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Alpha: Rise Of Rakta Balii

by Kai Rebel 6 months ago in Fantasy · updated 6 months ago
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Iason D'ffeifer has a simple code. Work hard, Play hard and the Devil takes the rest. After a century and a half of being a Guardian of the Five Realms, he'd all but put his past behind him and was well on the way to believing it would remain there. In the past. Then one day after a routine mission, his entire existence is upended and he has to go back. Home... To his brothers, and his clan. Home to face what he'd been running from since the day he left with nothing but the clothes on his back. Home... to whatever it was that inexorably pulled him back, despite his best efforts to resist. It was a bitter pill to swallow to say the very least. To make matters worse, the first problem he walked into upon arrival, had to be the most annoying female to walk the five realms! The emotions she stirs up in him, leaves him a breath away from madness. Iason is always angry but she makes him angrier, she makes him ache, want, and makes him burn for something, he can't even put a name to. Kimoira Alpha is a midget on a mission of Goodwill, and she even has a list of how to complete it. It was shorter than a grocery list. 1). Start a war...or two. 2). Smite betrayers. And anyone else asking for it. 3). Bag one hot Talon. (willing, or not.) Amidst new enemies and even older foes crawling from the woodwork, it all seemed to be going as planned... until Iason decided to dislike her on sight. Enough to run or fly in the opposite direction of her. He's rude, annoying, and slightly on the evil side. Tempting her, while pushing her away at the same time with infuriating ease. Its not long before Kimoi realizes, his baggage maybe too heavy for either of them to carry, despite all her innocent harmless... intentions. But Kimoi lives for life's challenges.

"Talking to the moon"


It was coming closer... the undeniable dread.

All present felt it, like the touch of a hand, clenched simultaneously around each of their hearts.

"Come out, come out, wherever you are, I only want to play."

Its voice, dripped with this, raw agony.

A minuscule dose of unfettered power yet, a voice-neither identifiable as male nor female.

But power.

A power that forced its way into every ear, stripping the senses of all cognizance.

Though whispered, those words roared through the silence like a tidal wave, slamming bodies into walls, pinning them to the ceiling.

After that, none moved of their own volition. None dared to even breathe.

Instead, they kept their heads borne low on their necks, meekly.

Fervent prayers silently issued as those steps came upon them.

Prayers that they merely passed by.

It was Death.

The acrid burn of it in every throat, the taste of the afterlife on every tongue. Yes, most certainly, death.

A table smashed into a wall across the room, just shy of the exit with rapid violence. The young Naturals cowering under anything that could shield them from its sight, those who pressed like paint against the walls, artfully arranged themselves into flesh like portraits, while they shook in fear before it.

The being's massive power forced them to stay in place then, like children, frozen in the dark as the monsters came from the closet and under their beds.

Frozen, as the end's terrible, hungry maws, stretched grotesquely wide to swallow them up.

A few began whimpering like fussing unattended babes, eyes fixed on the descending horror.

Others whining like sick dogs in the face of utter annihilation.

The rest looked away, eyes squeezed shut, holding desperately to themselves and what sanity remained in them. But it was all inevitable, and all in vain.

For This end, was not to be ignored, nor to be outran —

It. Just. Was.


His strapping Beta Lucas Sinclair, had picked Him up like a football, then promptly tossed him through the very first window he encountered on the second floor.


Aiden rolled from the roof of the navigator that broke his fall, then landed right on his face in an inelegant sprawl. Pain lit up his right side.


He was among the lucky ones that somehow made it out when the warning came. Well, luck had little to do with any of it.

It was more about being the newly minted Alpha of the Strider's wolf pack. Which meant, if the realms were ending? His ass was to be spared extinction first. Perks of being smothered from birth and mothered by too many.

He squinted up at the window looking for his second in command so he could flip him off, but Lucas was gone. Why the fuck did his Beta strive to always be the hero? Sometimes being the anti- hero was just as good!

That shit pissed him off. Royally.

Lucas was just like a thorn under his skin, a constant source of irritation.

When he was a safe distance away as per Lucas's standards, Aiden stopped to catch his breath, cold air puffing from his lips, while he watched Hallow shake from the inside out, by a force unseen.

Life sucked dick, when one was Alpha. Literally sucked.

Aiden gulped in air through clenched teeth and exhaled pain. "Holy hell!" His eyes went wide because he was watching Hallow consume itself from within, like a pulsing grating mass surging and sucking on itself, with the screams of those dying Naturals still trapped inside it.

Outside, the anguished screams echoed eerily from within the roiling mass, before it winked out of existence. Then he saw it... and his blood froze in his veins.

"Holy... what the hell is that?" Someone whispered nearby as it strolled forward, a cloak once white soaked in blood with a cocky little grin on its lips, humming this... sad little melody.

There was nothing left behind to testify that over three-hundred-souls were inside there, having the time of their lives. Now, there was just... nothing. Damn it!

Aiden groaned and drove his fist into the side of the Range Rover that afforded them cover, curling into a ball on the gravel that paved what passed as a park hub.

"What the fuck—what the fuck!"

A hand landed on his shoulder squeezing in silent warning, but it was too late.

It paused, head cocked, then turning slightly to the left almost snake like, a hand reached out plucking a male from the shadows. He was held off the sidewalk by his neck, held up to a face hidden by a cowl of blood and darkness for inspection.

"Be a dear and tell me where I can get some action around here, Hallow was a dead-end. Get it, dead-end?"

Fingers armored in black tightened, until the bones in his neck turned to dust with a sickening crunch, its mouth curling into a sneer as the male kicked out frantically gasping for air.

Beneath the cowl, cold eyes regarded him before it sniffed at him for a second laughing happily.

"You're specialllll, I can scent it. You can smell things. You led them here to me."

The blue haired shifter was dragged closer, until its breath bathe his face.

The male shook and clawed at the hand at his throat, managing to let a garbled whimper escape as its power rushed through his entire being. Mind, heart body... his very soul was over turned in an instant.

Until every nerve ending was washed with the sheer magnitude of its strength, and his mind shuddered and convulsed in his skull.

"Then can you tell me where I can find a Talon?"

It shook the male before tossing him aside as no answer was forthcoming.

"Worthless, lack of evolution noted."

It turned in a sudden spin on the street and walked off drunkenly, swaying to music only it could hear, and then disappeared around the corner, into the cold night.

Lucas Sinclair crawled on his hands and knees, digging a path through the hot debris and black smoke until he made it out. Moments later, he made it to his knees once he got a lick of fresh air, then got to his feet.

The entire building well...what was left of it had caved in on them, sending most on the second floor and him, crashing into the basement before it all came down like a headstone. Not tonight for him though.

He spat out blood and wiped his face on his torn sleeve. More of his den brothers came out and he began doing a head count. Shit... they were down. Where the hell did that thing come from? What the fuck was it?

There were sounds of pain and suffering as more Naturals were dug out and united to dig others free of the debris, which used to be a perfect piece of architecture. Shit... just shit! He dropped to his knees when his strength gave out and was forced to sit out the rest of the cleanup.

Looking around at the carnage he felt sick. Acid seemed to be eating at his insides with fervor, and that was when the thought occurred.

Lucas was at a loss as to what to do. But three questions were rattling around like demons in a cage at the back of his skull, the first.

Where was Aiden? He'd checked the area, and his Alpha was gone. The tingling buzzing in his spine told him he was also very safe though.

The second— what the hell was that thing?

And third— what the fuck was a Talon.


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Kai Rebel

It Will Be...What It Must.

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