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Back Here Again

What if you can’t leave?

By Lisa PulliamPublished 10 months ago 1 min read
Back Here Again
Photo by Envy Creative on Unsplash

She was chosen out of 20,000 employees to try the new transport system that sends anyone anywhere instantly with a push of a button.

She presses the button, and ends up in a control room. The man has a Hawaiian background.

He waves. “Try again.”

She leaves temporarily and finds herself with a London skyline background.

“Is travel just you with a different scenery?”

He laughs. “Try again.”

She is gone and comes back to an Aurora Borealis background and he has flowers.

“I have always wanted to meet you. My shift is done. Let’s go somewhere together.”



About the Creator

Lisa Pulliam

I love making fun of my emotions, feelings, and thoughts in short form writing such as songs and illustrations. I would like to write longer and more explorative pieces for others to read.

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