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A Vision of Life

by Dean Hodsfry 2 months ago in Fantasy
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by Dean Hodsfry

I was sitting in my favourite chair watching Enid work she has always been very house-proud a place for everything and everything in its place. That is always one of the crunch points between us. Enid is king-like in the tidiness stakes, while I am more of the dirty rascal. We no longer talk anymore. More often, or not I ask myself, was I glad to cheat on Enid? Would I do it again? The first time I cheated was with a girl seven years younger, her name was Anya. I met Anya when Enid and I had one of our massive arguments, probable about money or something minuscule. I stormed out and consoled myself in my local The Star. I am not sure if Enid knows about Anya and my clinches, or for that fact our many clinches, even clinches in the marital bed. The thought of us being caught even gives me goosebumps now just thinking about it.

Looking at Enid, she is starting to look ill; Enid was always bright and bubbly, with her Tawny shoulder-length hair and her emerald-like eyes, about average height for a woman and bumps in the right places. Well, when she was younger maybe, not so much now she has a pale look about her the way she pulls her dirty grey cardigan around her, she is looking thinner as well, she looks like the whole world is on her shoulders and she is just about carrying the weight. Suddenly, there is a knock on the door.

“Are you getting that?” I shout as Enid turns off the hover. Silence! I get up ready to go out and I see a man who is suited and booted, he is very masculine and must be over six feet tall, he also had a malevolent but compassionate look about him. I overheard him say

“Enid, I have done all I can for you and I’m here for your last payment. I am Sorry” he says sympathetically

“It is fine Brian, a hundred pounds was it?

“Yes, if there is anything else I can do just let me know”

“No Brian, you have done all you can and it is appreciated.” she finishes as Brian turns on his heels and leaves. I thought to myself so I am not the only one with a secret, I do not know what secret she was hiding, I could not be bothered to know. I sighed and brushed past her as I left to go out. I looked back and Enid had a tear in her eyes not my problem if she owes people money, I could help only if she talked to me. She was never the one with an ounce of money sense that was down to me, yet another flashpoint between us.

Shaking my head I decided to go to my second favourite place the park hopefully, I could steal a glance at some good-looking women. I was not to be disappointed. There were several good-looking women, who were wearing next to nothing, there was the blonde with a massive rack and a bumper to die for, and there was even a bunch of students from St Margret’s College, high skirts, and low tops. As I strolled taking in the perverted sights, I saw Anya running, she was wearing hot pants. Her legs were very well-toned. Anya looked like a goddess that is how Enid used to look. Anya looked up to me and waved with the biggest smile on her face my heart melted this is where I wanted to be and with who I wanted to be with. She turned and ran up to me as soon as she got to me she threw her arms around me tenderly and planted a very passionate kiss on me.

“I was hoping to see you,” She said with a twinkle in her eyes. “I need to talk to you about something?” Anya said looking fearful.

“What’s up?” I said in my softest tone whilst holding her hand.

“I think my fiancé has left me he probably knows about us.”

“What makes you think that?” I said.

“He has not been back home and when he is home he completely ignores me”

“Oh babes I am sorry, How long has this been going on?” I say with complete compassion,

“It has been about a week now. Nevertheless, do not worry it just means we got more time together.” Anya says with a cheeky giggle. She held my arm and we carry on walking.

“I think that Enid suspects something as well. She does not answer me when I shout,” I said sorrowfully.

“Oh, you poor love.” She says as she slips her hand around my waist. I feel complete when I am with Anya, It is what I felt when I first met Anya her hazel eyes and her winning smile, she had assets. I was sitting in my spot in the pub and she comes over to my table and says,

“Can I sit here?” That was the first thing she said to me. I could not help but notice a tight figure-hugging purple dress, with her bosom just about keeping in check and we got chatting. Before we knew it, we were being moved on as the pub was closing. Being the true gent I was, I offered to walk her home. I did not suspect anything to happen. To get to her place we had to go through the park and that was the first time we made love in the bushes. You think me a charlatan I suspect possibly perverted in some sick sense; well you would be right if I got any passion from Enid, then I would not be like this!

We went to where we first made love there was a police cordon. We were stunned we did not expect that we thought that they have finished.

“Shame.” I said, “What do you think happened?” I asked Anya

“I do not know Wayne” was her reply

“I am surprised they have not opened it up yet.

“ Well, I think as this is such a renowned spot for lovers someone's partner probably caught them at it and a fight ensued” I deduced.

