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Accidental Taxi Driver

the last bus at night

By DarkosPublished 3 months ago Updated 3 months ago 12 min read
created by Ai

Kunshan City, I am standing at the bus stop it looks like there will be no more buses out here tonight.

I can still go from the other side and check another line, how come I have lost myself in time I actually knew that one time something like this may happen to me.

The situation at work as usual took me for a ride, their games were always slowing my life as a result I needed more time to analyze and all the buses went away this time.

My phone battery was five procentage but I had a recharger with myself and this time to not spend all I took just a bit of cash but I usually took some more in case maybe I could still find a solution for myself

I stood at the bus stop for a bit longer and was giving a gaze further more and more thinking over the whole situation and how to resolve it for the best of it all being in peace and smiling inside just for the idea of really having that one night in the luxury hotel might be the way a bit of a relax and a rest but how if I need to be back in another town tomorrow before 7 am at least.

Will they have one free room for me? and How much it would be I thought would go to find out it all but first I needed to hurry maybe there was still a bus on the other side of the building, crossing the street I noticed everything was really closed and I was just alone in the dark I saw hotel lights one of the most expensive in there I thought okay there is a solution just these early morning classes tomorrow. I can not be late my boss will kill me and there is no option to miss one day if You are not sick not even being late.

I have tried to WeChat my friend He laughed as usual He didnt take me seriously He said okey I can come but in one hour I said I need to end my phone will be dead in a minute or so, my another friend had no car but for sure She could come to help just probably She will use this opportunity to party somewhere and come for classes without sleep that was not an option for me I am not longer 26 years old. I couldn't count on Him or Her in real besides collaboration at work. They were non-empathic humans so there was no real communication and connection besides the work even if I tried to get closer to them as friends it was only using me to heal their own issues which I was actually happy about but some situations in life they require at least one empathic human who does really care.

As the world became what it is I only lived in the moment and the people I was meeting were the one to help besides me alone finding the way. I felt pressure and I actually forgotten about one good friend and Her chinese were pretty like native one so I just needed a place to recharge a phone and ask Her but it was late and knowing Her schedule and Her own issues I decided to do it on my own.

I reached the other bus station the situation looked even worser darker not even one single person to ask anything so I quickly run away from there.

I saw some people going out from the center galleria so I knew something in there must still be opened

I still had hope to reach my home tonight and be on time for work.

As usual, the KFC was still open the light in there gave me a real hope

I will be able to ask for a phone to arrange a taxi for me just how will I pay with cash in an arranged taxi ?If till now I didnt get the chance to make an account, I went inside they were just two workers preparing the last orders and about to close I asked how much time do I really have ?

They said they are closing in fifteen minutes I tried to ask them to help me for arrange a taxi but They couldnt get it and ask me to wait until they will finish with cleaning the main area.

I made an order and took a sit, wrapped tortilla tasted kind of weird and I needed to recharge my phone as fast as possible. Somehow the stress was not opening my stomach to be able to give some more bites until I had it all arranged. I had only ten minutes left the pressure was getting bigger and I needed to laugh inside to not get into any panic but to think in a more peaceful manner.

Feelings of loneliness got into my mind quite quickly I loved that feeling when I could easily come back home and knew that there is an option I pretty much liked the public transport and the people in there It was such a rest from my daily schedule and to observe all that was going in there I had real rest in the present and I could be a part of this journey closer to another culture, people and their daily being

I watched my phone and saw some messages from another country but I was not able to connect trying to find my way out of that city at night

Somehow I felt it is gonna be okey

Suddenly I saw a guy sitting in front and eating hamburgers

He looked very nice and kind at least from the outside so what I had to lose. He was much younger than I was, I came to Him and asked if He could help me to arrange a taxi for the address I showed Him and He answered Yes immediately

I was like wow inside the light has relaxed my whole body, He just asked me to wait for Him to finish the dinner.

He wrote me a message He doesnt speak and understand English but we can communicate through WeChat.

I wrote Him All and He confirmed to wait

He wasn't speaking English of course but Thanks God for the translator,

He passed me His phone and smiled.

Deeply inside I smiled uff that was close to a dead end and actually easy to find help.

He ate three big hamburgers and on the second one I asked how long it will take with a taxi to get to my destination? as I wasn't fancy going with a taxi driver at night so to be sure He wrote me that it would take an hour and a half.

He finally finished His dinner.

We went out and I was looking for a taxi stop I couldn't see any then I noticed some cars with numbers but nobody was in there.

He told me to go with Him at the parking but first He needed to go check His apartment as He just come back from a long business travel so He needed to leave tomorrow He asked me if He could switch on the washing machine and after an hour or so We can go.

