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What happens when your characters go rogue?

By Jeffrey KippelPublished 2 years ago 5 min read

“Has a character ever surprised you? Maybe you thought they were one way but they turned out to be something completely different?”

This was the question asked on a recent interview… here is my answer and it is a great set-up to doing a reading 🤪

“So yes. And actually that's the setup for me to read from from the book. The main characters have switched bodies. One is from here on Earth and one is in space, you know, on the planet for settlement, and they switched bodies. And there came a point in the book that everybody wasn't so happy with what occurred, and it got really out of hand and I had to intervene as as the author Yeah, I have to do it.”

Reading by Jeffrey Kippel:

Chapter 8 from the book The Ridiculous Adventures of Serbinand

“ Hi. I bet you're wondering who I am. What I'm doing here interrupting the story now, but I think it's appropriate for me to make an appearance right now. Oh, you don’t think so. Well, this is really embarrassing. I didn't expect that I was expecting cheers, applause praise. But if you're not feeling it, you're not feeling it. So in that case, I guess you could skip the next few pages or maybe more. Not really sure at this point. I guess you could pretend this never happened, which would be a really great psychological task indeed. However, I really think it's in everyone's best interest to stick around for a few more pages, just so I can explain myself. What you're about to read. If you read it is pretty well, important. Good. Choice. Welcome to something important. So let's get right down to business.

First of all, thank you for believing me. Next, I'll answer what you're probably wondering. I mean, what I that you would wonder at the beginning of the chapter to kind of cook too long. But anyway, I, me myself, I am the creator, the author if you so don't feel heart. This tell hasn't been taken over by aliens or terrorists, or even an obscure virus forcing everyone into lockdown, though then you don't have to eat any bizarre food solve a really hard riddle, or have lunch with someone you'd rather not.

Now, what am I doing here? Well, it's simple. I was sitting back, having a sandwich, watching my characters struggle to understand what just happened to them, you know, the transfer of Serbinand into Jime and vice versa. Why did I do it? I sometimes wonder, and that is a story that is completely different, and will likely be revealed in the sequel to the book, or the sequel to that or, oh, sorry, I digress. Where it was. Alright, let me get back to this story and have very simply, survey the gene aren't having much luck. I've had the opportunity to watch them for some time. And sometimes I just shake my head. Godfried, who we all know is Jime, is desperately trying to get even with him once and for all. For all of his practical jokes. No matter What amount of pain? Meanwhile, the real Serbinand, the one in Jime’s body seems quite content despite feeling the effects of gravity, with no real warning sign. Orville, on the other hand, plainly believes his best friend has gone utterly insane. Who can blame him? It's not every day the transference of souls happens. Gene seems to be the most distress while relief is no longer home. It may not be worth all the bouts of pain and extreme suffering.

Now, I know this does not really explain why I halted everything to make an appearance right now. Perhaps you already wished I would just carry on narrating the story. To find out what's happening naturally, without leaving it for me to interrupt. Well, no, no, you've already come this far. Plus, I am the author. So I guess I can do as I please. Oh, oops, sorry. That was a little bit of Godfried’s new personality coming up. I'm sorry for that. Okay, let's just be real. Since you've already started this reading this adventure. I'm sure you don't want to close the book and pretend that everything you read didn't exist. So just hold on. Grab a protein bar, a sandwich or something you like and listen to what I have to say. And for those who are no longer interested, you of course can skip this entire chapter and resume the journey where it left off. But I'm sure you'll miss something really important. Perhaps.

Anyways, back to why I so rudely interrupted the fable. Not to say that this isn't real. It's just that fable sounds more intriguing than story.

Although I thought it would be neat to make Serbinand and Jime switch bodies, which I guess is why I unconsciously created them. I hadn't contemplated what would happen once this took place over how they would adjust their new circumstances. To put it plainly and left in a rather tight and strange, precarious situation. Actually, my characters are.

So what I decided to do was invite them all back to my house. So I can sit down with them for a while to figure this all out. Of course, I do realize there might be a great deal of hostility, confusion, and yes, it could even frustration or what has to be done has to be done right. Oh, I almost forgot. You're all invited to come along too”

So yes, it did get crazy and quite the scene was made… in fact the next chapter is actually called characters without an author. So you can use your own imagination lol 😆

I hope you enjoyed that short read. Want to learn more? Need a laugh? An escape from it all? Take a break and check out this lighthearted, wacky-laugh-out-loud comedy adventure for all ages!

From deltic spagnoids to the Algernon Sector Serbinand and his slightly annoying, yet really super smart ship Godfried careened across the somewhat vast universe intersecting with Jime and Orville in some bizarre galactic space disruption that turned everyone’s world completely upside down, or right side up... ahh... or was it inside out...umm, outside in maybe... or... umm... well... everything changed.

The Ridiculous Adventures of Serbinand is It’s on Amazon, Kindle & Audible. 😜


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