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Academy Murders: Gray

The prosecution presents arguments to the court..

By Skyler SaundersPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
Academy Murders: Gray
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The blouse was dark gray. Kim wore no jewelry or lipstick. She looked pert. Her chin angled slightly upward and she looked around the courtroom. She found Goro’s eyes. He looked like an executioner. He paid no attention to the defendant with her life on the line.

A hairdresser did give her a new ‘do. Her hair coiffed and furled on top and was closely trimmed around her head. Stoicism didn’t register with Kim most days but today was different. Her mouth looked like a slit and granite. Cheekbones usually drawn up in a smile looked both placid and foreboding at the same time.

By Annie Spratt on Unsplash

When the judge finally arrived, she looked just as stern with blue black skin and hair tied into a neat ponytail.

The prosecutor, Rick Garmin looked out at the jury and the congregants of the courtroom.

“Ladies and gentlemen, who we have here today is a Marine. We have a detective. We have a candidate for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Or should I say ‘ex’ in front of all of these. They say, ‘once a Marine, always a Marine.’” That is until you become a Chapman or a Lee Harvy Oswalt. Cops are always the lowest beyond even common individuals when it comes to breaking the law. This woman thought she was above the law. Yes, she achieved fame and glory for her solving of the infamous QR Murders. And yes, she decided to return to the Academy to earn her blue windbreaker with the gold letters.”

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“Yet, somewhere in all of this she committed not one but two murders. The irony may overwhelm some. Not me. She had studied to become the best in all that she did…that included killing her own fellow cadets.”

“What she represents is failure. The beautiful example of what could have been if she had not turned into a bloodthirsty murderer.”

“What I am prepared to present to you all is the truth, the way, and the deaths perpetrated by Miss Jergensen. She started out as stellar as any of the other women in her field. She had high marks on the rifle and pistol ranges and even won competitions. But she didn’t need a firearm to dispatch Naomi Leslie and Constance Pill.

All she needed was time and a chance. That time and that chance came when she took it upon herself to extinguish the lives of these two women.

“I beseech you to consider how she punished these two women. It wasn’t enough that she killed her rival Naomi. She was supposed to take her under her wing and help guide her through instruction. Reports by other cadets say that the two just didn’t get along. When the instructor commanded the defendant to help Naomi, she saw a way to embarrass her and mock her at every turn.”

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“The defendant sought to selfishly promote her own standing and leave Naomi in the dust. As this conflict festered, the two women’s relationship became even more strained. What did Jergensen do? She waited for just the right moment to strike like a mamba. The defendant took a towel and strangled her to death. The savagery of this murder points to the direction of someone who knew better. Someone who had seen death and destruction first hand had now become part of the insanity.”

“What I implore you all to do is to introspect. Look inside and dig deep before another ex-Marine, ex-cop, and ex-candidate for the nation’s most sterling criminal investigation service walks away without any repercussions. I yield your Honor.”

Kim’s face still looked like a gravestone, gray and just as unspectacular and sharp on the edges.


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