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An Irate King

by Mikayla Decker 2 months ago in Fantasy

One to Kill them All

“Bring the dragon witch forth before me.” The king said this with a very deadly tone. I shift from my spot next to him in uneasiness. I have not decided whether this is due to the words the king just said or the way he said them. Either way someone was about to be in serious trouble. The thing that is brought before the dark king is no dragon. In fact the creature resembles a fae or water sprite, something otherworldly, definitely, but a dragon she is not. She is no more a dragon than he, a mortal, is. With her silver hair dull with the mud caking it and the blood dried to those same strands, she looked striking- dare I say beautiful even. I held my breath as those vivid violet eyes, so filled with rage and cunning, lifted to meet mine.

As the king’s right hand man and the general of his armies, it is my duty to protect the king. When her eyes roved over to the king, they were filled with such hate, I couldn’t help it I shifted closer to my king. She marks the movement, as does the king, who comments, “She is a devilish one. Even confined to that body you see her in now, she fights like a wildcat.” Indeed to his word, I see her restraints and a foul odor emits from the black shackles that bind her. I note with caution that she is smiling now.

It is a terrifying smile. With blood staining her teeth and her fae canines flashing at us, in what I think is the fae fashion for “fanging.” In the fae language I believe it means “piss off.” Either way it didn’t bode well with me. I suddenly became very afraid for our kingdom if she ever got free of her bonds. Her smile cannot be described as anything other than bloodthirsty. Like the devil incarnate, my wet nurse and the other nurses across the kingdom warn naughty children about. Well we are no longer children anymore and yet here the demon stands regardless.

The king looks rather cross with the demon, as if we had any right to contain such horrible demons to our wills. Our welfare is threatened by her mere presence. “My king, not to question-” His growl of, “Then don’t question me.” promptly cuts me off, but not my growing unease and queasiness. The king looks ready to devour her, his eyes bore into her very soul. As if she can feel it too, she lifts her chin in a challenge. “You will bow before your king, beast.” She gives a small amused smile and responds, “I will do no such thing. You are not my king and you are more of a beast between the two of us standing here today.” I must admit to admiring her gall to speak to the king as she did. It will not save her though, I fear at this point nothing can, as the king’s eyes turn molten with fury.

He nods to the men who were standing behind her and they grab her shackles and tie her to a makeshift post. It has never been used, up until this point everyone in this army had served with honor. It wasn’t just out of a sense of duty as I had served with, but out of pride. My stomach turns at the sight of the whip being brought out. “Last chance to simply bow before me and use your powers for something bigger than yourself.” She laughs, a wicked rasping sound, “Even your general looks sick at what you’re doing. I am no more a beast then you are a king. Kings of the Old, that I willingly fought beside, that my brethren fought and died for beside, have since stopped having any sense of right from wrong. Your father’s father, the last rider of the glass dragon, was the last of his kind and as far as I am concerned there will never be another rider. Humans don’t deserve that honor. You don’t deserve it. I am a dragon and I will never kneel before you, ya two legged cretin.” She spoke with an unrelenting ire, I saw her fire then, and could believe she was indeed a dragon.

With a roar of fury the king leapt from his seat of bones- dragon bones, and lunged for her, sword in hand. I knew what he meant to do and I could not stand by and allow it. Even if it meant both of our deaths by the end of it, I had to stop him. I realized as I intercepted his sword with my own and his shocked rage filled eyes slammed to mine, that she was right. We didn’t deserve the dragons and have done nothing to deserve their loyalty since the last rider. “You will regret this boy.” He hissed the word boy in my ear and then the King lashed at me with a vicious swipe of his blade and I parried the blow, my arm zinging with the force as our two pieces of steel met. The king was a better swordsman and we both knew it. The king had taken his position rather than let fate decide who the next king was to be. “You killed them didn’t you? It was no assassin that killed your brothers and sisters was it?” I hurled the accusation at him, that I knew in bones to be true. His furtive eyes darted to the side to see who was listening, telling me enough about what I knew to be true.

Knowing I cannot hope to win and even if I did, I would be stuck down by the very same men who I was in charge of. I had trained those men, mourned with them and just like that, their sense of duty would force them to kill me. Seeing no other options, I did the only thing I could do, I whirled to the ethereal dragon woman, and brought my sword down upon her chains. I could only pray that she would have mercy on the men around me, not all of them agreed with the king. May God have mercy on all of our souls.


Mikayla Decker

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