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Another D&D Character: Angela Celeste

~Zap Aura~

By ~Awakened~Published 2 years ago Updated about a year ago 5 min read
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This is the basis of a character that I've written for one of my very close friends (happy birthday), and, as I did for my own character, I shall introduce her unofficial material along with a rough backstory.

Birth Name- Angela Celeste

Race- Aasimar

Class- Paladin

Sub Profession- Scribe and Healer

Birth Place and Date of Birth- Almaladh Alaman, 1481 (Forgotten Realms time)

Character Traits- While bright and cheery on the surface, Angela carries the heavy burden of religious experience and possesses a deep understanding of celestial magics. She generally senses when something is awry and is proudly talented at reading peoples' true intentions. With the will of a goddess, she intends to live by her morals through religious devotion. If any were to name her greatest flaw, it would be her love for mankind and tendency to fall for those she believes to be her soulmates.

Alignment- Lawful Good

Equipment- Angela bears the trinkets of the many various gods of Almaladh Alaman. Each emblem she possesses contains a trace of her best qualities which she can use to alter her stats. However, if any of these trinkets becomes lost to her, that aspect of herself goes dormant until the emblem is either retrieved or remade. Two of these emblems, the symbols of Pelor and Saint Cuthbert, are instead permanently tattooed to her skin to alleviate this risk. Along with these two emblems is the cross figure that she sees in her dreams. She has yet to decipher its meaning. When traveling, she frequently packs a priest's pack and several copies of renowned books in the Forgotten Realms to pass the time. She also carries a great-sword whenever combat is expected.


Born and raised in an alternate plane of existence known as Almaladh Alaman, Angela Celeste grew up under the protection of paladins of the light. Angela's birth was something of great significance in any plane, but even more so in Almaladh Alaman. You see, she was an aasimar. For those of you who do not recognize the name, the aasimar are a race of celestial beings descended from standard humans. However, they are born imbued with the power of powerful deities residing in Mount Celestia. Essentially they are the equivalent of angels born unto Earth (not in the Nephilim or fallen angel sense).

Angela's birth, as I said, was especially important, for she would serve a great purpose in Almaladh Alaman. She would train herself in the majestic arts of healing energy and, once fully prepared, descend to Abeir-Toril to bestow her gifts upon the world with her radiant light. The extent of her prophecy was never revealed to her, for fear that it may alter the course of events. It was this concealment of information that fueled the young woman's passion for prophetic visions.

Still training in the sanctuary, Angela began to study divination. She progressed in her quest for knowledge quite quickly, and after a time she began to receive visions in her sleep. One night, upon entering REM sleep she witnessed catastrophic events unfold before her lucid eyes. She saw clouds wash over the heavenly skies of Almaladh Alaman, and from them poured rain of fire. Bells were rung, magma began to spew from erupting fissures as the ground began to part, and in her head she heard a demonic voice speak. "The time is nigh," it spoke in infernal, clearly enough for the young woman to translate, as the plane dissipated in a blinding flash of gold and red. Angela awoke from her dream with a start, and set off to warn the monks of the calamities to come. Her heart sank as she heard the bells reverberating through her sanctum. She was too late. In another display of blinding lights, she now found herself somewhere within the Forgotten Realms, unsettled about what she had just experienced, to say the least. And what of her family? It is likely that they met the same fate as most other residents of Almaladh Alaman. At no point is Angela ever reunited with her family. At least, not for as long as she lives.

Suddenly thrust into an unknown world with cultures entirely its own, Angela attempted to accustom herself to the drastic transition from her home-plane. She made her new home in Faerûn, where she educated herself on monetary systems and social classes. It was clear to most that she was an outsider, and many took advantage of her lack of knowledge. After many trials and tribulations, Angela grew particularly skilled in reading people. After making herself known in a small town, she became a skilled local cleric and part-time gypsy of sorts. She learned to hold her own in a village of swindlers and con artists, quickly separating the herd into good willed and bad. Many innocent youths and even priests looked to her for guidance to navigate life's toughest choices.

Though her role in the town was important to the people, it was inherently limited and Angela spent many years feeling that she was intended for a higher purpose. It was when a group of elven travelers approached her that she knew her wait was over, as they sought an aasimar by her name specifically. It seemed that her past had somehow been leaked, and these travelers required her knowledge of an ancient relic of apocalypse level power crafted in the dwarven forges of Mount Celestia. Angela agreed to share what she knew, under the condition that she accompany the elves on their journey to acquire the relic. The day that she and the party set off on their quest, Angela spread her wings (both literally and figuratively), finally prepared for the universe to thrust her true purpose unto her.

Apologies, I was not able to produce a sketch of this character. Aasimar aren't exactly my forte. However, I am sure that the beautiful art by Sarasti of her character Alarielle should suffice. My friend (and the rest of my audience), I hope you enjoyed this little file. Live long and prosper, guys and gals. If you did enjoy, I highly recommend that you check out some of my other works. One of my personal favorites is my Flash Fiction Compilation, but if you want more of the type of material displayed above, you could check out the backstory for my own D&D character, Aura Soulsee. Have a fantastical day!

~La hiena relámpago,

Zap Aura

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