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Across the Miles

Long Distance Relationship

By dhian syahPublished about a month ago 3 min read

### Across the Miles

It all started with a swipe. Sara was sitting on her couch in Boston, scrolling through profiles on a dating app out of sheer boredom. That’s when she stumbled upon Alex, a guy from San Francisco with a goofy grin and a profile filled with pictures of him hiking, cooking, and one awkwardly posed in front of a giant sculpture that looked suspiciously like a huge spoon. Intrigued, she swiped right.

To her surprise, they matched immediately. Alex sent a message within minutes: “Hey! Ever been to San Francisco?”

Sara laughed and replied, “Not yet. Are you offering a tour?”

From there, it was game on. They texted constantly, moving from small talk about their favorite movies and foods to deeper conversations about their dreams and fears. They discovered they had a lot in common: a love for cheesy 80s movies, a passion for trying out new recipes, and an inexplicable fascination with watching storm videos on YouTube.

After a few weeks of chatting, they decided to take their communication to the next level: video calls. Their first call was a bit awkward, with both of them nervously laughing and talking over each other. But soon enough, it felt as natural as if they were sitting in the same room.

Months passed, and they got into a routine. Every night, Sara would call Alex after her evening jog, and they’d talk until one of them inevitably fell asleep. They sent each other care packages with little reminders of themselves—Sara’s homemade cookies, Alex’s favorite brand of coffee, and handwritten notes filled with inside jokes and doodles.

Despite the distance, their connection grew stronger. They started planning their first visit. Alex booked a flight to Boston for the summer, and they both counted down the days. When the day finally arrived, Sara stood nervously at the airport, her heart racing. As soon as she saw Alex walking towards her, she broke into a huge smile and ran into his arms. It felt like the culmination of months of waiting and dreaming.

Their week together in Boston was magical. They explored the city, ate at Sara’s favorite restaurants, and stayed up late talking and laughing. When it was time for Alex to leave, there were tears, but also a promise to make it work.

Over the next year, they took turns visiting each other, each trip cementing their bond further. They had their share of challenges—missed flights, bad Wi-Fi connections, and the occasional pang of jealousy when they couldn’t be together for important events. But they always found a way to communicate and support each other.

Finally, after a particularly tough stretch apart, Alex made a bold move. He applied for a job in Boston and got it. When he called to tell Sara the news, she screamed so loudly that her neighbors thought something was wrong.

Alex moved to Boston, and they found a cozy apartment together. The transition wasn’t entirely smooth—they had to adjust to each other’s habits and quirks in a shared space—but they tackled it with the same determination and humor that had gotten them through their long-distance phase.

In the end, their long-distance relationship had taught them patience, trust, and the importance of communication. They knew that if they could make it through that, they could handle anything. And as they settled into their new life together, they couldn’t help but feel grateful for every mile that had once separated them, knowing it had only made their love stronger.

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