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Can I Tell You Something?

Time is a valuable commodity, don't waste it

By Lisa VanGalenPublished about a month ago 2 min read
Maggie, age 13




"mom, i'm tired"

"i know you don't understand. i wish you did."

"i have been here a long time. seems like it anyway."

"your tears make me sad. don't be sad."

"you saved me. you know that, right?"

"you gave me a good life. a great life. the best a dog could hope for."

"but i'm tired."

"are you thinking about when you brought me home? how happy and excited i was? i remember that day."

"i remember how hard the floor was. how noisy and scary. my family had just left me behind. and i didn't know why. i still don't."

"but you picked me."

"out of all of the other dogs. the happy ones. the ones who could wag their tails. the ones who jumped up and licked at your face."

"but i was too heartsick. i had been thrown away. something must be wrong with me. my people didn't want me anymore."

"so i sat in the corner of my cage, my back to the door. if they didn't want me, no one else would either. i was so sad."

"so, i know what sad feels like."

"i know what alone feels like."

"but for you, i was the one. and from that day, i have never felt alone again."

"because you picked me, i got to feel love again. just a little bit at first."

"i wish you could hear my words."

"look in my eyes, mom."

"i know you can see through the tears. i know you can feel my love for you."

"we have been strong for each other. been through it all. always with full hearts and soft touches."

"i remember those the most. your hand on my back as we sat together and watched the sky change colours."

"of walking leaf-strewn paths. of crunching snow."

"the walks take much longer these days. and not so far."

"we both knew this day would come. and, if i could stay, you know that i would."

"but life isn't like that. there comes an ending."

"and i am so very tired."

"you taught me everything. how to play. to be a good friend. and to love."

"i thought i knew it before. but it's different this time."

"take another picture, mom. to remember me when i am gone from your side."

"i used to hate that talk-box. now i see that it holds your life. and mine. and it can make you smile. maybe not today. but later."

"you will smile again. i promise."

"and when you are ready, i want you to pick another lost soul. you know how to love. and they will need you."

"like i needed you."

"and now, i need you to be strong."

"stronger than me."

"for i am weak."

"and so, so tired."

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About the Creator

Lisa VanGalen

I am a panster by nature, discovering my characters as they reveal themselves. To date, my novel writing has involved the paranormal or magick within a more familiar setting, blending it with mysteries, police procedurals, or thrillers.

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Comments (5)

  • Shirley Belk17 days ago

    Lisa, I've seen those eyes before, too. Beautiful tribute.

  • Belle17 days ago

    I was so sure I had already commented on this! I meant to when I first read it! This is such a beautiful piece, and a great testimony to how much of an impact animals have on us... Lovely.

  • Belle17 days ago

    🎉🥳🎉 THE RESULTS ARE IN! 🎉🥳🎉 The results for "Inside the Animal's Mind [an unofficial challenge] have been posted! You can view them here!

  • Novel Allen24 days ago

    I am more a cat person, but i appreciate dogs from afar. Faithful friends, yet like all walks of life, cruelty exists. Happy he found a home.

  • Lamar Wiggins27 days ago

    So sad. But I appreciate the excitement they exhibit remembering all the great times and the lessons in love. We had a rescue who was 8 when we got him in 2014. He sadly passed in 2022. We gave him some of the best years of his life. Miss him still. Great story, Lisa!

Lisa VanGalenWritten by Lisa VanGalen

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