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Angel and Baby Parker

Telling the family about Owen.

By Niecee MayPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
Angel and Baby Parker
Photo by Presetbase Lightroom Presets on Unsplash

As we all played we dreaded telling momma again. She still didn't believe us about the horns. How in the world would she react to hearing Owen was now part dragon?! I mean she has to believe us now, but I am still nervous. Momma has been our main caregiver and she teaches us all kinds of things, I don't want momma mad. This is so exciting though. I wonder what dragons gift he received, but without having another dragon around we couldn't just ask one....

"He's flying really well now. I think he got the hang really fast." Angel said breaking into my thoughts. I looked up and smiled.

"I think so too. I'm proud of him but you have a hang of this magic thing." I told her.

"You think so?" She asked excitedly.

"Well yes, of course." I reassured her, nuzzling the back of her head with mine.

"Why haven't you tried any?" Owen asked. Apparently he had come and ever so quietly sat atop the rock we were laying near. I had decided to sunbath a while after playing a bit. Angel had come and laid right next to me, back to back like we prefer it. In the warmest sun spot next to the best shade rock for those extra hot days! This are is our favorite place with the water and warm sun all in one place!

"I have been too nervous about momma, and I know I won't do it right because of the distraction of the nervousness." They both laughed at me.

"You worry too much about silly things." Owen told me, and not for the first time either.

"You need to relax and try it, it might help you feel better about telling momma. More of your favorite, proof she cannot refuse to believe." Angel reminded me.

"I love you too. I need you guys to pull me up when I'm down. Thanks. O.K. Lets do this." I said getting up and shacking and stretching.

"We know!" They said in Unison, then Owen laughed and without skipping a beat. "So what do you want to try first?" Angel asked me getting up and stretching as well.

I don't know just yet so I take in a big deep breath and stop moving for a second. Then let out the breath real fast and loud because I feel like I should know what I want to try but it's stuck somewhere unable to make it to my mind. "I guess I hadn't thought about that yet."

"You want to grow something? Or make something? Heal something? Change something?" She asked me some more.

I thought for a little while, "The fairies said magic should be used wisely. So maybe I'll just wait and see what happens. You have decorated this area with a lot of mushrooms and flowers already. I think it is beautiful." I finally decided.

"Oh you poo. That's no fun." Owen wined.

"Well we have to head home anyways. Maybe then I'll figure it out." I replied.

They both looked around a little shocked. Thanks to the mushrooms Angel had made. She insisted that they just had to have bioluminescence. The whole place was glowing pink and blue from them. It was hard to see that it was just starting to get dark, like just before sunset out. I noticed when looking up at Owen flying overhead.

"I can fly us all home." Owen said. We both looked at each other and both shook our heads no while laughing. "What's so funny?" We both took off running in the direction of home, Owen following behind.

When we got home Momma, Poppa, Nan and Pop were waiting with dinner ready. We went straight to wash up. When we got back everyone noticed Owens scales and tail quickly.

"Girls, your still... And Owen's... I.. You..." Poppa seemed mystified.

"Looks like you found a way to make your seemingly silly dream into a reality my loves." Nan was soo happy she was laugh/crying while she said that and nuzzled us all.

Pop was a little skeptical still, "Those are really good costumes...." but then Owen sneezed and shot a bolt of lightning at a nearby tree.

"WOW" Said Owen.

"That is sooooo cool." I blurted out.

"FINALLY!" Angel exclaimed.

I think Momma felt faint, and Poppa went from shocked to laughing in seconds. "Looks like we need to get that under control. Girls no more changing pups into mixed breads for a long while. I want to hear this story again from the beginning...." We talked about everything until well past bed time for everyone.


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Niecee May

I'm a Mom of two boys, and I have a love of literature. I'm an open book and love reading and writing. I started writing around age 10. I like the term Dragon Mom as I hoard Books.

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