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A Delicious Heist

Sticky little fingers

By S. A. CrawfordPublished 9 months ago 1 min read
Image: Jonathan Borba via Pexels

Nanny had a routine when she cooked. She measured and mixed, then cleaned, then shaped and baked, then poured a mug of tea. So Hamish knew that he had about as much time as one cartoon show to pull off the heist of his life. Unfortunately, he couldn't do it alone. He needed Malcolm, who was just five and not very smart.

"Mal," he whispered. Ginger hair sticking up in every way, blue eyes square and glazed from cartoons, Malcolm sniffed sharply.

"Uh?" A blue sheep bounded around a cafe behind his pale head.

"You want sweeties?"

"Want sweeties," Malcolm nodded,

"Ok, come on." Taking one sticky hand, Hamish led him around the armchair and under the sewing table, following the smell of

With one canny eye on the back door, he pulled Malcolm to the counter where steam curls rose,

"Hold your shirt out like a basket," Hamish pulled his own out to show him. Obedient, for once, Malcolm pulled his t-shirt out, eyes on the prize. One, two, three honeycakes safe, and then the ginger cat, Snap, bounded onto the counter. Crash!


Safe under the sewing table, they feasted while Snap took the blame. A perfect crime.


About the Creator

S. A. Crawford

Writer, reader, life-long student - being brave and finally taking the plunge by publishing some articles and fiction pieces.

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