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A fallen angel story

By Vadim KaganPublished 12 days ago 3 min read

Every fallen angel needs a guardian human, and Calamel was very fond of his. The human brought dirty, cold and desperate Calamel home, took care of him as the angel got used to his new body and learned to walk again – balance was horribly off without the wings, and listened to Calamel’s stories. Of course, the human did not understand a word of what the angel was saying, but he listened patiently and made comforting noises in all the right places.

To tell the truth, there wasn’t much to listen to. The shock of the fall took most of memories away, and that may have been for the best. The fragments Calamel remembered – the cold golden glow, the triumphant song of heavenly trumpets, the long tumbling fall from heaven towards the dark Earth, the scalding air ripping the feathers off one by one, and the tearing crunch of delicate wing bones as he crushed through branches of a huge tree – were more than enough to make Calamel whimper in fear. He should not be here, not after a fall like that, but he was still Calamel of the Seven Spheres then, and he managed to cry the Word, saving himself at the last moment. And then along came the human.

Calamel sometimes saw others, quiet ghosts stalking the bushes or staying close to basement windows of huge human-built structures, ready to dive into the darkness. They were clearly afraid of the sky, and never responded when he called out to them.

Years have passed. Calamel grew used to his body. It took him a long time to notice that the body was growing old. He tried to teach his human to make the serum, even brought whatever ingredients he could scrounge in this world, but the human threw everything away and offered food. Calamel ate – what else was there to do – and aged.

So the time came, and Calamel felt himself being jerked up, through the cool morning air, through the thin white clouds. He ended up standing in front of a pearly gate, in his old powerful body and – yes, yes, yes, yes! – with mighty wings folded along his back. And then the memories came. He remembered the last desperate attack, two dozen of them completely outnumbered by the opponents. He remembered Big El, strong, brave and loyal, stepping in front of him with his huge shield: “You have to survive this, Calamel. You got to survive.”

Without thinking, Calamel spread his wings and flew up, his teeth bared, his fingers clawed. He broke through the gate as if it was made of paper; there may have been shadows – or maybe not shadows – trying to stop him, but he said the Word and they were swept aside. But then the cold golden glow surrounded him and froze him in mid-air. The voice that was not a voice, coming from all direction at once said slowly: “So it seems you have not atoned yet, Calamel. But remember, we got the whole eternity.”

The trumpets sounded angry this time and the fall was even longer. Then came a crash and darkness. Calamel tried to move his wings, but they were not there. He tried to open his eyes, but could not. Suddenly, he felt being lifted up, slowly and gently this time. He tried again, with all the strength he had left, and felt something give and his eyes opened and he saw his human. Calamel realized that the human was holding him in the palm of his hand.

“Welcome back, Calamboy” – the human said. – “Welcome back.”

The tiny kitten purred happily. Every fallen angel needs a guardian human.

Short StoryFantasy

About the Creator

Vadim Kagan

I believe that each day is a blessing, every story is amazing and all poems should rhyme!

Instagram: @whines_and_rhymes


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  • Sonia Heidi Unruh10 days ago

    So creative!

  • JAYESH KUKREJA11 days ago

    try hard

  • So sweet. Congrats on the top story

  • Colt Henderson12 days ago

    Feel good story.

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