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Angela met kiku

Angela in a tropical island

By ArhamPublished 2 months ago 4 min read
Angela and kiku

Angela is a beautiful young girl. She is standing near the water with some fear and hesitation. Suddenly someone pushed her into the water. After sometimes she wakes up to find herself on an tropical island.

She is so confused as to how she came here. Then she reassures her that it must be a dream. She closes her eyes tightly to confirm it and then opens it again, her heart beating faster Because she saw the same island again and now she realized that we are stuck on this island. She goes in with fear and trepidation to see if there are any humans on this island.Her fear increased because there is no life in the island. She starts crying and then reassures herself that someone will come to save her.

She is hungry and tries to pick the fruits there. But since all this is new to her, he struggles to pick the fruits. She now feels that picking fruit from the tree is so difficult. So she eats miserably and keeps the rest of the fruit by her side and goes to sleep. When she looked up, saw no fruits.She is afraid that there is a ghost here. As she thinks, a fruit seed falls on her. She runs away screaming, thinking it's really a demon attacking us.

Then after some time she gathers courage and goes there. She sees a squirrel eating the fruit she was holding.She sheds tears of joy because she is just now seeing her first life on that island. She is very happy. She calls the squirrel with her.But the squirrel is afraid of her because the squirrel is seeing a human for the first time.She plucks fruits every day and pretends to sleep by her side and the squirrel steals the fruits thinking that she is sleeping. She is happy to seeing this.She tries to talk to him and he runs away from her this is what happens continuously.

One day she lays fruits and waits for the squirrel. But it didn't come. As time passes, her fear increases that something has happened to the squirrel. She calls out to the squirrel like a mother searches for her child.

Finally finding the squirrel stuck in a tree branch. The squirrel got scared and tried to escape seeing her coming near it.

It causes more injuries to its body. She saves the squirrel and bandages its wound. Then she gives the fruits she kept.Now the squirrel realizes that she is not our enemy. After that the squirrel started coming and going to her without any fear.

Both became friends. Angel named the squirrel kiku.The squirrel happily accepted the name. Kiku fetched delicious fruits from tall trees and brought them to her.Angel teaches English to kiku. The kiku also better understands what she is talking about.The kiku also teaches her his body language. Both are became a very good friends.

The kiku told his story that he was stuck on this island also told the story of how his mother reached this island. Kiku said never felt lonely until my mother's death. Angel was getting very sad about kiku story and then assured the kiku that I will definitely take you with me when I leave from here.

Days passed no one came to rescue. Angel thought that no one will come to save us anymore. At that angel remembered the story told by the kiku. Angel asked kiku which direction your mother came from. Kiku showed the direction what his mother told to him. Then angel got idea and started to build a small boat to leaving from this island. Finally, due to the efforts, the boat was formed. Both of them danced and celebrated their happiness. Then they took fruits and water for the journey.

Began the journey with great anticipation and little regret at leaving the island. The trip which started well turned bad in no time. Unable to cope with the speed of the wave, the boat began to break.

It began to sink completely into the sea. Kiku got a small piece of wood to survive but Angel started sinking into the ocean.Even at that stage, she worried about kiku how it will reach the land. While looking at the kiku and going into the sea, the kiku's hand reached out and grabbed her hand.

As she comes out of the water looking at it in shock, it's not the kiku that lifts her up, it's her dad she is totally confused and became unconscious. And she admitted in hospital.

*** All the story on the island was her hallucination *****

● She didn't know swimming so her dad brought her to teach her to swim.

● she was standing near the swimming pool with fear and hesitation.

● At that same time angela's younger brother pushed her into the swimming pool

All this happened within seconds of her falling into the water and her father pulling her out

She admitted in hospital and recovered but still Her mind did not accept that what happened to her was a dream. She felt sad thinking about the squirrel kiku.

She tried to explains to everyone about her friend kiku. But no one believes her story. Her parents console her and she remains sad without hearing anything Then her mother left the fruits near her to eat.

After a while she became happy

Because fruits were not there.

Kiku is back..........

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