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"A Dream of Red Mansions" reveals the wisdom to the world: a person's life is hidden in "cause and effect"

Human life is hidden in "cause and effect"

By davidPublished 2 years ago 12 min read

"Dream of Red Mansions Twelve Songs - Birds Throwing in the Forest" wrote:

"The family fortune of an official withered away, and the rich and precious gold and silver were scattered. The kind-hearted escaped death, the ruthless and clear retribution... The see-through escaped into the empty door, and the obsessed gave their lives in vain..."

This song not only laments the impermanence of the world, but also contains the logic of cause and effect: those who are not good people will suffer bad luck; those who are good people will save their lives.

When it comes to cause and effect, many people think that it is attribution after the fact. In fact, it is a law that exists in advance, the truth of life, and the principle of action.

There is a cause and effect in a person's life.

If people in the world can think about the word cause and effect over and over again, and choose the good and obey, they will naturally avoid the sad ending.

In "A Dream of Red Mansions", the cause and effect of the world is vividly reflected.

greed, nothing

In just a few decades of life, some people just ask for it blindly. They have the sun, and they want to take the starlight as their own. The more they want to possess it, the more they lose.

In "A Dream of Red Mansions", there is a person who is so greedy and disgusting that even his own mother hates him. He is Jia She.

There was an insatiable feeling in his lust, and his wives and concubines were in groups, and he stretched out his hand to Jia Mu's favorite maid.

Yuanyang was forced to be anxious, and stabbed the matter to Jia's mother. Jia's mother was furious, called Jia She and the matchmaker over, and scolded him severely. Therefore, Jia's mother even despised this son.

In order to snatch some ancient fans, Jia She instigated Jingzhao Yin Jia Yucun to frame the poor scholar Shi Nerd for defaulting on official money and arrest him; he sold his family property and copied his ancient fans, forcing his family to perish.

"There are four walls of wine, color, wealth, and energy. Everyone hides in the walls. If they can jump out of the walls and stomp outside, they will live longer if they don't live to a hundred years."

How many people in the world understand this?

In the fourth episode of "A Dream of Red Mansions", "The Gourd Monk Wrongly Sentences the Gourd Case", Jia Yucun staged a scene of revenge and revenge.

Jia Yucun was originally the magistrate of Gusu, but he was dismissed due to greed, and was later appointed as the prefect of Yingtian.

As soon as he took office, he encountered the murder case of Xue Pan and others vying for Xiangling, relying on wealth and power to kill Feng Gongzi.

When Jia Yucun first heard it, he was furious: "That's what happened! The person who killed the person was taken away in vain, and he couldn't get it."

At this time, Menzi gave Jia Yucun a wink and handed over the "official protection talisman". Jia Yucun obeyed Menzi's "advice" and acted as an accomplice, causing the case to be interrupted indiscriminately.

He had already left behind Zhen Shiyin's kindness in the past, and pushed his benefactor's daughter into the fire pit with his own hands.

He also wrote a book about Jia Zheng and Prince Teng, saying that "the nephew's business is over, don't worry about it", and made a relationship with the second prince. Since then, his official fortune has been prosperous and he has flourished.

And when the Jia mansion fell, he repeated his old tricks.

Jia She, Jia Yucun and others lost their Wusha hats because of their greed, or were beheaded, or exiled, and they had nothing.

When the desire is infinitely enlarged, people will lose the bottom line and gradually fall into the abyss.

There was such a story:

In order to thank his servants who have served him faithfully for many years, the king said: "You can run forward, but just come back before sunset, and all the land you have surrounded will be given to you."

The servant was overjoyed and kept running forward like a wild beast.

At the moment when the sun went down to the west, he finally completed a large circle and returned to the same place, but he was also exhausted because of it.

The king buried him sadly. In fact, the land he really got was only the size of seven feet buried there.

People always want more, and in the end they lose themselves.

If you want to be truly happy, you must know how to enjoy what you have and let go of unrealistic desires.

Eat the easiest meals, do the easiest things, and live the easiest lives.

arrogance, bring disaster

There is an old saying that goes as follows:

The way of heaven detracts from the arrogant and enhances the humble; ghosts and gods harm the arrogant and bless the humble; the human heart hates the arrogant and loves the humble.

As the saying goes, when the sky is crazy, there will be rain, and when people are crazy, there will be disaster.

Jia Zhen, Xue Pan and others in "A Dream of Red Mansions" all lost their lives for being too arrogant.

And some of the servants of Jia's residence have also learned the power of foxes and tigers.

In the seventy-four episodes of "Dream of Red Mansions", Wang Shanbao's family jumped up and down, showing off the limelight, fighting for several rounds with the girls in the Grand View Garden, and finally lost his old face.

When the villain is successful, he is often arrogant, digging a hole and jumping by himself.

Wang Shanbao's family is Mrs. Xing's confidant in charge. Because Mrs. Xing is disgusting and unpopular, Wang Shanbao's family has always been unwilling, and the loss and resentment are increasing day by day.

When Mrs. Wang entrusted Sister Feng and Wang Shanbao with the important task of copying and inspecting the Grand View Garden, she thought she had gained momentum and had a bright future.

Finally, I can rectify those maids who don't take themselves seriously, and let out this long-term stagnation.

That night she wrapped Sister Feng into the garden.

At first, she didn't even look at Sister Feng, she shouted five and six, and gave orders by herself.

She checked this and checked that, but she didn't agree to eat a big or small nail at Qingwen, and then got a slap at Tanchun.

She has no interest in even begging for two, and she still has to show her power. Power can really make people forget their shame and fall into madness.

As a result, it was found that her niece Si Qi had an affair, so that Si Qi was abandoned by a private man and lost his life.

