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Ashes like frost

by Alicia 2 months ago in Script
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1 episode plot: Jin foraging was fed meteorite pills to break love Xufeng nirvana accidentally fell into the flower world

A hundred million years ago, the god of flowers and the water god Luo Lin fell in love and had a child, and then the emperor gave marriage Luo Lin married the water god, the god of flowers gave birth to a daughter, named Jinxiu. In order to prevent her daughter from suffering from love like herself, Jinxiu was fed a meteorite pellet by the God of Flowers when she was born, and has since been cut off from love. The god of flowers will be entrusted to the long Fang master Yulan, let her not leave the water mirror within 10,000 years. After the god of flowers scattered the spirit of the crane, the six worlds within ten years without a flower open, until the god of flowers after the mourning period, the master of the fragrance in accordance with the twenty-four seasons to perform the responsibility of the Division of flowers, the six worlds have flowers blooming again.

Four thousand years have passed, Jin Fu compared to a number of elves of similar age, her spiritual power is low, completely without a little shadow of the God of flowers, even the death anniversary of the God of flowers have forgotten, which makes the Yulan Fang master very angry. At the flower god's rituals, Jin Si was called by Lord Yulanfang to kneel at the front, and the clueless one had no idea what this meant. After the ceremony, Jin Qiu was set by Lord Yulanfang to reflect in front of the flower god's tomb. Her best friend Lian Qiao was supposed to accompany her, but she was called back home by her mother. The snake spirit Yan You came here and helped her out of the fixation, and the righteous Jin Qiu gave him the spiritual power she had saved for a hundred years. For Jin Rou's one hundred years of spiritual power, Yan You originally did not see, but can not stand Jin Rou and take the old story, the best can only give her wish. Jin Qiu has always longed for the outside world, but with her spiritual power, even out of the water mirror is a dream.

The Heavenly Palace, the second prince of the Fire God Xu Feng is experiencing seventy-seven forty-nine days of nirvana, at this time has reached the most critical forty-nine days. The Queen of Heaven let the Liao Yuan Jun guard Qiuwu Palace, no one can be let in. The news soon reached the ears of a woman dressed in red, her men reminded her that Qiuwu Palace is heavily guarded, so she must be careful, but the woman in red said she had waited too long. At night, the night god Runyu was on guard when he was attacked by a man in black, and when he chased the man in black to Qiuwu Palace, he was told by Liaoyuan Jun that he could not enter.

In the evening, Jinrui was bored sitting in the water mirror looking out, when he saw a fire falling from the sky, Jinrui thought the shooting star was ready to make a wish, but did not want the fire to break through the boundary of the water mirror and fall not far away. The fire broke through the boundary of the water mirror and landed not far from there. Jinxiu and Lianjia ran over and found a burnt crow on the ground. In order to save this crow, Jin Qiu and Lian Qiao buried him in the soil and watered him, and finally Jin Qiu also fed him a drop of his five hundred years of fragrant honey, but the crow only recovered briefly and then did not improve.

Jin Si took the crow home and walked in with a basin and a knife ready to eat it, only to find that the little crow had taken human form. Jinsi is worried about how to swallow this crow into the belly, suddenly remembered that everyone often said the inner essence. Jinrui felt around on Xufeng's body and finally found one that looked different from his own. Jin foraging thought that this is the inner elixir essence, is ready to start, Xu Feng was awakened by the light of the dagger. Jin foraging ducked, the dagger fell just a short distance from the lower body of Xu Feng. Xufeng called Jinfang little demon, Jinfang was not happy, said he is a proper cultivation of the genie, is that he saved him, want Xufeng call himself benefactor.

The prairie monarch reported to the Heavenly Emperor and the Queen of Heaven that Xufeng had disappeared in the Nirvana fire, and the Queen of Heaven and the Heavenly Emperor immediately had people look for him in the six realms. At this time Jin Fu still thought that Xu Feng was suffering from a disease and was ready to remove the so-called lesion she had just touched. When Xufeng saw her with a shiny knife and came over to grab her, he realized she was a daughter. Jin foraging only know that there are flowers, plants, insects and fish, but do not know the difference between men and women, Xu Feng also only think she is a barbaric little demon did not care.

Jin foraging has always thought that Xu Feng is a bird, so the fart to him prepared the bugs. Xufeng really could not see but had to change his real body, obviously a phoenix, but let Jin foraging as a magpie, which makes Xufeng speechless to the extreme.


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