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by Kerissa Kuis 11 months ago in Love · updated 11 months ago
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Sometimes the heart takes the long way home.

Once upon a time, in a magical land called Atlantis, two enlightened souls lived in harmony in an enchanted world. Atlantis was an advanced civilization where all humans were divine souls. It was like heaven on earth. True love was possible, and creativity was considered genius. Wealth was abundant and available to everyone. Each person was with their one true love, a mystical soul designed to be the perfect match for just them. There was no anger, jealousy, violence until one day, things began to change.

Together the couples were powerful forces. However, if they worked against each other, Atlantis was designed to destroy itself from the inside out. Some of the souls began to try to dominate and began to ignore their divine guidance and live on their own accord. Atlantis then became filled with hate, greed, and lust. Instead of living in a collaborative world, it became a battle for which man or woman, or couple was the most powerful. The more they fought against each other, the more the land would fight against them. The energy of Atlantis would mirror and match the energy of the souls designed to live there. The more they focused on themselves, the more Atlantis became a place no one would ever want to be a part of.

They allowed their egos to rule and ignored divine guidance. The further they separated from each other, the worse it became. God finally stepped in and destroyed the city sending the couples into separation and into lifetimes of pain and suffering so that they could rid their pure souls of the hate and greed they developed there and saved further destruction of the world.

This began the karmic cycle of cause and effect. Each lifetime the souls were presented with the opportunity to get it right, and in the life that they got it right, they could come back together in a union with their soul match and work together to create heaven on earth. The deep love they felt in each lifetime for each other is what drove them to rid their souls of all the things that kept them in darkness.

The couples had to remain separated if they did not live for the love of all humanity. God knew that if either soul was on the wrong path, their combined power would be destructive, so he prevented them from uniting, but none of them ever stopped feeling a deep yearning for each other. They could only come together for a divine purpose, so they would anchor their light in healing and help elevate the planet.

As the city was being destroyed, one soul could feel a deep calling that she was meant to find her way to the light and then lead the rest. God wanted her to go first to learn some of the most profound lessons in unconditional love. He knew she had the kind of love that never leaves, and she could see straight into the heart of people and would not waiver from her divine assignment. As she could feel her soul entering different dimensions and places, she could feel such deep sadness and grief as if she lost a part of herself.

In her darkest moment, an angel appeared in a vision to her. The angel was holding a gold heart-shaped locket and in the middle of the heart was a lionheart. That lion heart represented the journey that she was about to take from lifetime to lifetime. The angel said when you see this heart remember to be brave. Brave for yourself, for the ones you love but most importantly for this beautiful universe created for all mankind to live for eternity.

After the angel left, she sat and contemplated what it meant to be truly brave. Then, finally, she felt the answers coming. Being brave meant being her most authentic, vulnerable, fearless self fully surrendered to the divine purpose she was created for and with her heart wide open no matter how many times it was broken. She knew it meant that no matter what the world threw at her, she was to look at it with unconditional love. In every lifetime, she was confronted with evil, greed, and everything in between. She had to face these characteristics both within herself and in the world.

Until her last and final lifetime, where the angels knew she would get it right. She realized that earth is a school and the ultimate lesson is unity. She woke up to the truth that our highest calling is on this earth when it comes to each other is:

To love someone, as God loves someone, you don't see evil; you see pain.

You don't see hate; you see guilt and shame.

To love as God does is to meet them exactly as they are, without allowing their pain or suffering to become your permanent scar.

To love yourself as God loves you is to know when to walk away,

and to trust that his love will heal both of you but only in his time and way.

The more she fearlessly opened her heart, the more she could feel an abundance of love and miracles coming her way. And then, one morning, she woke up and heard the words coming from the same voice she heard in Atlantis as it was being destroyed.

"Paradise is coming; you already paid the price."



About the author

Kerissa Kuis

I teach about love, I teach about leadership.

Mostly a mystic.

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