I somehow wasn't afraid of Him at all. I said I could wait a bit more maybe outside in the car as it occurred that He would be my taxi driver actually.

He said come see I have a really qool apartment.

So I followed Him

The building looked like the one in the shape or in real like from the Batman movie I laughed as it was the first thing that I have noticed just after arriving to Kunshan for the first time.

Now I am going to even visit it in real inside with some Young stranger.

He seemed like He really wanted to show His luck to me He said He finally had a better job and the boss gave Him this apartment He also showed me His production of wine that He alone made and invited me to try some for now or maybe next time. His room wasn't that big I had four rooms for myself where I was staying so I was a bit disappointed with the capacity of it but the view was amazing for the city at night. The funniest thing He carried in His room was an enormous Teddy Bear I didnt even know should I ask for it or not It was too funny for me so I left it.

He had a guitar and He said He would love to be a musician and a rockmen and He started to play something and sing.

Which was pretty awesome but He finished fast and got a bit blushing as I noticed Him being in His real truth self and a bit scarred of what He felt I went into the window and started to dive deeper in the dark night scenario which seemed so beautiful for me that I just couldn't believe it and I really liked the idea where this incident led me into such a rest from the life I carried so far It was too many responsibilities without rest for a different kind of life experiences.

As I noticed Him being a bit embarrassed and our talk became as if We knew each other for longer I asked Him something..and He needed to find translation to His answer again

Suddenly he changed quickly got lost in His phone watching some funny shorts

As during that time I was focused on work and meanwhile on art and work and work I didn't even use instagram. My wechat was always full as of sending homework to students so I only listened some noisy sounds coming from His shorts and it was exactly what I have observed from the metro or the bus How people get lost in their phones and shorts quite quickly escaping from the real of the moment. Which I wasnt part of to experience I dont know I wasn't into that kind of being during that phase of my life and It was much better way to be

His presence was nice so that was quite intriguing to me.

His homemade wine was pretty good I actually didn't drink for a long time but this time somehow I knew it might taste really good so after all I had one big glass and I was drinking it slowly tasting this incredible mixture of His.

We started to talk some more about completely different topics and it seemed like We gonna have another meeting together but not sure when Sometimes He could understand me but still needed to use the translation to answer which made me to recall some Chinese sentences that I so wished to practice

The washing machine gave the signal that the clothes were washed

I said okay ready then He said He needed to hang them to dry so I could go with Him to another space or stay I needed to take a rest so I stayed and then we went directly to the parking.

His car was a huge color brown crystal Jeep Grand Cherokee it was funny as his jacket and trousers that He changed matched the color of the brown metallic tone and He also had a cap that fitted Him so well like made just for Him

He took me to a shop that was still open so that I could finish my grocery shopping I discovered new products in there that I really enjoyed trying.

Finally, We were on the way He started to put on His favourite songs and sing I tried not to laugh too much even though They were making me laugh a lot........the songs as We couldn't talk while He was driving

but I knew I can use the translator that will speak to Him to translate it

He was kind of mysterious and It wasn't something that I felt without noticing in my body's reaction in a darker energy waves

At times He shared a lot and it occurred We do have a lot of in common but also We come from a completely different environments I asked Him about the family connection and for the first time in China I listened the truth which actually made me to feel more closer and more understanding to His own way of being and choices

As I finally could notice the area which I knew outside the window as from my Sunday tours on a skateboard to other villages out there is what I really loved about Chinese places and architecture that I could still feel wild and ride on the skateboard without a limit as I knew where We are I felt comfort but also I felt like I can no longer communicate with Him as He is not responding anymore to my questions and It wasn't about the language issue

I watched His face and He seemed like He was turning into somebody that I had no idea existed for real inside of Him

I felt something dark from Him from the very start but I wasn't so aware that It may go out of Him this night just like that

We were going higher and higher the music was loud His car transformed into a spaceship I knew it looked just too perfect to be real it couldn't be just a coincidence to meet Him I thought so He put on His black glasses and said We gonna have a ride now in the desert suddenly I could even understand Him without a translator

I felt like a part of being inside the dream and part of being in the worst kind of a living nightmare

The wind started to take the spaceship faster and faster in just ten minutes

We were already in a desert where? I couldn't even tell

His spaceship landed very deep into the sand.

Engulfed in the desert's parched silence, I was nothing but another grain of sand in the wind."

Short Story

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Human : painter, digital art maker, sound composer, poet, writer, qigong healer & trainer

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    . Well Written My Dear

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