Wang Shanbao's family wanted to harm others, but he did not expect to harm himself.

In real life, there are many such people around us. They take advantage of the situation to make a fool of themselves and give orders. Anyone who dares not look at him may be "wearing small shoes".

If these people are in an idle position, they can't make a big storm, and if they master the lifeblood of life and death, it will really be fatal.

It corresponds to a principle of offending people: it is better to offend the gentleman than the villain.

Look at the young and willful Qingwen, relying on Nuhong to do well, Jia mother likes it, Baoyu loves it again, she never considers other people's feelings when she speaks and does things.

On weekdays, she casually beats and scolds the little girl, stabs her with needles, speaks viciously, and becomes violent at the slightest thing.

Contradicting the old ladies at will, and even talking to the master Baoyu and Daiyu as he pleases, ignoring it, and not taking the big girl in his heart.

Some people say that she is a person with a temperament and dares to offend anyone. In essence, she is arrogant and brainless.

The plagiarism of Daguanyuan was originally because she lied for Baoyu, but she became an innocent victim, was kicked out of Daguanyuan, and died of poverty.

Jiafu is a small society, where there are people, there are rivers and lakes. She was careless in her words and deeds on weekdays, and offended many people invisibly. Under the surging undercurrent, Mrs. Wang suddenly collapsed as soon as she pushed it.

Be a person and do things, don't be too much.

A full valley always bends, a wise man is always gentle. Walking in the world, it is always right to be low-key.

Keep good thoughts, good luck will come

The ancients said:

"A family that accumulates good things will have surplus happiness; a family that accumulates bad things will have surplus disasters."

No luck or misfortune, only people call themselves.

Wang Xifeng has always been competitive and competitive in his life.

Grandma Liu is a poor relative who cannot be beaten by the Jia family. The life of the people in the village is always difficult.

Wang Xifeng met Grandma Liu, and although she was high above, she also gave Grandma Liu twenty taels of silver. With the help of these twenty-two ounces, Grandma Liu solved the urgent need of "unfinished winter affairs", and the situation of her daughter and son-in-law's family gradually improved.

Later, in order to repay her kindness, Grandma Liu entered the Rongguo Mansion for the second time.

Before leaving, Wang Xifeng gave Grandma Liu another sling of money and asked Grandma to take the board out of the city and return to the countryside.

It was this "heart-warming" move that, after the defeat of Jia's house, Grandma Liu went to see Wang Xifeng in prison. She also kept the old clothes that Jia's house gave her as a treasure, and took them to the prison to change and wash Wang Xifeng and Ping'er. use.

It was this "heart-warming" act. After learning that Wang Xifeng's daughter, Sister Qiao, was sold, Grandma Liu traveled through mountains and rivers and went through all kinds of hardships.

Wang Xifeng could never have imagined that her unintentional kindness would form a bond with this old rural lady, and finally helped herself in the crisis and changed Sister Qiao's life.

Life is impermanent, and it is difficult for anyone to know what kind of changes and surprises will be encountered in life, and good thoughts will bring blessings to oneself.

When Wang Xifeng came to an end, only Xiaohong was by her side, and she used her actions to repay Wang Xifeng's kindness.

Xiaohong is the daughter of Lin Zhixiao, the housekeeper of the Rongguo government. At the age of 16, she worked as a third-class rough maid in Yihong Courtyard, that is, doing trivial tasks such as making tea stoves and feeding birds.

In Yihong Courtyard, she was secretly pushed by the first-class maids Qingwen, Qiuwen and others, but she was not afraid of humiliation, recognized herself and looked for new opportunities.

When Wang Xifeng walked to the hillside not far from Dicui Pavilion and beckoned someone, there were several girls in the garden, only Xiaohong abandoned everyone and ran to Wang Xifeng.

It was this opportunity that allowed Wang Xifeng to see Xiaohong's eloquence and courage. Xiaohong successfully "jumped" to Wang Xifeng, and won the trust of the leaders, and her career development has also been greatly improved.

In addition, Xiaohong also gained her own love from Wang Xifeng, secretly fell in love with Jia Yun, and finally tied the knot.

Jia Yun, who was from a poor family background and struggled with food and clothing, won Wang Xifeng's favor with her cleverness and scheming. She undertook the greening project of the Grand View Garden, lived a well-off life, and gained love.

When Jia Baoyu and Wang Xifeng fell into distress and were imprisoned in the Prison Temple, Jia Yun went to visit and rescue them, but Xiaohong refused to leave and accompany Wang Xifeng on the final journey.

There are always some people in the world who transcend the utilitarianism of the world, regardless of honor and disgrace, regardless of the consequences, only because of the past help, only because of the love in their hearts.

Such as Jia Yun, who values ​​love and righteousness, Grandma Liu, who repays her kindness, and Xiaohong, who is willing to protect Sister Feng, their existence shows us the brilliance and warmth of human nature.

Those who love out love to return, and those who are blessed are blessed.

Good and evil are rewarded in the end, and it is only by doing good deeds that one can be sure.

Plant good causes, reap good results.

People live a lifetime, and all the relationships in the world have cause and effect. If you want to live a happy life, you must do more good deeds and always plant good causes.

Mark Twain said that kindness is a universal language that enables the blind to "see" and the deaf to "hear".

Kindness in the bottom of your heart is the foundation of being a person. The kindness you accumulate will inadvertently bring you good luck.

In life, we should not lose our conscience because of desires, nor get carried away and hurt others because of a momentary gain; be grateful and be kind to those who treat us well.

I hope you and I do good deeds, don't ask about the outcome; treat people with heart and do things with heart; just be kind, and good fortune will come along the way.


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