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Alien Transparency

The World Has Been Overtaken By Aliens Who Have The Power To Turn Others Into Transparent Aliens, Like Themselves.

By Carol TownendPublished 3 years ago 5 min read
Alien Transparency
Photo by Albert Antony on Unsplash

Sammy and Alan laid on a blanket staring at the sky. It was a beautiful midsummers night, the sky was clear and they could see the stars. Three beautiful shooting stars had passed them so far, and they could see the satilites in the sky. The sky was a silky, shimmery emerald green sheet, and it was breathtaking. They laid there for ten minutes with their arms entwined around each other, not saying a single word, just observing the sky.

Alan Jumped startled. He had seen something very strange pass through the sky. He could make out the shape of a saucer with green lights all around it, though the vivid colour of the sky did not make for a clear sighting of whatever it was floating up there. Sammy was sleeping and he knew that waking her was a bad idea. He took his polaroid camera out in order to get some snaps. There was no way that Sammy would believe him without photos! He snapped the camera three times and then checked the pictures.

"That's weird!" Alan thought looking at the photos. He knew that there was something out there, but they weren't showing on any of his pictures.

Alan decided to try again. He really had to get these snaps!

Sammy stirred slightly. She was puzzled to find Alan snapping happy with his camera. She knew he liked photography, but she hadn't realized he had become obsessed with it! She was highly amused.

"Have you spotted a model or something?" Sammy asked him.

Alan shook his head. He had no idea how to explain what he had seen to Sammy. She would think he had gone crazy! To his relief, Sammy put her earphones back in and left him to it.

Then she saw it!

The funny shaped saucer flying across the sky. It was closer to the ground this time, and she could see the flickering green lights. It almost hit her on the head as it flew over her. There was one thing puzzling her though

She couldn't see anyone flying it!

"What was that?" Sammy asked, startled.

"The very thing I'm trying to snap. Every time I try, nothing turns up on the pictures!" Alan told her, holding his empty hands out in order to demonstrate it.

"There is no one flying that thing!" Sammy told him, bemused.

The saucer landed in front of them. Alan and Sammy gripped the ground in order to stay put. They wanted to know who or what was inside that saucer.

They waited and waited and waited...

Suddenly Sammy screamed loud!

Three figures got out of the ship.

Only, they weren't human...and they were see-through.

"What the hell are they?" Sammy asked, feeling scared and frustrated.

"I don't know, let's just watch them and see. Be quiet, you don't want them to notice you.

Three people walked past the strange saucer with their dog. One of the strange figures turned towards them and held out his hand. A very bright stream of green light shot out of them, and the people suddenly became transparent green.

"We need to get out of here, NOW!" Sammy declared.

Alan put his finger on her lips to quieten her. It was too late. They had seen them both.

Alan and Sammy tried to bolt, but the weird figures were frustrated now and they were rampaging, turning every human in their sight into transparent beings.

"I asked you not to do that!" Alan reprimanded Sammy, angrily.

"I was scared. Did you not see what they did to those people? We are being abducted by Aliens!" Sammy tried telling him.

They looked around them. The field looked like green warfare. There was no escape. There was green fire and light all around them. Almost everyone in that field had become transparent.

One of the figures moved towards them and said,

"We are the Aliens from the Planet Mars. We are instructed to make all humans like us and develop a new race. You will join us or die!"

Alan looked at Sammy and shouted,


There was a problem. The aliens had released more green power and the light had become brighter. They were absorbing the light in order to make themselves more invisible to the humans!

Suddenly neither Sammy nor Alan could see them. They knew they were in big trouble.

They could not escape, and there was nowhere to hide. How would they know if an Alien was behind them?

Every person in the field was now one of the aliens. There were over thirty in that field. They had no idea what to do!

"Sammy go hide behind that tree," Alan instructed her.

"What! They will still find me there. How do I know one is not already there? They are now invisible and can not be seen." Sammy protested.

Sammy knew there was no arguing, and decided to do as she was told.

When she got to the tree, she could hear movement all around her.

but she could not see anyone there.

She decided not to shout, just in case she distracted the aliens or anybody who had become one.

Alan turned up ten minutes later, just as Sammy was about to be zapped into transparency. Even the trees were transparent now! He had brought the truck. This was his ingenious idea of escape.

Sammy tried to move towards the truck, but the truck was now surrounded by the aliens.

"Shit! Alan!" she shouted out loud.

Alan had no escape from the truck. He could hear the aliens moving around them, but he could not see them.

He had an idea!

If the green light was their power source, then maybe my white car lights my neutralize them.

He powered up the lights, and suddenly he could see what was in front of him. Thousands of green aliens with big green eyes and egg-shaped heads. They had four arms and an eye in their chest. The Aliens screamed when they saw the lights. It turned out that the green light was their protective shield, and the white lights dissolved it.

Everyone who had been turned regained their humanity. However, the Aliens themselves had been turned into green stone. There were thousands of them, everywhere.

Nobody stopped to thank Alan or talk, they just wanted to get out of that field. Sammy and Alan were no exception.

There was one problem.

They didn't see or hear the one Alien chuckling who was left behind.

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