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Boiling water for benefactors

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By 肖湾Published about a year ago 4 min read
Boiling water for benefactors
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During the Northern Wei Dynasty, there was a foolish man named Wei Ting in Hebei, who had a high fever when he was three years old, and because he was not cured for a long time, his brain was burned, so he was a bit dumb.

Although Wei Ting was good-looking and his family had no worries about food and drink, no one was willing to marry their daughter to a fool.

On this day, Wei Ting followed his mother Wang to the temple in the mountains to burn incense. After arriving at the mountain, Wei Ting chased a butterfly playfully to the back of the mountain, but he unexpectedly encountered strange things.

Wei Ting chased the butterfly to the back of the mountain, the butterfly soon disappeared, and the servants of the Wei family coaxed Wei Ting to leave when they heard the miserable cry of a fox.

The two servants followed the place where the sound was made and unexpectedly came across a white fox.

The white fox accidentally fell into the hunter's trap, and is now struggling.

Wei Ting see that the white fox body are blood, immediately felt very heartbroken, immediately reached out to save the white fox out.

After the white fox was saved, but even learned the human appearance to Wei Ting made a bow.

When Wei Ting saw this, he smiled and waved his hand at the fox.

The next day, Wei Ting was fighting crickets with his servants when a woman suddenly came to the Wei family and asked to marry Wei Ting by name.

When the couple saw that the woman was elegant and graceful, her character and appearance were not bad, they asked about the woman's origins.

The woman said she was called Wan Ying, her family had no father and no mother, and yesterday she received help from Wei Ting. She thought that although Wei Ting was a bit dumb, he was kind-hearted and a good match, so she decided to marry him and take care of him for the rest of her life.

Mr. and Mrs. Wei did not expect to find a daughter-in-law by burning incense, so they were overjoyed and immediately prepared a wedding for Wei Ting and Wan Ying.

Three days later, Wei Ting and Wan Ying got married.

But just after the wedding, Wan Ying did something that scared Master and Mrs. Wei.

After the ceremony, Wan Ying prepared an oversized pot and boiled water in it, then coaxed Wei Ting to sit in it.

Is this Wan Ying's intention to cook Wei Ting?

The servants of the Wei family were so scared that they broke into a cold sweat and hurriedly told Master and Mrs. Wei about this.

When Master and Mrs. Wei heard about it, they were so scared that they rushed to stop Wan Ying. But unexpectedly, Wan Ying said that she was not harming Wei Ting, but saving him.

The Wei family couldn't believe it, how could they save Wei Ting by boiling him in boiling water?

After she kicked all the servants out of the courtyard, she told Master and Mrs. Wei the truth.

It turned out that in order to repay Wei Ting for saving his life, Wan Ying had begged from the fox fairy for a special medicine to cure dementia, which was put in water and boiled, and then the patient was allowed to sit in it for a day and a night to be completely cured.

Only then did Master and Mrs. Wei know that Wan Ying was actually a fox, but seeing that Wan Ying was dedicated to her son, Master and Mrs. Wei could not say anything more.

After all, Wei Ting and Wan Ying have already paid their respects, and Wan Ying is the legitimate daughter-in-law of the Wei family.

But can this medicine really cure Wei Ting?

The couple was still a little worried, so they stayed by Wei Ting's side every step of the way to take care of him.

The water in the cauldron had been boiling all night, but it had not decreased at all, and when they saw that there were no signs of burns on Wei Ting's body, they were relieved.

When it was almost dawn, the water in the cauldron slowly turned black, and when the water was as black as ink, Wei Ting finally opened his eyes.

After a day and a night of treatment, Wei Ting's illness was completely cured, and now he is no different from a normal person.

Master and Mrs. Wei cried tears of joy when they saw him and called out that the Wei family had married a good daughter-in-law.

Later, under the company of Wan Ying, Wei Ting concentrated on his studies, and surprisingly, he won the first prize in the examination, and Wan Ying also gave birth to a son and a daughter to the Wei family within three years.

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