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Avalanche Encounter Of The Third Kind

By Roberto Alago

By Roberto AlagoPublished about a year ago Updated about a year ago 5 min read
Avalanche Encounter Of The Third Kind
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Avalanche Encounter Of The Third Kind

By Roberto Alago

Yvette, an adventurous, friendly and gorgeous, 30 years old woman Stands by the opened cabin door. Grabbing her skies, she heads for the Hills. At the Lift, she strikes up a conversation with Mark, a good looking, young man of about 30 to 35 years old sitting by her side. It was obvious, whatever Mark’s business at the top of the mountain was, it did not include skiing, since he had no skies. At the top, they both marveled at how fast the ride seemed to have ended. Apparently, they were so engaged, they lost track of time. All good things come to an end and soon they both parted ways, each wishing they didn’t have to.

She selected her favorite trail, puts on her skies, unrolled her hat into a full-face mask, zipped her jacket, puts on her safety goggles and gloves. Seizing her poles and leaping up and forward she starts her rapid descent.

As she descends, she has to avoid a lot of obstacles; the usual stuff: rocks, people, trees… she approaches a young woman that was just standing on her path, the woman pointed with her right index finger to the top of the mountain and yelled, as loud as she could to get Yvette's attention; “Avalanche!”

Yvette took one quick glance behind her and knew she was in trouble. There is no way anyone could outrun or survive an avalanche of such magnitude. It seemed the whole mountain had decided to come crashing on her. There wasn’t much time. She had to find refuge and fast.

Clenching her poles, she began to thrust forward, while at the same time maneuvering around obstacles and looking for a safe place to hide. But, where?

She kept going down the hill, the wind buzzing in her ears, faster and faster. Her arms and leg muscles tensed up. Her vision became very acute and focused almost like a tunnel. Time seemed to have slowed. Only seconds had elapsed yet, to Yvette, it felt like a long time. She looked and looked and could not find that perfect spot to save her life. She feared the worst. She began to hear the roar of the skiers Grim Reaper behind her and that’s when it happened…

Right in front of her, a strange looking aircraft descended, a door opened up and a ramp was laid before her. Without wasting any time, she headed straight for the ramp. As soon as she was aboard the craft began to ascend, throwing her off balance onto the floor. The ramp retracted and the door was shut.

Yvette was so glad to have survived, she had not noticed where she was. As she got off the floor, she removed her gloves and head gear and began to look around. Still breathing hard, she began to assimilate what had transpired in the last few seconds.

She begins to move around the room and spots what looks like a ship’s port hole. She took a look through the port hole and saw planet Earth getting smaller and smaller until it was nothing but a spec. She realized she was in space, travelling faster than any spaceship of human construction. One question popped into her head, “If my benefactors are not humans, what are they?”

Every Science Fiction Book she ever read came to mind. She began to wonder… “What do the aliens look like? What are their intentions? Where are they going? Why did they choose to save me and not any other skier? By now they must be buried under tons of snow and debris. When will I get a chance to meet them? …” All her questions were about to be answered.

Footsteps could be heard just outside the inner door… Someone or something was approaching. Yvette's heart was racing faster than when she was on the mountain. Her heart was pumping so hard, she could hear the pounding in her ears. She looked for a place to hide, and soon realized the room was empty and there was nowhere to hide.

Her mind was racing and going through all the possibilities. “Will they be able to communicate? Was this a rescue or a harvest? Am I invited for dinner? Wait… Am I dinner?” There was no time to lose. She grabbed a pole in case she needed a weapon.

The inner door opened as she stood to the side, with a pole in her hands like a baseball player about to hit a home run. Seconds felt like an eternity. She heard a familiar man’s voice “Wait here, I Don’t want to spook her” Two more steps and a figure began to emerge through the doorway. Soon she was about to meet her host. It was Mark!

“Don’t be afraid. We came to your rescue.”

“A rescue? Just me? Why? There were dozens of people on that mountain. What about them?” “It’s OK. They will live. We made sure of that. You? You have been chosen to go on a little trip. Don’t worry, you will be back home in time for dinner. First, I would like to show you my ship and introduce you to my crew.” With that, Mark extended his right arm, opened hand and asked: “Shall we?” She hesitantly took his hand, and both left the room.

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Roberto Alago

Born in PR. Married, Father of four and Grandfather of eight. Soldier, Computer Expert. Admissions Associate at Interactive College Of Technology. A versatile man with interests too numerous to list; including: Acting and Public Speaking.

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