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Bedtime story

by Isavella Ziova 11 months ago in Short Story
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The Enchanted forest

I'm going to tell you a story, a bedtime story, a story created by me. I chose this fairytail for my children and my nephew, because a wonderful meaning hidden in it. This family story, mentions a dream about a boy who doesn't walk, after having a terrible accident. The special message we all need to remember is that even a day or a dream can change our lives. One moment and one positive thought is enough. And that no matter how bad things look, we must always have faith and trust to people and to ourselves, that everything will be change for the best. Besides, hope lasts forever and love can defeat everything. Love overcomes fear, and the strength is always in the most unexpected place; within us..

“Who said dreams have no power? Who said that when you want something too much, it doesn't happen? Everything can happen. Moe knew that. He believed it with all his heart, that maybe something could happen and make him walk again. Even though he was only 12 years old. When he was six, a car took deprived him of the movement of his legs. It happened to him at his most special age, when all he deserved was running and playing like all the kids. Since then, his only traffic help has been his wheelchair. But within him he always believed in something else, that things could be done as before, maybe better than before. Every night, he would lie down to sleep with that hope in his heart, that the morning he would wake up, he would come out in the backyard of his house, not just walking, but running and playing as the other kids. That night, he wanted to see the marks in his dreams. There he was free to do whatever he wants, and runs as far as he wants. That's where no one keep him from and nothing. Besides, it was his dream, and nobody had a reason.

“He woke up in the first light of the sun. His layer was the green grass and pillow, a pile of freshly cut wood. He didn't know exactly where he was, but little Moe could see the vast green forest. He was alone, but he could walk like he once did. He could run like he used to. He felt the grass in his bare feet and for him it was the most perfect feeling in the world. On his way he met a herd of deers. He stayed looking at them, how he liked that! Below he met two woodcutters, "We are the ‘power’ and the ‘courage’, the elves of the forest," they told him. "We can make you whatever you ask." The kid asked them if they could create to him two new legs to run like he used to. He knew that in time the dream would end and maybe he could take the wooden legs with him, but they said they couldn't, because a piece of wood has no soul. "The soul is you," he was told, "if you can't find a way, no one can do it for you. You must really want it. More than anything, more than your soul itself”.

Little Moe was disappointed with his forest elves, but he didn't give up. As the day progressed, the little boy continued to wander through the vast green forest. On his way he met a woman with blond hair and a red dress. In her hands, she was holding a big arc, so she was earning what she wanted. "I am the will," he said. "I live on the fringes of the forest. Where everything starts and ends." Little Moe was happy to hear it. "Can you give me legs? That's what I want," he told her. But the answer was still no, I cannot. The little boy is disappointed again. "I don't need you," she said, "I'll go." But she stopped him. "Wait two minutes. The day has more hours ahead of her until it's over. Take my bow and shoot right in front of you. In several meters there's a golden berry. I want you to hit it." The kid was surprised, "but I don't see it, it's far away," he told her. The woman in the red dress smiled. "Then first I want you to close your eyes and then shoot." The boy obeyed, he fired, but nothing worked. He was disappointed again, this time much more. He threw the arc into the ground with anger. "Shoot again," he said, "Don't give up on the first time." The boy obeyed again, but for the second time he didn't succeed. He got angry, threw the bow back and went back to leave. "Wait," he yelled at him, "I want you to shoot one more last time, but this time I want to see your will. You want it as much as anything else in the world. You are Living for it." The boy closed his eyes and shot again. This time he won it. The golden berry was his. The woman in the red dress smiled. "Hold it," he said, "It's yours. Now you know where you'll always find me. I live in you, where your power resides." The boy never saw her again. He disappeared from his eyes among the foliages and he continued his path through the vast green forest.

