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About the other me in the world

About the other me in the world

By delilah terrazasPublished 4 months ago 5 min read

Hey, do you, like me, sometimes wonder if something in your past life had changed a little bit, would you be a different person now?

Would I still be in Germany if I had studied French instead of German? Would I be working as a reporter for a TV station or a newspaper if I hadn't had a helicopter opportunity? If the boy was not him, then who is kissing me now?

If it is so mysterious about the past, there is the possibility of closure. As in a boat, I landed at this dock, and the boat, called the Past, went on. All I could do was watch it go. It can also meet what scenery, also can experience what adventure, and have been on shore I have nothing to do with.

But I always felt that there was another me in that boat, and she was still there, going through everything that maybe I should have gone through. Perhaps she saw the sights I had been experiencing before I did, perhaps she met the prince before I did, but I was at my dock, and I had to go on, for it was I who had decided to go ashore then.

My best friend, Fang, was my best friend in college. At that time, she was literary, romantic and fond of traveling. She looked like an idle cloud and wild crane. I once skipped school and went to Fuzhou together at her urging. When I was in college, I began to write for various magazines and join various clubs. I think I will be a career maniac in the future. I have big ambitions.

But look what fate has given us. Now I'm in Germany, traveling all day, cooking and writing, looking like a wandering crane. Fang became an excellent financial reporter, every day to see the financial tycoon, each praised her quick thinking, trying to dig her for their own effectiveness. Fang worked from 6 o 'clock to 24 o 'clock every day. She went straight to the conference room when she came back from a business trip and continued to write all night after the meeting.

I was jealous of her for a while. That was the life I wanted, with growth and progress every day, full of vitality. But she asked me online what I had been doing recently, and I said Amsterdam, Berlin, Vienna... She said, I envy you, play everywhere, that is what I want to do most.

Have we become another me in each other's world? We are in their choice of wharf, but found each other to go to their most yearning place.

Whether you decide to land at a certain pier on your own, or fate accidentally throws you at a certain pier, you can only move forward and see if there are unexpected surprises waiting for you, or unexpected thorns. Otherwise you will get nothing.

I heard more than one person say, I want to go wandering, but then my parents will kill me. So the rules work life, 23 years old with honors graduation, began to fight career. He might have given up on his potential wandering self, he might have dropped everything and started wandering again at 32. It's hard to know what to lose here. Never, Lengnuanzizhi.

You are in the dock you are not used to, although everything is not smooth, but still continue to walk, even if it is just through a wasteland, at least you for their own thorns to exercise the strength of the arm.

That's wonderful, my dear. Choice is the greatest happiness of our generation. But every choice has a price, is to give up another me in the world.

You choose this one out of many possibilities, either passively or actively, then you have to do it. This barren land is yours to explore, explore or abandon, but before giving up, please be sure to carefully cover every inch of it. You get nothing by standing still and imagining yourself in the world all day.

Choose it, take it on.

Say there is no life if it is false. If it's always tempting us, but first we have to live in the moment.

So you can have more if about the future. You said how happy it would be if you could travel around the world in the future. You said that if you could study in England now, you would go to the football game and ask for an autograph of David Beckham...

If about the future how beautiful, always let people hope.

Yes, there is always another possibility in the world. The other me in the world is always calling to this me. I had to get this right before I could run towards that possibility. I have to live up to myself every moment. You, too, have to figure it out, listen to your heart, and then choose, go to the end.

Hey, another me in the world, if I say goodbye to you, please don't miss me.

I'm here. Everything's fine.

Wish: happiness, peace of mind.


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