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Bethany's Song.

'In order to succeed. We must never give up trying.'

By Carol TownendPublished 3 years ago 8 min read
Bethany's Song.
Photo by Kay Liedl on Unsplash

Bethany was feeling anxious today. She had butterflies in her stomach and she felt really sick. She was performing on stage at the Rose Gold Theatre later tonight, and she didn't want to be there. So far, she had managed to complete all of the practice sessions with her tutor, and she had made good progress. She had been singing for months, though this was her first stage performance and she was suffering from intense stage fright. She starred at the clock, hoping that time would go by slow. However, time was going faster than she would have liked it to go and it was now 4 P.M. She had ten minutes to get herself together and to get to the theatre.

She managed to get to the theatre on time, and when she got there, the stage was still being set up. She rolled her eyes. Clive was always so slow at these things. She felt a little relief though because it gave her time to gather her thoughts. She did not like the idea of performing on stage, she knew that there was going to be millions of eyes watching her tonight.

What if I'm out of tune? What if I pass out? What if I forget the words.

These were the thoughts inside her head. She headed to the bathroom, worried about her make-up as she felt she was wearing too much. She sighed and told herself, "It will have to do. I have no time to change it." She did have time to have a drink, thanks to Clive's delay.

. Clive had a problem sorting out the stage lights. One of the bulbs had stopped working and he couldn't find the same coloured bulb in order to replace it. The speakers had been checked, however, a fuse had blown in one of them too. He was feeling pretty pissed off now! The show was meant to start in approximately ten minutes, and he couldn't delay things any longer! He called James to come and give him a hand.

"I can't bud, I'm on a date!" James told Clive. It was supposed to be his night off. He was really annoyed that Clive had called him while he was on a date, trying to entice the beautiful lady in front of him. He didn't understand how Clive had the nerve to do what he wouldn't ever do to Clive himself; especially whilst on a date!

"Don't be a fuckwit, James. You know the show is tonight, we can't run this thing without the right lighting. Besides, I thought you were going to come and give Bethany some confidence. She is freaking out a little."

"Oh fuck, Beth!" James muttered under his breath. He was annoyed with himself. Beth had been his crush for nearly six months, but she had become so obsessed with learning to sing that she never had time to be with him. James had felt lonely. It wasn't that they were dating, more the fact that he felt she was uninterested in him due to her singing goals. He hadn't meant for this date to happen tonight, but he had asked Beth, and as usual, she said that she was busy. He had offered to encourage her performance at the show tonight; but he completely forgot after he got talking to Janet, the lady who he was dating.

"Are you fucking coming James? This is more important than some lady you know. Oh! and how do you think Beth will react when I tell her you decided your date was more important than her show?" Clive snapped at him down the phone.

"Okay! okay! I'm coming, just don't tell Beth anything!" James begged.

"You're a fucking idiot, you know that? How do you expect to keep Bethany's interests if you're going to date other women instead of supporting her?" Clive retorted before slamming the phone down.

James sighed. Was he really an idiot for wanting a little fun in his life? He did offer Bethany a chance to be with him, but no! she chose singing over him. What was he supposed to do? He couldn't live life as a fucking hermit.


Bethany had been sat in the theatre cafe for almost half an hour. She felt agitated as the show was supposed to start ages ago! Where in the world was Clive? She shook her head and headed into her studio for some extra practice. She could feel the nerves really grating at her now. She picked up the microphone and began to sing.

You'll find me on a mountain top where

the ice is cold, and the snow is white.

This is where you'll find my love, way

up high tonight.

Bethany was interrupted by a knock on the door as Clive and James burst into the room, interrupting her practice. She was already anxious enough without the two men stopping her from practising. They had kept her waiting long enough, and she had spent all night trying to keep from running.

"Is the stage ready yet Clive? We are late!" Bethany told Clive with her hands on her hips.

"I have been here suffering from stage anxiety for almost an hour and a half! And you James, where the fuck have you been?"

