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Ashes in the Valley

Rekindling of Dragons

By Desiree WetzPublished 2 years ago 4 min read
Ashes in the Valley
Photo by Darya Jum on Unsplash

There weren't always dragons in the Valley. In fact all traces of them had been wiped away until mankind became too curious. Volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and hurricanes didn’t stop them. No matter how many times the wizards joined together to stop them, they still had other ways to unearth what should never again see the light.

A human with too much money and time on his hands hired a skilled team to find eggs quoted in an unholy text. Humankind knows only greed, whether it is for knowledge, money, or power. The man sought the dragons to bring unbalance in the world. He craved everything for himself. He miscalculated because if he read that text thoroughly he would have known, no one can negotiate with dragons. They are even greedier than humankind.

Hatchlings grow five times faster than any other remembered species. The dragons that hatched come from a long line of powerful dragons. Their mother was Ena, mother and queen of dragons. She lay in her hordes of gold and despair guarded by dragons from all over the realm. Dragons breed much like bees and all the males thought her most treasured prize. If you have the ear of the queen of dragons, you are unstoppable in your own right.

Her kingdom fell when another female tried to begin her own nest. Ena’s sister, Tharina, did not want to follow her sister’s command as she did not agree with the cruelty that was her sister’s rule. Ena furious with Tharina’s act of rebellion had her trusted six destroy Tharina’s new nest, including Tharina’s lover and the only eggs she has ever laid.

The effects of Ena’s savagery left a mark on her sister. Tharina entrusted the knowledge of how defeat the dragons to us, the Council of Magic, whom used to reside in the valley until humans sought to conquer it. Nevertheless all races worked together to bring down Ena and her nest. Tharina went into hibernation after giving her solemn vow to protect all the races of men and magical creatures.

The problem was Ena left three eggs and placed them in a shroud that our magic could not break. We made the decision to bury them deep into the earth and covered it with ice upon ice. However, the ice began to melt as the humans became less worried about the realm we inhabit. That is when the man found the unholy text, opposite of the eggs buried, on the other side of the world.

We wizards were not powerful enough to stop him. Not at that time. Our powers were weary and weak from little use. Yes, we can create disasters to steer the course but once the dragons were found, it was too late. Time got out of our hands.

I sigh because though my bones are weary and I no longer want to fight this war. I made a promise to my brethren. I will not fail either race and so I must Tharina. The knowledge of her whereabouts seems to have faded.

“Valena.” I hear my name called behind me. I turn my head and glance. Lohilde. “I seem to remember the last time I saw you, you were in that same position, back bent and pouring over the ancient texts.” I pinch the bridge of my nose and turn. “Lohilde, you don’t look a day over 2000.” I tease as I walk down the steps to pet my familiar, a cat named Nimbue.

“I could say the same old friend but…” She stands in front of me. “We both know that would be a lie as we both don’t age.” “Hm.” I don’t argue because it is truth but even if it wasn’t, no one should ever waste time arguing with Lohilde. “Did you find it?”

“So impatient but no.” Lohilde sits down to try to pet Nimbue but he just hisses and runs away from her. “I have looked everywhere for that map and even Markus didn’t know where he had last seen it.”

“We are running out of time.” I get back on my feet and look around my dark and gloomy cavern. The fire light shows the little bit of dust hanging on banners and books. “Find me the boy.”

Lohilde chuckles. “We both know that will be an impossible feat. The Lady of the Lake will brandish no more swords for the race of men.”

I face my sister with a sad smile. “The Lady will seek him out if there is one worthy. Boy or girl is doesn’t matter. Find her and she will find him.”

“And if she refuses, sister?” Lohilde questions. I breathe slowly in an out.

“She won’t. She owes me.” I say before going back to my position over the countless books I have read countless times. I’m going to find something. I have to. I continue reading even after Lohilde’s sigh of frustration and retreating footsteps.


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Desiree Wetz

I have been intrigued with writing since I was twelve years old. At first, it was poetry but then in morphed into a love of fiction, fantasy, and adventure. When I'm not writing stories, I am running wild with my family.

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  • Sherry Arellanes2 years ago

    Great story, you are truly gifted by God!!!

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