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Chapter 2

By Harrish JaypaulPublished 4 months ago 2 min read

Everything happens for a reason. Samir recalled the things that had happened in the past. He was confused about the news of the Air Force officers who had quit their jobs. Even though he wanted to transfer to that base, knowing what had been happening,he insisted on doing his job. He decided to go back to work after a few days, and again, a big blow was indicated in the news.

It states that some of the Air Force officers at a particular base have been dismissed due to their contact with a particular organisation. Samir was totally confused and thought that things were going wrong. He thought that the recent Air Force officer withdrawal had been linked to something that was directly or indirectly linked to the government. He asked himself why the higher officials had not said anything against this.

Following some days, some officers of the Deesa Air Base have been suspended for a month for no reason. The officers protested, and Samir decided to take this issue to the next level as he was the wing commander of the base. He asked the captain what was happening in the country, as the withdrawal of officers may pose a significant threat to the country's defence.

The captain explained that all the things happening in recent times have been ordered by the higher officials, and many of the dismissal reasons were valuable enough to dismiss and suspend the officers. Samir got angry and decided to protest with his suspended officers, thinking that he could make this issue a nation-wide protest.

With a colony of officers protesting at the Deesa Airbase, a sudden event haunted the entire base. Enemy jets have been detected in their perimeter and have been approaching them with fury. Samir ordered his entire wing to prepare for the attack. As the enemy jets approached them, Samir was frustrated as some of his officers had been suspended and the count of the wing had decreased, which would pose a threat to their base.

He thought that the reduction of officers had been a serious problem for the air force and believed that it could be the plan of the enemy or that things had really been going wrong. As the enemy jets approached the perimeter too close,he started feeling nervous.Two squadrons with their helicopter units were ready and waited for the commander's order.

Samir proceeded with his command in his Dassault afale and approached towards the enemy jets for a counterattack where he believed that he has one of the best wings to tackle off the situation and the captain ordered him to tackle the situation in a smooth without any damage to their base and Samir shouted the IAF motto,"Touch the sky with glory,"and proceed his target towards one of the enemy jets.


About the Creator

Harrish Jaypaul

Harrish Jaypaul is a student pursuing B.Tech in Information Technology.Writing stories and making short films is his hobby.He doesn't competes with art.He is just a person who loves art and pleasing to visualise the art.

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