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Broken Road

Road in a Small Village

By Rashid AyoubPublished 9 months ago 5 min read

Broken Road

It was a small road in a small village, surrounded by trees and behind the trees was a school building. They used to give the same bitter medicine, they didn't have any sweet medicine, you had to eat sugar immediately after the medicine, but now that doctor doesn't know where it is, it's a very old thing.

There was nothing special about this road but I don't know why I don't forget that road, there was an electric pole installed at one end of it, when it was night, the bulb would light up and all the children would play under it, when it rained a lot, the road But water would be water and they would take their boats and go down into the river on the road, I don't know how I remember that road, that pole, there was a child who was probably still sitting leaning against the tree, the one who had been sitting under the tree all afternoon. He loved the village, the road and the birds there. He loved the village where there was peace and tranquility.

Maybe he is still looking for the school fee which he lost somewhere on the way, he was out all afternoon and he was tired of searching and searching but he didn't find rupees, without money he couldn't go to school or home, you know. No, how many times did he come and go on the road, he used to look at the sun again and again to see if it sunk, then how will he find the rupees in the dark, but what about the sun, so he sunk. He sat down.

Maybe he is still sitting there.

It was a very ordinary road.

The same boy who couldn't come with me to the city used to lie to his classmates that all the birds nesting in the trees along the road were his friends and when the other boys weren't there, the birds came down from the trees. And they play milker, everyone said it's a lie, how is it possible, everyone said if it's so, we'll sit and hide and see how the birds come down, all the boys hid in the bushes and that boy under the tree. He sat down, the birds did not come, what did the birds know who he was, but he sat down, maybe he is still sitting leaning against the same tree, watching the birds when they will come down and play with him. Those birds were his friends but they did not come and all the boys started laughing at him.

That boy was very liar he also said that I am brave and I can fight with many people alone, after the holiday while walking on the same road four boys scolded him and also broke the buttons of his shirt, slapped him. was falling and he was looking for his buttons on the ground.

"Wait, let me pick up the button, wait, wait a minute. This." This is my pocket. Look, look. Leave the pocket.

The pocket was also torn, the buttons were also broken.

"Now tell me, you used to have great karate skills, you could fight many people, now tell me." And the boys left. is flowing

He sat there on the side of the road and started crying, maybe he is still sitting there crying.

How could I bring him along, he himself was very stubborn even though the conditions in the village were no longer what they were before.

It happened that a cruel madman took over the village along with his supporters, the dark night of cruelty had set in, the sun would rise but there was no day, in the dark black night in which anyone who wanted to do anything would be punished, the poor The frightened people were now slowly leaving the village, the walls were now licked by termites, the village and the streets that used to smile with the noise of Josaradan's children, were now sobbing in desolation, even the pole whose Children used to play downstairs every evening, it was sad.

The road was more broken and bushes had started growing around it, now only Dev's supporters and a few other people were left in the village and the persecution continued. They couldn't do anything against it, the poor people could only do it by forgetting, that one evening when the giant's workers came and asked us to vacate the house, yes, that house which was laid with love, one brick at a time, the walls that She knew the residents, the residents knew the walls, the house was to be evacuated, the things were packed, but the boy was sitting on the side of the same broken road where there were only bushes now. The school was closed and he was Dr. Even the bitter medicines that Sahib used to give did not come anymore, but still the boy was sitting there. I explained to him very much that look, these people are very cruel, now it is not possible for us to live here, we poor helpless people can only fight against these cruel people, get up my dear, now there are only desolations here, there is no school or hospital and All your friends have left this village now, so we have to go too, but he did not believe, he thought that the birds are his friends, so he will stay there and he stayed on the same broken road. And I came to the city.

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Rashid Ayoub

I am an aspiring writer from Karachi, Pakistan. My field of experience and degrees are in Social Work and Information technology. I am working on a series of children's stories and I love to read mystery, romance, poets, and fiction.

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