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Are you happy? Chapter 1: Prologue

by Tori 4 months ago in Adventure
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“Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye.” - H. Jackson Brown Jr.

Are you happy? Chapter 1: Prologue
Photo by Kevin Wiegand on Unsplash

… Present Day…

I was in the air. Flying. The sky was blue with some clouds floating throughout. The wind was hitting my face, but I can still manage to see ahead very well. The trees below me ranged in colors of red, orange and yellow with leaves blowing around occasionally. There was a grey road with yellow spaced lines in the middle. This path split the crowd of trees in half.

For some reason, I felt I needed to follow this random road. The grey and yellow lined path eventually turned into a dirt road. I flew a little lower to be able to see it better. It eventually led to a small, wooden, single-story house. I flew in circles above it a couple times and landed on a tree branch a couple yards away.

‘Life, why here?’ What could possibly be here that’s so important for me to see?

I focused my eyes a bit better and the only thing I saw was a man working on something through an open window. I felt shivers throughout my body and even my wings seeing that man. I couldn’t make out who it was since he was faced away from me.

I flew toward s the open window and landed on the windowsill as quietly as I could. Obviously, not quiet enough because the man jumped and turned around with a sharp tool in his hand.

“Holy shit!” He yelled. I froze. Then his next reaction surprised me. He relaxed and smiled softly.

That smile brought back a flashback of images. Memories. My Charlie. My little Charlie. My boy. My son. And our last memory together.

‘Are you happy?’

Am I seeing things? Am I dreaming? Is this real? I must be because there is no way…

The man chuckled softly, “Damn, dad. You nearly scared the shit outta me.”

…3 years earlier…

“Here we go,” I sigh.

I get out of my car, grab my warm, black coffee and head into the building.

“Oh good! Charlie! You’re here! I need you to get histories on these clients! We’re almost behind!” The lead RN tells me.

“Damn and the day just started too,” I respond already tired.

“Exactly so let’s go!” She speeds to the other side of the room while barking orders.

How did I come to this? Why the hell am I doing this? I don’t even know if I enjoy it. But I have a career as a nurse practitioner which is great pay and has great benefits. I have a nice girlfriend who is nice inside and out. I have a nice home at an apartment in downtown Denver. I should be happy right? I worked hard for this. I worked hard to be the best I can possibly be for this lifestyle. Am I the tip top best? Absolutely not, but my work values me or it seems like they do. My girlfriend loves me. My family supported my career and my schooling, but I feel… off. That off feeling has done nothing but put me in a stoic state. I have no idea what I want to do from here.

It’s times like this where I wish I was with my dad. Just a conversation with him can be inspiring. My mother would disagree. Their polar opposite personalities made me wonder why and how they got together in the first place. My dad is adventurous, lives in the moment and cares about peace, freedom and birds. My mom on the other hand cares about status, work, planning ahead of time and having the ‘perfect’ life. What is the perfect life? The perfect life is supposed to look like my life according to my mom and relatives, but why the hell do I feel off? It’s so damn hard to get through each day. I feel like a fucking robot.


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I am a young energetic maiden who enjoys psychology, learning, food, adventure, Mother Nature, animals, clothes, science and occasionally pranking my loved ones.

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