continents, an omniartist and scientist, I present here a serialised open-access guide and Key to gaining a tangible understanding of the bizarre multidimensional realms of quantum physics through my method of crochet.

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