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A little different love.

She really knows everything like a mother. - That girl? - I went to the alley yesterday to talk to that girl. - what did you see? - I don't care about my son

By Nikhil BhowmikPublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 5 min read

. the curious case of benjamin button short story

he curious case of benjamin button short story

A little different love story

How can you not believe this girl asking my ears? of course not. I've been following him for a long time, but I can't get close to him, I can't talk. The girl stood on the street today and asked herself? ? Of course, I didn't notice him today. He speaks for himself. Want me to answer? ? When the girl walked away, I felt a kind of excitement rise inside me. Hey, have a chance to talk to him. I started following him without hesitation. That girl is too far away from me. I walked a lot with him. I couldn't relieve the tension, so my knees were shaking. - How are you? - OK. you ? ? - OK. - You can also give this answer there. - But I'm not going with you. - OK ? ? - Yes, the two were silent again. No one spoke, and I started walking in my head. Suddenly, the girl came in through a door. I understand this is his home. He turned and left with a smile. I don't understand the meaning of laughing. As if silence fell upon me. As long as she's around, the girl looks fine. I think the tension is gone now.

the curious case of benjamin button short story

I'm back on my street again. I have to go to the office. I come to the office for lunch every day, and the boss leaves me for two hours at noon. why not? A lot of things got me through those two hours. When I came over for dinner and stood on the street, this girl came over with a few books in her hands. I've never seen a bullet hit my face before and it's gone as soon as I eat it. My time of day has changed again. Maybe that's why the girl is on vacation at this time. This may be the reason why many colleges and universities are closing at this time. I walked slowly to the office. Only these few moments spin in my head. This time, maybe we can take a brave step. Maybe it's okay to talk to that girl all the time now. No, what if something bad happens again? To be polite, he would say one day, as he sees it every day. Then why did you smile at me when you came in? ? Nahhh stay... see you again today and talk again. so tell me? ? Why am I so scared? I walked to the office and looked at the clock over and over again as if time was running out. I'm not in the mood to work. Time seems to be running out. Finally got home and didn't want to eat anymore. I moved my hands on the plate and got distracted. Mom looks at me, what am I doing? - Which direction are you looking at? - Nowhere. I was frightened by what my mother said. - Do you know where the rice on the plate goes? - Um, yes, where - what are you talking about? - damn it. - Eat it. - No, it doesn't feel good. - Who are you talking about? - who cares? I became ha, how could my mother understand that I was thinking of a person? She really knows everything like a mother. - That girl? - I went to the alley yesterday to talk to that girl. - what did you see? - I don't care about my son, do I? - Oh, since when? Hahaha - my husband? - Well, it's fine now. - OK ! ! ! Then take it home. - Oh no, I can't. - Are you so scared? - Dural - It's time. Hmm, what a pity.

the curious case of benjamin button the curious case of benjamin button short storyshort story

the curious case of benjamin button short story

Mao knows love. Did he call me a coward again? ? Chee Chee Rahul, Lajjabati tree is much better than your life. Alright, here comes the girl. My hands and feet were shaking again. When I looked up, my mother was looking out the window. I will not speak or leave. When I was about to leave, the girl looked at me and left. I haven't talked about it all day.

My mom called me the same girl. Surprisingly, the mother called the girl and told her to go home. Majoti laughed for a while and went home. I became more than a girl haha. Who knows what mom will do and how it will feel inside. Will I go home once? No, you can find out from your mom later. I didn't think much of it and went home again. The office doesn't look good. The future property is my home, will I go to the office? ? Crazy or not? ? It feels like we're emotionally "running out of oil." - Mom - what? ? - How is this going? - Do not. - something. - Then I'll go, Auntie. - Um, Mom.

the curious case of benjamin button short story

Do you remember what I was talking about? ? - Yes - Lakshmi girl. How does it feel to remember? Nothing enters the mind. - Mom - what? ? - what are you saying? - tell you why? - Um, what name do you want? - Hey ? ? - what? - You've been wandering for so long, don't you know its name? - You know what that means. - No need to know the girl's name Ananya. - That's great. - Not like sugar? - Oops, you don't know either. Anaya? ? Ah, what a beautiful name. I'm drowning in name. I must swim in her love. So will he love me? ? I will live even if I am not alive. side. Just like that, a few days passed. Talk to you ASAP and keep up the good stuff. Now, he doesn't feel ashamed as he used to. It feels good to talk to him. One day, I came back from the office and saw a lot of people at home.

the curious case of benjamin button short story

the curious case of benjamin button short story

Knowing this, it became clear that they were members of the Ananias family. So what happened to An Nanya and her mother? Yes, of course, otherwise don't notify me today, Mom! Mom's phone rang. The name is Ananya. I am totally surprised. I don't know if it's the original or the third person. I will love, get married, I don't have her number, does my mom have? how so? They are both doing well anyway, what more do I want? ? If mom is happy, I don't want anything. Relations in this country have become so sweet. May it always be so. In the end, I brought Ananias to her mother permanently. Now you don't have to stand in the corner after lunch. You can see it after eating hahaha

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