Shortly after, before the sun fell, he saw a dozen dwarfs dressed in green, singing, eating and dancing. "We are the Joys, the Leprechauns of the forest," they told him. "Stay with us for a while. Enjoy yourself, leave behind the misery of your life." But he answered that he couldn't and that his life was only sad since the day he had the accident. "Stay with us for a while to enjoy. The joys are for everyone. Who told you things don't change?" they told him all the voices together. And little Moe stayed and laughed and danced and sang with them, so much so he couldn't take it anymore, and he forgot all his problems with them. "Will you be my friends"? He asked them hours later, when they stopped dancing and singing. "But we are your friends. We are friends with whoever loves us," they told him. The boy's upset. "But I have no friends and no one loves me." The Leprechauns, they wondered. "Who says that?" "Yeah, who says that?" They were yelling at him. "It's not true, it's not true. Surely there are people who want to be your friends and there are definitely people who love you," they said, "You just have to learn to trust. You've got to give them a chance to get close to you. And then you'll see how much fun you're having. You'll help each other and be as happy as we are now. Learn to trust and everything will be done as you want. Don't forget us." The boy was happy, thanked them and left. From afar, he was listening to their voices singing again, a song called ‘little Mo in the green forest’.

Later, in a few meters away, near a cave, he met an old man and an old woman dressed in black. He didn't like it there, he didn't want to go towards them at all. They saw him and they first went to him. "Come on, young man, come stay with us for a while. Nobody wants us. Everybody's avoiding us. What if we live in all hearts? Nobody wants our company," the old woman told him. The little boy was scared. He wanted to get out of there. He wanted to wake up from his dream and come back to his soft bed. "Stay with us, young man, you understand us, you know us well," the old man responded by putting his wrinkled and dirty hand on the child's shoulder. The boy was scared, avoided from his touch. "Who are you? What do you want from me," he asked them. "We are the grief and the fear," they responded, "stay with us, you know us for so many years, everyone else avoids us, they don't want us. You, you understand us. Stay close to us, nothing will change in your life," he was told. But Moe refused. "No, I don't want you anymore. I want to live my life without fear and without sorrow. I know you, but now I have strength and courage and there are joys, as the forest elves told me. I'm going with them and I'm going to hit you with the wood I hold and I'm going to kick you out, because my will is bigger than you," he yelled at them and they didn't talk any more, except they entered their cave and stayed there without bothering him again.

When it got dark enough, the little boy met a clearing in the vast green forest. Nearby there was a small lake where countless colorful fairies danced around it. "We are the desires and wishes, the nymphs of the forest. Come dance with us." The kid stayed looking at them, so beautiful they were. "I can't. My wishes are great and I cannot achieve them and my wishes are not heard." He said disappointed. "Who says that? It's not true, it's a lie. All desires can become reality, and all wishes are heard as long as you want it too much. And we know you want it." They shouted at him a lot of voices together until they pulled him to their dance. They danced and had fun for a long time, until it got too late and it was too late. "I have to go now," he said. "No, no, don't go, stay a little longer with us. The night is long, they shouted at him." "I wish I could. The dream ends any minute. The forest is huge and I have to cross it. And in the morning I'll wake up again without being free to move. Without being able to walk or dance with you again," he said. "Then we'll tell you something, yes we'll tell you the secret. Just stay a little longer with us," they shouted at him, and he stayed as he was asked. "So learn that the vast green forest is not over yet. It's the whole way of your life. And the strength, the will and the joys you met before, live inside you, just like we do. You'll always find us all inside you." "Why i didn't see the health?" Ask the boy. "You'll never see her," he was told. "Health is you, you make it yourself, you have to use all of us first. Your strength, will, joy, friends, love, wishes and wishes." The boy thanked the fairies and left. "I will never forget you," he said, and he was lost in the fog. There in the void, in the midst of dreams, she met a beautiful blonde woman, dressed in white. "Who are you?" He asked her, "We're not in the woods anymore, and yet, I haven't woken up yet." "I'm Love," she said, "I'm everywhere and I'm helping you all the way. I'm here to hold your hand and take you to your bed. You trusted and came into our woods, we are the Enchantes, and you will always find us inside and in your dreams.” The grass under his feet no longer existed, and the forest behind him had disappeared, even if he didn't come back to look. His dream was over.

He woke up in his familiar room, with the wheelchair next to him. But he was happy. He had spent the most beautiful and most important day of his life, even if it was just a dream. Though in his hand, he still held the golden berry of Will, which he had won. It was the first time he tried to walk with all his strength and will. Although he didn't make it, even though he only took one step, he knew that soon, one day, he would make it. Everything can happen, yes, even the smallest ones are important and can change your life. Even if they're dreams or dreams-like people. Sometimes dreams come true, as long as we want to. And a single day can change your whole life.

Short Story

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