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Academy Murders: Damsel in Detention

Visitors come to see Kim.

By Skyler SaundersPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
Academy Murders: Damsel in Detention
Photo by Marco Chilese on Unsplash

The game of Go required Kim’s full attention and much more time than the allotted hour of recreation.

“If you want to continue this game over a period of time, be my guest,” Melanie suggested.

What Kim had in mind was to just play the game for the remainder of the time before trial. In her head, she envisioned the amount of people staring at her, salivating. She looked down at the stones and thought of eyeballs peering into her soul.

“Are you going to move there, Sleeping Beauty?” Melanie asked.

“Oh,” Kim moved to another space.

Melanie looked at the gameboard. “You won….”

So taken out of it, Kim hadn’t even realized that she had been victorious.

“I’d say have another game but that would cut into my vape break,” Melanie mentioned.

“No, go ahead,” Kim announced. Melanie stood to her feet and smiled. She stretched out her hand.

“You’re not so bad, former rockstar,” Melanie said, shaking Kim’s hand.

By Karsten Winegeart on Unsplash

In her solitary cell, Kim reviewed in her mind the upcoming court case. To prepare herself, she fell back on her training as a detective and brief time as a cadet at the FBI Academy.

“Jergensen! You’ve got visitors!” Goro called. Who the hell could it be? she wondered. She had just emailed her lawyer and ironed out a few details. This visitation had to be special. Actually visit time two. St. Kitts and Darby arrived in their suit and tie. The former looked a bit pale and the latter somewhat ashen.

By Arno Senoner on Unsplash

The table where they sat had been cleared off and cleaned. The pungent smell of disinfectant stung the nose.

“Kim Jergensen,” Darby started.

“How’re you holding up in here?”

Kim looked directly into his eyes. “What the hell are you doing here?” she demanded.

“We’re here for a favor. We’re here to help out your case,” Darby said.

“That’s right. We fought beside you in the trenches so we’re here to vouch for you as character witnesses.”

“Where’s Captain Framingham?” Kim asked.

“He’s been transferred to Kentucky.”

a feeling of revulsion and relief surprisingly overwhelmed Kim. “Okay, so who’s the new captain?”

“Her name is Tessa Crow.” Kim had trained at the police academy in Delaware when she retired from the Marine Corps. A thought flashed across her mind. She wondered how someone her same age and background could ascend to captain quickly. Would she have been next in line if circumstances would have been different?

By David Trinks on Unsplash

“We’re here for moral support,” St. Kitts chimed. “We know we haven’t had the smoothest past, but we know a good cop from the rest. You’ve proven it over and over again.”

“And what else,” Darby interrupted, “You can count on us to be officers of the law speaking on your behalf. We know you didn’t do what you're accused of. We know that the body swinging was by her own doing. And your cellmate offed herself, too.”

A trickle of sweat slid down Kim’s back. She felt the pang of being tied up in all of this.

“So, you two just decided to be model officers and lend a hand to someone you didn’t see eye to eye?”

“That’s about right,” St Kitts said.

“We’re just trying to help someone who closed one of the biggest cases in Delaware history and across the country. Hell, it boosted our careers,” Darby mentioned.

“So that’s it,” Kim surmised. “This is all about being the knights in shining armor with the white hats coming through to save the damsel in detention?”

St Kitts and Darby looked at each other.

Darby breathed. “We just want you out of here out of this situation. We’ll take every measure to ensure that you are restored to your role as an agent in training. One day you’ll get probably be our boss,” he said.


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