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Bourgnew's Legendary Beginnings

by Matthew Primous 2 months ago in Historical
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A Nation Forged in Humanity, Unity, Freedom, Liberty, Grace, perpertually

The Bourgnewian Constitution nicknamed "The People's Document."

At the beginning of the Kingdom of Bourgnew, the king was stressed about preserving the precious union of the nation. He admired the Greeks who after years of toil forged a new government where even the poorest could have a say, a democracy. King Gaius thought this to be the noblest task to make his nation. Since they were in the midst of a war, many times due to distress over governmental structures failing the people and rebels wanting to overtake the kingdom. He earnestly asked his advisors to come up with a democratic government. And they overseer and architect the government both day and night looking at past governments. And after many days and nights, nearly several months of the kingdom being on the edge. The overseers of the Bourgnewian Constitution found a government but it takes away the divine right of the Bourgnewian Monarch, king or queen, and may risk them losing all authority and abdicating if perjury or abuse of power because his advisors suggested the Democratic Republic.

King Gaius asked for a thorough review because he was deeply disturbed. His ancestors did not work this hard for their kingdom to fall apart. They did not work this hard to lose the right to rule. They did not win that many battles to give up the authority to someone else. So the king summoned his closest advisors and asked if there is a way to keep power and unite the country. His closest advisors pondered the matter at the king's private banquets, where the king and his wife, the Queen heard their discussions. One advisor said, "My lord the king should be considered the matter because he sets an example to the monarchs afterward. If they fail our people then we should have a right to answer. And if they fail to answer then we should seek another." While another advisor said, "The king sits for his ancestors, he sits for his children, he sits for us and he should not be worried about a people he helped form by the mastery of his war skills. They should humbly serve him without question. It is his nation and it is his choice."

Still another advisor said, "Would you serve a humble king or serve a king that treats you as a slave? If the King gives freedom, an ounce of liberty would not the people stretch their faith in him? Would not the people give you your heart's desire to sit on the throne and protect your children's children?" Yet another advisor said, " The king should neither bribe the people nor obstruct the people. The king should neither do it for himself nor anyone else. The king should simply order his will and expect an answer. None of us know anything about being a king, only advising war tactics. Let us simply tell him how and make peace and haste."

After the closest advisors gave their answers, the king privately talk with his wife, Queen Elana, " Elana what do you think my dear. What do you think is what's best for our kingdom. What do you propose for us our children our nation." She said " I don't think I should say. I don't know if it's right to say my lord but you heard your advisors, Gaius. You heard what they said." He said, " They all talk about power and pleasing the king. They only know war tactics." "But Ah my husband, ah my husband, it is war tactics. These rebels want to rob our children, They want to rule in your stead. They want to take the nation you forged. And we will be meaningless, our marriage will be destroyed. You have to do something, take the best of their advice, and do what's necessary for the sake of Bourgnew," she declared and left in distress. The next day the King of Bourgnew, King Gaius stated, "I am not very fond of the Republic but it will ensure our nation for ages to come, a lasting peace, an enduring peace. I believe in the right of men, the right of women, I believe in the right of all. There comes a time when your country can ask and expect deliverance. There comes a time when your country can declare and expect obedience. If that country gives freedom and liberty equally to all. If that country gives grace and humanity to all. If that country gives unity and promises to be perpetually united. Then serving and following should not be too much to ask too much to give, or too much to expect. And so I make this Royal Order, the beginning of the Democratic Republic, Democratic to bring the promise of liberty and freedom and humanity. And a Republic to say no one is above the law not even officials, not even the monarch. Now we can set aside our squabbles, we can set aside our divisions, and we can set aside our toils because We have to forge a government fulfilling the hopes of our people. Long live Bourgnewians, a Thousand years and beyond."


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