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Be a lover's story.

The love between the two of us is many times greater than the love between our grandparents.

By Nikhil BhowmikPublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 5 min read

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Be a lover's story

Ranbir: Well, grandparents have to accept our rates, you know?

Mim: How would you rate it? Why interest rates?

Ranbir: The love between the two of us is many times greater than the love between our grandparents.

Mim: How do you explain it?

Ranbir: How many grandchildren?

Mim: 10 people.

Ranbir: It's 20. That proves that the love between us is more than just grandparents.

Meem: Kill me to prove the wisdom of your love, no?

Ranbir: Tell me, what do you mean by killing you?

Meem: Will 20 babies be in your womb or mine? I can't bring more than two babes.

Ranbir: Only two?

Meem: Yes, go, yes. What will you do to 20 kids if I don't survive?

Ranbir: Why aren't you alive?

Meem: You don't need to do anything to have 20 children. You only need 20 nights and I have 20 years. Baba, I'm too scared to think about it.

Ranbir: Grandpa, if you can, why not?

Meem: Grandpa can, because Grandpa didn't have birth control. I've been a mother 10 times while playing fun games with my grandfather. If he were born today, he would have no more than two babes.

Ranbir: Well, what are we going to use for birth control?

Mim: Shh. I'd say this after marriage, and now I'd break my nose saying this.

Ranbir: So how can I smell your body if you break my nose?

Meem: It's done, you don't have to pretend anymore. I fake it all day, but I don't do it less. I'm going to sleep now.

Ranbir: I don't want to sleep alone anymore.

meme: start over? I sleep peacefully.

Meem really left the phone. But Mim knew that Ranbir couldn't sleep. This bad boy can't sleep every night without answering his phone. So after a while, Meem called again. From the side without the ring:

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Ranbir: Hello baby, I miss you.

Meem: Listen, I didn't call Puara. Take sleeping pills and sleep. Whoa whoa. bye, good night.

Mim hangs up. This time the lunatic is going to sleep. Divya will stay in bed in the morning until Meem wakes up with a call. With class in the morning, the thought made my eyes shrink.

He came out of the bathroom and fell asleep. The phone's light is on. Meem realizes this lunatic texted good night, I love you. It's a crazy habit. Mim fell asleep without answering.

Meem and Ranbir are each other's cousins. Their fathers are two brothers. Although they are brothers, the relationship between the two is not very good. But maybe no one will survive except Meem and Ranbir. Their love started with their friendship. In order to bring the family closer together, they began to share different things. At a certain stage, there is a lot of understanding between them, and from many similar thoughts, they feel weak about themselves. One day, Ranbir offered Meem on Facebook. Mim didn't agree at first. But Mim couldn't accept Ranbir's refusal look. I don't know how to shave without shaving, I don't know how to cut my hair. The school team even began to miss it. While the meme's mission is to improve the relationship between the two families, the meme's response is to see their relationship deteriorate. One day, Mim takes Ranbir as his own, and turns him into an inhuman man, a cousin's boyfriend.

how long is a short story

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But as time went on, fear grew in Mim's heart; as her marriage was being negotiated at home. On the other hand, Mim and Ranbir are still in love and they have no plans to marry. But now, the meme is putting a lot of pressure on Ranbir to convince the family to marry. Since Ranbir was still a student, he couldn't answer because he couldn't afford to get married. That's why Meem is so pissed at Ranbir. But Ranbir can only comfort Mim.

One day, a boy came to the house to see meme. Ranbir sat on the sofa in front of Mim's future groom, watching the boy repeatedly, waiting for the Mim to arrive. Since no one in the house knew about Ranbir-Mem's relationship, Ranbir's attendance at the Meme's ceremony wasn't a problem for anyone to see. But Ranbir just took a look at the meme. Besides, Mim didn't get angry in front of Ranbir and said that he would come to see Mim last week. Ranbir also doesn't take the word "coward" well for meme, so Ranbir doesn't meet up angrily either. But today, the heart no longer obeys.

Meem appeared in front of everyone wearing a yellow sari instead of a red one. Leaving his seat, Mim sat down and stood behind the wall behind the future groom. Mim now realizes that Ranbir is coming to see her. Every time the meme asks her future mother-in-law to look up, the meme sees Ranbir. Realizing that there were tears in Ranbir's eyes, the water only came to his cheeks when he took off his eyelids.

This time, tears fell on meme's cheeks, and many people were surprised to see it. Mim's future father-in-law said, "Mom, we just came to see you today, why are you crying?"

Without answering, to the surprise of everyone, Mim stood up from her seat and faced Ranbir leaning against the wall behind the future groom. Seeing Mim's actions like this, Ranbir stood up straight, glanced at everyone, and then looked at Mim. Everyone turned their heads one by one and looked at the two like a serial in Hindi. The meme seems to be waiting for everyone to see too. Just as everyone was watching, Mim grabbed the back of Ranbir's neck with both hands and bit his lips tightly.

how long is a short story

The two of them graduated last week and today they are in the throes of their marriage. On the day he came to see the meme, his adventure not only brought happiness to both of their lives, but also ended a quarrel between the two families. For that reason at least, both families are grateful for the meme. For Ranbir, the meme is the queen for life, and the meme herself is a coward. While Mim is no longer a coward because no one knows what gave Ranbir the courage to come to Mim that day, Mim himself does.


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