“Ok Inspector Morse” Anya laughed. “You have such an over-active imagination. I bet it’s nothing like that at all. Let’s go by the stream instead,” Anya said with a sultry look.

“Ok, the stream it is then!” I said mischievously. I have never felt this sure about something before so in my mind’s eye, I decided at that very moment I was going to leave Enid and be with Anya.

I had to leave Anya now after we had made love again. Her body was so inviting I never felt like this with Enid for several years. That spark had gone so now. I had to leave my heaven and go to my emotionless hellish prison of ignorance. That was now my jail and Enid my Jailer. I went home on a low and saw a Police officer in his summer uniform; he was afro-Caribbean, six-foot-plus or over and built like a bull, comforting my wife. I thought to myself that I have had my fun let her have hers. I went into the kitchen but I could not help but overhear the conversation.

“Enid, we have gone over this too many times. Are you sure you are ready for closure on this?” I waited by the door anxiously hanging onto every word he said.

“Yes DI Montrose” Enid said breathing deeply.

“I have said call me Clement” Clement replied whilst giving Enid’s hand the most gentles of touches.

“Okay, Clement.” Enid said.

“This is not easy,” he said whilst looking at me.

“Just tell her,” I said frustrated, whilst Enid shivered and pulled her cardigan around her.

“Okay, there were three bodies. Two male and one female”

“And” I shouted only to have a sharp look from Clement.

“It was established by forensics that the second male followed the couple. Then he shot the male in the back of the head, which then passed through to the females and killed them both instantly. He then turned the gun on himself.

“Do we know who he was?” Asked Enid Softly “Yes his name was Ben Weatherly, he was known to us for having a very violent temper.” Ben, that name sounds familiar to me I thought.

“A bit like my Wayne” Enid said,

“Oi I’m not that bad” I exclaimed.

“No, not really. I did love him once. Who am I kidding I still do?” Enid said with a smile and a sigh.

“Do we know who the girl was? Enid continued solemnly.

“Um, yea her name was Anya Turner Ben’s fiancé,” Clement said as he closed his book. With that, I felt my entire world collapse. If that was one shock, I was not ready for the next one!

“And you are certain that the third male was Wayne?”

“It certainly looks like Wayne,” said Clement while producing a crime scene photo

“it’s quite gruesome, I must warn you.” Enid put her hands over her mouth and let out a gasp whilst she took the photo.

“So much blood, did they suffer at all?” asked Enid I could see a tear running down her cheek. At that time my heart melted, after all, we have been through she still felt something for me. Enid was always a compassionate person and I begrudged her that.

“I am sure Enid that they did not feel anything or suffer at all” The officer replied with compassion in his voice

“Ok Thank you Clement” Enid replied with a Sniff.

“Here is my card, if you need anything, let me know. Have you sorted out the funeral yet?”

“Yes I made the last payment today. Thank you, Clement”

My focus then changed, and I felt an empty black hole where my heart was, my beloved Anya, killed by a jealous worm of a man. It became apparent that even in death we still felt alive. I closed my eyes and I was back at Anya’s and my special place. I could feel everything the summer sun, the birds and all the people. I saw Anya and me lying on the floor making love. I saw a man approach he had short hair, and wore a green and grey hooded jacket, he looked at us for over five minutes, as if he was trying to make his mind up, I could see him feeling in his jacket pocket, he then clasped his head in his hands.

“You whore” he shouted as he burst into the bushes. I knew what was going to happen I did not want to look but something compelled me to. All I heard was a scream, then a shot swiftly followed by another. I heard a grunt, and I looked at Anya and there I was as DI Montrose had described it. I was sprawled all over Anya with a hole in the back of my head. I went round to the other side and I saw Anya’s angelic face staring blankly at me with half her temple blown off.

I called out in despair “no please god no” only to be stopped by another shot. Ben was having a gun sandwich. His knees went first his body then just crumpled, he looked just like one of them accordions the gipsies play.

I had now left this dreadful place only to see Anya running and waving at me. I looked at where I had come from and there was the police cordon. Just as normal, even the scene was colourful as it usually was when I was alive. I jogged up to Anya and swung her in my arms, I wanted to be with her forever, and I got my wish.


About the author

Dean Hodsfry

Dean is a writer of short ghost stories, flash fiction and has just completed a first draft of a epic fantasy novel called the Doomsday Saga: Shield of Virtue.

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