James looked down to his shoes, nervously shuffling his feet. He couldn't possibly tell her about his date with Janet. He felt a pang of guilt brewing inside him, and he was bewildered by his actions. He was going to go off with Janet, while his real date was right here, in front of him. He really was a fucking idiot! He was just glad that nothing came out of it. He decided that he shouldn't try explaining things to Bethany now, as he would ruin the show and make it harder for her to be on stage. He wasn't sure that he should tell her at all. He would have no chance with her if he did that.

Bethany was angry with them both. However, she pushed it away, because the sooner this show was over the better. She left them both in silence, while she changed and freshened herself up. She was on stage in the next five minutes and her nerves felt like wires tightly squeezing her body. She was angry, but she knew she wouldn't be able to stay angry with James for long.

It was time for the show to start. However, there was a long delay. James had been searching for Bethany who wasn't waiting backstage. She had run to the toilets unknown to anyone because she felt really sick towards the start of the show. Bethany was shaking, and she wasn't sure that she was going to get through tonight. There were thousands of fucking people out there, and she just knew something would go wrong. She did some deep breathing and swallowed down a cold drink in order to cool her down. She had been practising for weeks, and she wasn't going to let this stop her. Once calm, she headed back to the stage.


"I can't face this! I can't face this!" Bethany repeated under her breath. She was now in the face of a large audience who were cheering loudly. She felt her knees almost buckle beneath her, and she was hyperventilating. She had broken into a cold sweat. She just stared at the audience, but nothing would come out.

Bethany was like this for at least five minutes. Her mind told her to run away, but she really wanted to sing her song. She took a deep breath and focused on the lights, and she sang her song beautifully.

At the end of Bethany's song, the Audience cheered loud. Bethany was so overwhelmed that a tear fell from her eyes. She had been sweating this moment out for weeks, worried about her performance and being in front of the crowd, but tonight, she had never felt more confident.

James and Clive had been stood in the crowd. James was unsure that Bethany could pull this off, but Clive had told James he needed to have faith in her. Both of them stood there, mouths open wide, without a sound coming out of either of them. They had never heard Bethany sing so beautifully. It was at this moment that James realized just how much he loved her. He decided to talk about how he felt, and be honest about Janet. He knew Bethany would be mad at him, though he felt remorseful for not being there for her enough. His selfish and stubborn ways had stopped him from considering Bethany's feelings, needs and wants. He shook a tear from his eyes and vowed that he would be there from now on and forever after that.

Bethany was beaming. She was overwhelmed, shocked and delighted with her performance tonight. She knew that she could do it, and she was glad that she didn't give up. Mr Tomlinson, her singing mentor approached her.

"That was stunning! Just stunning Bethany!! You wowed the whole crowd out there tonight. You are a real star," he told her.

Bethany smiled, and said,

"Can I have my record deal now?"

Mr Tomlinson smiled and told her to meet him at the office in a weeks time. Bethany was thrilled, she had waited for this moment for far too long.


Bethany finally rejoined Clive and James. She was really happy with herself tonight. James didn't want to spoil her moment, but he felt he had to tell her. Just, not here and not now. Clive gave her a massive hug, then hurried home to meet his own date for the night.

James was now alone with Bethany.

"You are a real star, Bethany. I should have supported you more. I am sorry." James told her.

Bethany sighed and rolled her eyes. She didn't know how to answer, but she wanted him to know how hurt she was.

"What? You knew this was my big dream, and you knew I felt anxious about tonight! Why couldn't you just be there?"

"I was lonely. I didn't think you were interested. You were so wrapped up in music, that I thought you had forgotten about me." James replied with tears in his eyes. He hoped with all his heart that she would forgive him.

"I dated Janet, but I didn't want her. I wanted you. It was you all along. We didn't do anything. I was bored, and I just don't have the same connection to Janet as you."

Bethany was fuming, but she couldn't help but laugh.

How could James have been so dumb to think Janet out of all the girls, could ever be good for him!

She couldn't stay mad at him for long. She did love him, and instead, she kissed him long and hard.

"I'm a star now, so you better stay close!" Bethany told him.

James smiled, still thrilled by her performance. From that moment, he never underestimated her talent ever again.

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