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A Love Story

A Date Night

By Shaheryar AhmedPublished about a year ago 3 min read

Once, In a Cold night the Man was struggling with his desires and urges to meet someone in the café. As he stepped into the Café he saw many people around him but didn't see the girl that he was about to meet him. He waited hours for her. But, Unfortunately she didn't arrive. As the Man starts to think what would have happened to her and what might the cause. He deeply thinks and try to call her but she didn't pick her phone. So he decided to leave the cafe then he was walking down the street there was so much lighting in the street but he felt lonely as that night was not the night for him. He felt very bad about that night and strange. So he came by this restaurant and when he see at that restaurant suddenly his eyes go through that girl that he was seeing tonight and she was sitting with someone and he kept looking her and asking himself " Was I not the right choice?" He whispered. Then with a sad face he walked down the street and returning to his home he was asking questions himself why I don't get my true love and why I am always left behind?. Why I have been ever to a single date? and When my days will change?. Suddenly, He was talking to himself suddenly he bumped into someone and all the things the person was carrying fell down and he didn't realize so he said I'm so sorry for this. And he didn't even realize either it was a girl or boy as he was talking himself and so confused. So when he try to pick up the things for her so the girl also started picking up her things and both realized the made a mistake they got bumped in and girl was also saying sorry to the man. Suddenly, When man talking to her he suddenly looked into the face of girl and he felt like the time stopped. And Everything in world stop and he couldn't resist seeing her face and literally he thought that how can someone be so beautiful while talking. Her Words, Her Voice, Her Face. Man was feeling deep for her. He felt different that night when this was happened. As the Man picked her things and handed over to her so he made an small talk and He even complimented her " You are pretty sweet". And she smiled " Thank you". She asked him " Where are you going"? He said " I am heading towards the home". She said " Maybe we can walk down the street". Man was giving his best to start a nice conversation and know her and felt this is the right opportunity to know her. So he said " Yeah why not?". So they started walking down the street to the way to their homes. So they started talking about their past and their hobbies and likes and dislikes and the Man believed that talking to her was making him fell in love with her but he didn't expressed his love with her. Man was going way to fast and he didn't wanted to break the ice to fast. He wanted to go things slowly. As talked to the way to their home. Suddenly, While talking the Man hands touched the girl hand and he quite realized later and she passed a smile to her. And he gave her a smile as this was a quite moment for both of them. As the road ends, Both of the homes came and they said " So this is it this is the end of the talk and it was nice talking to you". Man said " what about a coffee tomorrow?". The girl said " Yeah Sure". Both of them wave the hand to each other and go to their homes and they both thought that it was a good night and thinking if they ever meet again?

Young AdultLoveFan Fiction

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Shaheryar Ahmed

A writer with low expectations :)

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    Shaheryar AhmedWritten by Shaheryar Ahmed

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