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Beyond Blood and Magic

Love of Fangs and Wings

By Rey VisionaryPublished 3 months ago 8 min read
Beyond Blood and Magic

Victor, a dashing vampire, lived in bustling New York, where the neon lights never go out. His striking features and piercing blue eyes would make anyone swoon. He was tall. He stalked his victims while walking the streets at night, taking great care and caution to leave no evidence of his crimes.

One fateful night, as he strolled across the park, he caught sight of Susan, a stunning young woman. She had a lovely face that shone in the moonlight and eyes that were as brilliant as the stars above. Victor was mesmerized by her beauty and stood back to observe her as she took in the flowers.

Victor had been seen by Susan as well, as fate would have it. His enigmatic manner and his graceful, deliberate movements drew her in. She kept a safe distance from him as she followed him and watched as he vanished into the darkness.

Victor and Susan engaged in this game of cat and mouse for weeks, keeping a safe distance between them and neither daring to approach. Yet as time went on, their attraction to one another became stronger and stronger until they were unable to fight it.

Susan was caring to a rose bush one evening when Victor came over. When she turned to face him, their intense stare sent chills down her spine. While they chatted, they realized they had fallen in love even before learning each other's genuine identities. They introduced themselves.

They started to divulge their secrets as their love developed. Susan stated that she was a fairy, and Victor disclosed that he was a vampire. They were both aware that their love was illegal and that their worlds should not have collided.

Nonetheless, their love outlasted all limitations and restrictions. They promised to keep their relationship private and to never allow others to interfere. They had no idea that the very people Susan deemed family would soon put their hidden love to the test.

Victor and Susan's relationship got stronger as time went on. They would have their meetings in secret, away from inquisitive eyes. They valued their time together with all their hearts and considered every moment to be important.

The relationship between Susan and Victor was eventually discovered by Susan's fairy family, though. They were appalled that she had fallen in love with a vampire, whom they regarded as a malicious and dangerous being. In an attempt to convince her to end her love with Victor, they summoned her to their fairy council.

Susan went to the council even though she was aware that her family would not comprehend the extent of her love for Victor. She did this in the hopes of persuading them. Yet it was all for naught. Her family was adamant in their disapproval of her connection with Victor, warning her that she was being foolish and that her love for him would only result in tragedy.

Susan pleaded with her family to allow her to be with Victor in order to preserve their relationship. Her family, however, was unwilling to make a deal and used a spell to make her forget all about him. Susan could not recall Victor's identity or that she had ever been in love with him when she awoke the following morning.

Victor kept looking for Susan as the days passed in an effort to reconnect with her and reignite their romance. Yet each time he did, she did not recognize him, which devastated him. He was baffled as to why Susan had overnight became aloof and chilly towards him.

Victor once noticed Susan sitting on a seat in the park, looking dejected and forlorn. He warily walked up to her, not knowing if she would remember him. She gave him a feeble smile when she saw him when she looked up, but it was obvious that she had forgotten who he was.

Victor was inconsolable. He made an effort to jog Susan's memory of their love and special times together, but she was unable to recall anything. She explained to him that she had lost all recollections of him due to her family, and she was baffled as to why.

As Victor left the park that night, he made a vow to himself that he would find a way to break the spell and make Susan remember their love once again. He was not going to let anyone, not even Susan's family, keep them apart.

Victor stayed up late every night thinking of methods to free Susan from the curse. In addition to speaking with other vampires who had knowledge of fairy spells, he perused literature on fairy magic. But nothing seemed to be effective.

Weeks passed into months as days went into weeks, and Victor began to lose heart. Given how long it had been since he had last seen Susan, he worried that she might have completely forgotten about him.

He heard a tiny whisper in the wind one evening while he was strolling around the city. Susan's voice could be heard pleading with him. Susan was waiting for him in front of a tiny garden when he finally arrived there after following the voice.

Uncertain of who he was, she stared at him with fear and confusion in her eyes. Yet as he opened his mouth to address her, he saw a flash of recognition in her eyes. Although she was unable to recall his identity, something about him seemed familiar.

Before Susan's memories entirely vanished, Victor sensed that the spell was beginning to wear down. He made the decision to show her all the locations where they had spent memorable times together while taking her on a tour of the city.

Victor talked about all the memories they shared, hoping that Susan might be reminded of something while they went. They went back to the parks where they first met, went on dates to the coffee shops where they went on their first dates, and went to the rooftop where they had their first kiss.

Susan gradually but definitely began to recall. When her memories resurfaced, she became acutely aware of her intense love for Victor. She recalled their vow to never allow anyone to come between them and how their love outweighed all laws and limitations.

Susan, overcome with emotion, flung her arms around Victor and gave him a passionate kiss. Despite the fact that she had forgotten about him, she understood that her love for him had never stopped.

Victor and Susan made a joint commitment to never allow anyone to stand in their way once more. They understood how unique and important their love was, and they were not going to allow anyone rob them of it.

They were walking hand in hand through the city when they realized their love had been put to the test and had passed. It was more resilient than ever after overcoming the most difficult obstacles. They were two animals from separate planets, but their love had been able to overcome that and forge an eternal connection between them.

They were determined to make their relationship work despite coming from quite different backgrounds because their love had been reignited. They were aware that their families would not support them, but as long as they were together, they were ready to take on any obstacle.

Their relationship was put to the test not only by their families but also by the other members of the supernatural world. Some vampires and fairies were still hostile to one another despite having been rivals for generations.

Those who perceived Victor and Susan's love as improper and abnormal forced them to deal with discrimination and prejudice. Nonetheless, they had the strength to resist any attempts to separate them.

Over time, they came to represent hope for those who had experienced exclusion from their own kind. They demonstrated that harmony could exist between beings from various realms and that love has no bounds.

Victor and Susan's love endured despite the difficulties they encountered and grew stronger. To spend time alone, enjoying one other's company and marveling at the fact that they had found love in each other, they would frequently sneak away from their families and the outside world.

They ultimately made the courageous choice to move in together. For both of them, it was a significant choice, but they both knew it was the right one. Living together increased their bond and provided them with a sense of security and comfort.

Their relationship grew stronger as time passed. Through good times and bad, they helped one another out, and they never forgot the connection that had brought them together.

Both eventually got married in a small, private ceremony attended by their closest relatives and friends. They would always remember that day as a celebration of their love and dedication to one another.

Victor and Susan realised as they reflected on their adventure that their love had been put to the test, but it had prevailed. They were thankful for one another every day and served as living examples of how love could overcome all obstacles.

They realized they had discovered the greatest gift of all: true love, as they sat on the porch of their quaint cottage and watched the sun set over the horizon. They clung to each other firmly, knowing that no matter what happened, they would always be together.

(The story is based on my personal experiences, however it has a different conclusion.)


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  • Donna Fox2 months ago

    You did a great job introducing Victor and setting the scene right from the beginning. I like the concept of attraction at first sight for both of them but neither one was ready to approach the other. Really set the stage for an intriguing and thrilling story, which lead the way into forbidden love really well too! This story gave me “50 First Dates” vibe (its an Adam Sandler movie), so heart breaking that she forgot who he was but so touching that he worked to hard to remind her! I love stories about love that stands the test of time and hardship, you did a great job portraying a story of true love! I appreciate the note from you at the end where you shared a piece of you! Thank you for being brave enough too bare a piece of your soul to the readers!

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