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By L. MichelePublished 2 months ago 1 min read

It was devotion that led me here, to this icy grave. My purpose, to uncover a mystery. Or was it my unwillingness to let sleeping dogs lie. I’d become addicted to the chase. So close, but he was always one step ahead.

The chilling grip of the arctic cold took hold of my drifting mind and shocked body. My fingers too numb to move, let alone start a fire. Overtaken by pain, I looked up at the northern lights.

“What a beautiful way to die.”

I try to hold my last breath, my vision narrowing, the vibrant colors of the night sky come to a close, my body falls into the hardening snow.

“Open your eyes.”

A deep and tranquil voice spoke from a distance. I felt warm and a slight tingling in my finger tips, the life returning to my body.

“It’s you!” I whispered.

I tried lifting up off the ground but my exhausted body denied me.

“Why do you hunt me?” The voice answered.

“Hunt?” I laughed. No, I just want to know. Finding you has been my life’s work.”

“Man and his work.”

A towering figure came forward, standing about ten feet tall. His dark blue skin glowing, illuminating the night. He climbed down into a small whole beneath the snow, disappearing into the darknes.

“Follow me if you will, but you can never return.”

I’ve come too far for this to be the end. Stumbling to my feet, I follow, leaving the world behind.

Sci Fi

About the Creator

L. Michele

Storytelling is my passion. My aim as a writer is to inspire curiosity, entertain and take the audience on a journey.

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