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A mood shift; 3-way, Part 7

Jerry Seinfeld fanfiction

By Melissa IngoldsbyPublished 3 years ago Updated 3 years ago 5 min read
A mood shift; 3-way, Part 7
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Saturday night was the big date.

Jerry was happy; last night with Elaine and George was so fun and they had a great time together.

They ended up cuddling in his bedroom toward the later part of the evening, in his bed snuggled very closely, and almost fell asleep together.

Jerry woke them up gently and the partners left, with Elaine taking a cab with George to their apartments.

Jerry had a show to do in the afternoon before the date, but it was a small show, and it didn’t have a lot of people in the audience. Elaine had a prior engagement already with a friend named Sarah for lunch, and George was going to see his mother. They both wished him luck on the show, and promised they’d both be at the next one.

He decided not to bring up his date at the club, even though he played around with some jokes, he decided it may send offf bad vibes.

He realized too late by not getting those jokes and little awkward things out of the way in a public manner first, it may have unwittingly sent off bad vibes somewhere in the universe anyway.

Things have been going way too perfectly, he kept saying to himself.

And he was right.

It had been.

George had left him six voicemails, ten missed calls, and several text messages after the show was over.

Elaine, just as many calls, no voicemails. She didn’t like to leave voicemails. However, more than double the texts.

He felt horrible for missing what could’ve potentially been an emergency and immediately calls George.

“Oh, thank goodness! Jerry? You there?” George almost yells.

“Yeah, I’m here. I’m so sorry, George. What’s going on?”

“God. God. Oh, God. Where are you? Where are you?! Are you still at the show?”

“George, sweetheart, calm down. What’s going on?” Jerry tries to keep his voice down, as he’s just outside the club.

“I can’t… don’t tell me to calm down!”

Jerry flags down a cab, and asks, “Are you with Elaine?”

“Yeah. She’s with me. Jerry, where are you?”

“I—-I just got out of the club. Listen, tell me where you are. I’ll be there.”

“Jerry, we are at the hospital,” he hears Elaine get on the line. “George is completely… he’s really upset.”

“Why? What happened?” Jerry asks, though he is starting to figure it out.

“His… his mother is dying, Jerry. She is very sick. Ar—Are you almost here?” Elaine asks, her voice breaking.

He tells the driver where to go, and then says, “I am not too far away. Okay? I am almost there. Tell George I’ll be there soon.”

“No, hon, don’t… Jerry is almost here, just relax..” he hears Elaine say to George, and George whispers something he can’t understand.

“Je-Jerry?” George starts, his voice sounding choked up in a sob.

Jerry bits his lip, looking over at the driver, worrying about what he might think of what he’ll say next to George. He decides he doesn’t care what some stranger thinks and says, “Sweetheart, I’m so sorry I missed your calls, I feel just awful. I’m almost there, okay? Hold on.”

“I feel like I’m losing my mind, I can’t believe this…” George says, sobbing. “She seemed okay earlier.”

“I know. Listen, it’ll be… I’m going to be there for you. So will Laney. Don’t worry about anything. Just relax. Relax, my love. Take a deep breath and then I’ll be there.”

George takes in several breaths, first they sound raspy and harsh—-then, after the fifth breath, he sounds calm.

“Jerry… I don’t want her to die.”

Jerry starts to tear up, and feels his chest tighten. “Either do I, George.”

The cab arrives at the hospital five minutes later, and Jerry pays the driver. The driver definitely seems to want an explanation for the odd conversation he had just heard, yet he doesn’t ask directly.

The driver turns and merely asks, “Everything okay?”

They exchange looks, and Jerry shrugs, puts the phone down a moment to say, “My boyfriend’s mother is very ill. Thank you for the quick, efficient ride.”

Before the driver could respond, Jerry shuts the door and runs out, quickly getting back on the phone to ask Elaine which room they are in.

Everything feels and looks like a blur to Jerry, and it makes him remember the times right before his mother and father passed away. The fluorescent lights, the crisp, light sheets, the endless stream of nurses, doctors, papers to sign.

The funerals. His father’s was in late November of 2018, and his mother’s, in early August of 2019.

As he was running throughout the hospital with Elaine in his ear, his memory flooded with how at every moment, every single step, every time he felt like falling apart—-George and Elaine were right there, by his side. Holding his hand, even helping fill out paperwork.

Finally, he saw George, sitting, more like slumped over on a hospital chair.

Elaine was crouched over him, her arm around his back. She was circling his back with her hand, and she saw him first.

She put down her phone and slowly got up, whispering to him, “Honey, Jerry’s here,” and then saw George look at him too. George started to stand up as well.

Jerry saw George, and how ragged, exhausted and red his eyes were, tears still streaming down, dry and wet mixed together—-and he felt his breath stop and his heart thump.

He ran over to George and embraced him tightly, and he feels an even tighter embrace back.

“I am so sorry, baby, so sorry,” Jerry whispers to George. “I’ll always make sure to answer your calls no matter what.”

“Jerry,” George says, and their eyes meet, “It’s cancer. She has cancer. And she’s refusing treatment.”

Jerry looks at the empty bed, and asks, “Where is she now?”

“They’re running tests, she’s with the doctor now,” Elaine answers.

He leans in and gently kissed George’s cheek. “Don’t you worry, we’ll get it all sorted out.”

He takes George by the hand and leads him over to sit down. “Just sit here. Relax. You need anything? Elaine, you need anything, sweetie?

Elaine shakes her head, looking more than a bit tired herself.

He moves in and gives her a gentle hug, and she leans into the embrace, holding him back closely.

He also kisses her cheek and says, “I’m really sorry that I didn’t hear your calls, Laney. I feel horrible. I always have a dumb habit to put my stupid phone on silent during my shows, I will never do that again.”

Elaine nods, and starts to tear up a little. “It’s a good thing there’s three of us. I’d hate to know George was alone with this situation,” she says, and it hits him harder, making him wince in shame.

Jerry sighs, and they get out of their embrace. “When will she be back?” He tries to ignore the pang of guilt and pain in his stomach, leeching like a poison up to his chest.

“Soon,” George says, closing his eyes.

Everyone feels miles apart in the cold hospital room, and Jerry feels like the reason why.

There was a big mood shift between the three, and Jerry knew that it wasn’t as easy as just saying sorry or trying to overcompensate with being overly helpful.

George looked at him suddenly and the silent grief he saw tore him apart inside, and Elaine’s look—-even worse.

It looked heavy, drained… and hopeless.

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